At the End of the Day

It seems that Firefox is passionate about my privacy. And as if to ram home their didactic point, they’ve started putting this on their home page:

firebackHowever, “We’ve got your back” sounds to me like the start of a ransom demand: “We’ve got your back Buster, so back off or next time it’s gonna be your front, cappiche?”

This is all very well, but my main beef with Firefox at the minute is that – for a bunch of people making ransom demands – they’re not very responsive. That’s to say, about 15 times a day at the moment I’m told that Firefox isn’t responding. Occasionally, I’m also told that a script is running and do I want to continue or stop the script.

Vague software questions get my goat more than most things in life: I mean, how the bloody hell would I know if the script is going to take all day, or stopping it would mean the site I’m trying to bring up will fail to appear?

This apparent Firefox problem isn’t hardware related, because it matters not a jot whether I’m using a tablet, laptop, desktop or notebook: ‘Firefox ne répond pas’ is an ever-present panel.

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar problems, and if so whether there are better browsers to be using these days.


It was only a matter of time: today the Maily Torygraph serves up its own latter-day Zinoviev letter, a mere ninety years after the original. Mr Korbynovitch, it seems, does not want to bomb Russia:

CorbynrussiaFyodor is close to the Russian foreign ministry look you-now, so he must know what he’s talking about. Comrade Korbychov likes Russia Today too, and has written nice things about the news channel in the past. Hold the front page.

Only the Barclay Twins would not get this. Jeremy Corbyn is Old Labour with more than a hint of Brecht. He is extremely biased in favour of all causes to do with International Socialism. It’s just that the Labour Party as a whole has got its political nose so far up its arsenal of spin, only two-dimensional media villains like Corbyn stand the remotest chance any more of putting up some kind of genuine resistance to a Conservative Party passing disgracefully political laws that benefit nobody but themselves and their globalist mates.

Take their latest offerings on new strike laws. Very few Tory MPs get into Westminster based on 40+% of the vote, but from now on the Trade Union quorum for a vote is to be raised again, and only a 40+% vote for strike action will do. The hypocrisy of this is tooth-rattling in its flagrance.

I repeat: I have about as much in common with Jeremy’s politics as a German Bild reader does with the Greek KKE. But I haven’t been political for decades: I’m a democratic constitutionalist concerned about the speed with which British culture is turning into mire. And with corporacratic nutters trampling on the Constitution with even more unthinking venom than the Blairites under the malign influence of Birt, the key requirement now for the survival of British liberty is a fully-functioning, well-organised leg-chomping Opposition keen to reach out to an SNP filled with equally passionate radicals.

I regret all these retro-rockets powering us back to a Marxism I believe to have no relevance to the future, and a regrettably totalitarian past. But tell me Kate Hoey – endorser of Andy Turnbum as leader – can you really see him leading with the idealistic passion we need at this crucial point in our history?

Sorry everyone….I’m getting over-excited. Quick, link me to an Andy Burnham speech video.


And finally, standards at the Murdoch Chimes fall to an all-time hilarious low as the paper describes former Pope Karol Wojtyla as ‘the first non-Catholic Pope for 450 years’. I’m all for ecumenicalism, but that’s an Inquisition too far.

Next week: Newscorpse reveals that the current Pope shits in the woods.

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