REASONS FOR BREXIT Nos 137 & 138: EC to decide TTIP content with no democracy at all, as Erdogan splits the EU right down the middle


Leaked documents from the ongoing EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations show that the European Commission will be obliged to consult with US authorities before adopting new legislative proposals in many areas. What’s more, only the unelected EC will have authority to decide in which areas there should be cooperation with the US: EU member states and the European Parliament will be completely cut out of the process.

The documents were obtained by the Independent and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) campaign group.They show a complex network of procedures specifically designed to tie up any EU proposals that go against US interests.

Nick Dearden, director of the Global Justice Now campaign group, said: “The leak absolutely confirms our fears about TTIP. It’s all about giving big business more power over a very wide range of laws and regulations. In fact, business lobbies are on record as saying they want to co-write laws with governments – this gets them a step closer. This isn’t an ‘add on’ or a small part of TTIP – it’s absolutely central.”

In short, it’s another giant step closer to the Corporate State…and the world hegemony the US élite seeks…as well as being yet another vindication of what Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban has been warning about for the last five years.

Far from being interested in democratic reform, the EC’s Troika of fixers demonstrates here that it has every intention of snuffing out elected influencers at the earliest opportunity.

It did it in Greece, and the British Left preferred to stare up its cosy bottom. Now we have the most direct threat to European trade union freedoms since the Nazis. One wonders what the pinhead-angel examiners will do this time. What they should do is attend to the wisdom of Kate Hoey, who has all along said, “This is not about simple Brexit….it’s about the People versus the Establishment.”

Hear that sound of gunfire, not quite drowning the noise of the UK Left’s ideologists onanising about “the soul of the Labour Party”.


Meanwhile, David Cameron’s hero Recep Erdogan is preparing for membership of the European Union by ensuring Turkey is every bit as fascist as the EC by the time it gets on board.

“It is not only the person who pulls the trigger, but those who made that possible who should be defined as terrorists, regardless of their title,” he said on Monday, in an attempt to convince parliament to include journalists, politicians, academics, and activists under the country’s anti-extremism laws. In the light of recent bombings in Ankara, Turkey has arrested nearly 50 people with alleged links to the Kurdish People’s PKK, as part of his long-term plans for ethnic cleansing.

However, it seems that Angela Mirakel has been abruptly informed by Paris – backed up by Warsaw, Budapest and other points East – that Turkish accession into the EU ill be effected over their collective cadavers. Accordingly, Brussels-am-Berlin has been rapidly back-pedalling away from assurances made to the Turkish Prime Minister. Further, I understand that a senior EU secret service officer based in Britain has warned some of the more doolally goforits that the prospect of Turkish accession “might be just enough to tip the scales in favour of Brexit”.


Look folks, please can enough of you wake up before June 23rd? You can walk willingly onto the scaffold if you like, but what about your kids?

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