Further to the earlier Slogpost today about the Syriza Cabinet Council meeting being brought forward from 7 pm to 4 pm local time, it has now been officially announced that there will be an emergency debate in the Greek Parliament tomorrow.

Later during the early afternoon of New York EST, the Wall Street Journal carried a confirmation of Troika2’s dissatisfaction with Syriza proposals presented to them last Friday 27th March, asserting that ‘Greek proposals for a revised bailout program don’t have enough detail to satisfy the government’s international creditors, eurozone officials said, making it more likely that Athens will need to go several more weeks without a new infusion of desperately needed cash’.

Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos warned on Friday that gratuitous rejection of Syriza’s plans would produce what he called “a very bad scenario”. On hearing the news tonight about eurogroupe rejection and tomorrow’s debate, Greeks across the political spectrum were said to be united behind the Government of Alexis Tsipras. Earlier this afternoon, former Prime Minister and Nia Demokratia leader Antonis Samaras went to Syriza headquarters in central Athens for talks about how to react to this latest EC response.

Regardless of when the debate begins, it will be interesting to watch the euro’s ‘value’ once the news breaks in New York about this latest Troika2 intransigence. It may well concentrate minds in Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, the Hague and even Paris. But it won’t change minds in Athens.