QE: Why you need a tab of Quantum Ecstasy to believe in it

qedruggedEconomic slump 7 QE 0

Oh dear, reality intervention, er, seems to be producing denialism on a roll.

US industrial production, capacity utilisation, and manufacturing output are (a) going in the wrong direction and (b) at a faster rate than the consensus thought.

Thus far, the sum results of Abenomics on Acid with a dash of Ecstasy are…that (GDP) fell at an annualised 1.6% from July to September – compared with forecasts of a 2.1% rise. This came hard on the heels of a revised 7.3% contraction in the second quarter, which was the biggest fall since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Real wages are now falling there at a gnats below 3% per annum.

But nihil desperandum san, because they’ll be doing even more of it next year…and its obvious success over there is defining future success over here: Man of a Thousand Voices Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says with ezone inflation heading for 0.2%, that will ‘pave the way for full QE next year’.

Anyway, I can’t stop…I’m off to prove that the Earth is flat, Columbus’s return from America was faked, witches float unless you burn them to death first, globalist neoliberalism is the only way forward, Hitler founded the State of Israel, and the real Delphic Oracle resides at 69 Rue Dannyla with his homosexual partner Mr G. Manitou.

I shouldn’t be long.

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