Keeping it simple, # 1: Eating your customer base is wrong

If everyone was socially selfless, we wouldn’t need laws

‘Regulation’ is a form of professional law backed by Government overseers

It’s there because many human beings are greedy and lawless if left to themselves

Deregulating the Labour market in the US, UK & EU has resulted in the exact same average wage value loss in real terms since 1993: 30%

Without consumer purchase acceleration, the neoliberal growth model can’t keep going and can’t be restarted

Consumers thus need easy credit to keep on spending

Even with that, consumers with 30% less money to spend will not spend 30% more and be able to pay off the credit.

This is the steady, inevitable process we can see taking place around the world. By not sharing the spoils with the customer, the corporacrats are literally eating their customers….ie, themselves.

The real amount of global gdp growth from 1990-2003 has been outstripped by the levels of household debt.

Unless the neoliberal model is torn up, the doom of every advanced economy and banking system is a 100% certainty.

Ignore the media, pol, banker bollocks. The above argument is as close as economics will ever get to science.

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