But he worked for David Cameron, and he knew where the bodies were buried.

And he worked for Rupert Murdoch, and he knew how endemic Newscorp corruption and privacy invasion really was.

So he got a deal: keep shtum, and you’ll serve just eighteen weeks….with five of them in an open prison.

Eighteen weeks in prison as the ‘sentence’ for a decade of illegal phone-tapping, perjury to Parliamentary Committees, lying to the Prime Minister, and bunging brown paper envelopes to bent coppers.

Compare and contrast this is you will with those sentenced as looters during the 2011 riots:

Gordon Thompson, the arsonist behind the fire at the Reeves store in Croydon during the London riots, was sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison.

Adam Khan Ahmadzai, 20, of Feltham, west London, was given 48 months in a young offender institution when he appeared at Inner London Crown Court in January 2012.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve referred the case to the Court of Appeal on the basis that the total sentence of four years imposed for offences of violent disorder, robbery, burglary and criminal damage on the evening of August 8, 2011 was unduly lenient.

The Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, sitting with Mr Justice Openshaw and Mr Justice Irwin, agreed and said it should be increased to seven years.

Ryan Kichenside was sentenced to five years and ten months in jail for violent disorder, robbery and two counts of burglary at the Inner London Crown Court.

It took the cps seven years to finally get two perpetrators of Newscorp’s foul criminality into the Dock. One was acquitted, the other is out after an obscene fraction of an obscenely short sentence.

It took the forces of repression just three weeks to try and sentence 3,000 rioters during 2011. Over 80% were found guilty.

You see, attacks on property and buildings by the socially alienated count far more in the British ‘Justice’ system than attacks on the Constitution, corruption of those in public office, and invasion of citizen liberties by the unelected forces of perverted power mania.

While I have almost zero sympathy for looters, I see them as a pimple on the arsehole of of declining post-Imperial civilisation….the odd opportunistic Spartacus here and there who will inevitably be crushed by the Praetorian Guard.

But to paraphrase Nye Bevan, those who appeal to the human instincts of humans who barely qualify as erectus are lower than Ebola.

It makes me sad as an expat to watch my Old Country being beaten to death by Yobs in suits. I thank Heaven for the likes of Peter Jukes, James Hanning, Kate Hoey, David Davis, Frank Field and the millions of decent, anonymous Britons who feel as I do.

But I despair of the spineless, pc-obsessed, grovelling Left and its fluffy inability to spot mediocrity. And even more, I am close to tears when listening to syntax-satiated ideologues who rather divide and be ruled than actually put up some effective Opposition.