Trolley geeks constantly telling me that some posts at The Slog are ‘disappeared’ because I don’t know my publish from my delete button might be interested in a BBC piece that slipped into the public domain yesterday – and was then picked up by several Greek websites.

The gist of it is this: The BND secret service once run by the delightfully tonto Wolfgang Schäuble has been routinely spying on its EU ‘partners’ working directly for the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The NSA regularly – ie, daily – supplies German agents and BND technical centres with updated lists of names, mobile numbers and IP addresses to monitor. Used under the cover of the usual “combating the war against terrorism” bollocks, it transpires now that the Chancellery has known the full strength of this deception for seven years…since 2008. Equally disturbing is that there are so many EU-based companies on the lists, the espionage has involved the commercial as well as political sectors.

Schäuble was Federal Minister of the Interior in the First Merkel cabinet from 2005 to 2009. This was his second term as Head Spook of the Bundesrepublik, and over the years he built an unparalleled reputation for using the media as propaganda weapons. In October 2013, Schäuble was accused by the former Portuguese Prime Minister, José Sócrates, of regularly salting the European media with ‘stories’ against the government prior to the Portuguese bailout.

In August 2007 Wheelchair Wolfie told the media and the Bundestag a blatant pack of lies about the use of Trojan malware in ‘suspected’ computers. The man now bidding to run the eurozone Fiskalunion told Spiegel that “such cyber spying will only be carried out in a handful of exceptional cases, and only target those suspected of planning terror attacks”.

At the time, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Peter Schaar wondered in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau “how the high-court mandated “core privacy” can be maintained in light of such a strategy”.The answer is of course that it couldn’t be….and hasn’t been.

But the true extent of Schäuble’s perfidious hypocrisy can only be appreciated in the context of his feigned outrage just ten months ago at the ‘revelation’ that America had been spying on Germany. The current top spymaster Thomas de Maiziere said there was “disproportionate and serious political damage” compared to the scant advantage gained by the spying. And Shifty Schäuble said, “This is so stupid, it can only make you weep.” Well, it takes one to know one: personally Wolfie, your austerity codswallop makes me want to scream, but each to his own form of frustration.

Not just people in Greece but also other EU members should pay close attention to this latest in a long line of revelations about Herr Schäuble. He is a scheming, machiavellian deceiver with the ethics of a scorpion, and a trust factor of -82. He lied in 2007 about surveillance, he persuaded Papandreou to lie about the size of Greek debts in 2010, he has persistently lied about “the cost” to Germany of Greek default, he lied about the Spanish ‘recovery earlier this week, he lied about the situation in Portugal during 2012, he lied to the Cypriots in 2013, and he orchestrated a foul FinMin attack on Yanis Varoufakis last week. This last bit of bullying has now backfired on Whining Wolfie, but lest we forget, here’s a reminder: the eurozone is about to get an amoral secret policeman as its head of eurozone fiscal matters….a man happy to let the US ride roughshod over EU citizens’ privacy, happy to work with an ECB Chairman at the same game, ever-ready to depict the Greeks as cardboard Untermenschen, and willing to pull any stunt – however despicable – in order to “win”.

Just as Conservative Party policies on austerity, EU Treaty renegotiation and national debt reduction have been shown up as irrelevant, impossible and unachievable respectively, so too the Labour hierarchy’s traditional stance on standing up for the vulnerable small people, equality before the Law, and the ethical use of security surveillance is once again shown clearly to be incompatible with EU membership. And both Parties continue to be committed to a ‘special relationship’ with a US whose CIA, State department and bought Congressmen represent the greatest threat on the planet to peace.

You will look in vain or this story in the British media, for it is absent. You see, its Truths don’t suit any of the media ideologues – from Alan Rusbridger to the Barclay twins. So from my humble role in the mediascape, I offer this plea: even if you vote for someone else, on my knees Mrs Worthington, don’t, don’t, don’t put a cross against either of these two rotten UK Establishment degeneracies.

Footnote: over the last four years, The Slog has had four posts removed without explanation. Two of them were about ECB Chairman Mario Draghi, one about Angela Merkel’s role in the DDR, and one made allegations about Boris Johnson ‘sitting on’ the Elm House enquiry.

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