At the End of the Day

The reality that follows every hope-filled erection

A culture bashed by wooden lies

is stunned as every voter tries

to look beyond left-field blue skies

replete with many promised pies

we never eat – for at sunrise

the cold dawn serves to make us wise

to every fact the King denies.

We set about our daily task

but every headline bids us ask

what lies behind the grinning mask

of those paid by the giant cask

of wealth that would forever bask

in shadows of a pink damask

while supping from the golden flask.

Meanwhile they’re busy Granting Shapps

immunity from all the raps

he faces from police satraps

about his internet mishaps

with multiple ID backslaps

to overcome his handicaps

in studying the Truth roadmaps.

The answer comes from Miliband –

all Muslim crits henceforth are banned

and each LGBT demand

will be honoured throughout the land

but when Islamics countermand

such liberty – then understand

it’s time to exit Disneyland.

Austerity and mad EU,

globalism – world debt too –

must hide from every one of you

disasters that are overdue,

old shibboleths exchanged for new

collide and then we all must rue

the lie we hoped might just be true.

On May 7th, there will be an electoral dead-heat.The morning after the night before, the vote you cast will be nothing more than a tiny betting chip placed on the poker game to power. Anything could happen, but nothing will change.