WORLD REALITY DAY, II: Cameronian tax evasion, don’t drink the water, and the ordained future of HSBC


His Dad hid profits offshore, he does not walk on water, & he is the C in HSBC

Bloggers have been posting for years to the effect – easily supported by good quality primary sources – that Cameron’s Dad was a tax-evading old charlatan stockbroker. No Wikileaks were required to establish this. But now it’s in the MSM, it’s real. I find that horribly ironic: very little that gets published in the old media is real: it takes an online new media organisation illegally purloining data and releasing it to achieve that….by getting the old media to print it. As the American colonists have it, “Go figure”.

One thing that has become completely unreal is media-based health advice. One by one, every single fluid, foodstuff and plant on the planet has been found, at one time or another, to be the elixir of life and then spawn of the Devil. If you’re of a mind to, you can build a case against everything.

So as this is World Reality Day, I am here to educate you on the mortal dangers of dabbling in water. WC Fields once told Hedda Hopper, “Madam, I never drink water, fish f**k in it”. He was actually being excessively kind to H²O.

Did you know you can drown in water, catch typhoid from water, and become so addicted to it that, after four days without it, you’ll die? So there you have it: there’s a reason why you can lead a horse to water, but not make him drink. It’s called horse-sense.

The only antidote to madness in a world run by people with mad ideas is to alter the conscious state using every means at your disposal. Otherwise a suicidal end will be yours. None of those means include water….in fact, copious amounts of water taken by mouth or applied to the skin in a shower will reverse the process.

I rest my case.

One final reality that must be faced is the decline of the language into a seemingly unending series of initials. For example, the CBI position on QE alongside the ZIRP of the BoE has led to appalling behaviour by the DWP, although not quite as dysfunctional as the ZIRPQE being practised by the ECB on the EU, PBOC DBI on the SSE, or indeed the BOJ’s attempt to apply NIPNIRP to everything from ETFs to EFTPOS.

None of this should be allowed to disguise the fact that corruption and fraud abound in the B2B policies of  RBS, the ASPs involved in B2G business, and CDO needs of those using the CBOE, and of course the CFCTs present in the reporting procedures of CFSs signed off by CMAs throughout the western World.

There are many who suspect that the changed CPI definitions inherent in the EFSM mechanisms developed by the EG exist purely to confuse the FINMINs trying to abide by GAAS. But for myself, I am concerned that IFRS could very easily be perverted by the unhealthy relationship between HSBC, the HMRC, the BBC, and the MPC of the former CEO Baron Green.

Some sources suggest that the three entities will merge to form HSMRBBCC, the cunning ploy being that we shall not be told what the initials stand for. But we have had our finest brains on the case here at Sloggers’ Roost, and I am happy to tell you that our trusty Enigma Machines have decoded the company name as follows: