Cameron & Osborne offer fear of economic collapse and war as the main reasons to stay in an American-controlled European Union. That EU is collapsing fiscally, flatlining economically, & building an army to go to war. Think about that logic.


The real nature of Brexit…and why you just have to laugh at the Remaindeers. The Slog satirises the two flags we should stop saluting, and deconstructs the brainless globalism of ‘better off in’.


trumpchristieIn a bid to give his administration a heavyweight feel, Donald Trump has appointed Elephant Man Chris Christie to ensure a smooth transition from campaign victory to White House. Don’s first capex as President will be an industrial winch to lift CC Rider into his office of a morning. Obviously, the candidate is delighted.


In her first intervention into the Brexit referendum, EU military Overlady Signorina Federica Mogherini has given firm backing to Dave ‘Dambuster’ Cameron’s claim that voting Brexit will lead to war. “Eeza right,” she affirmed, “you betcha. Once we a gotta dis army up anna runnin’, you better start runnin’ lerra me tell ayou. I gotta da big Capos onna my side so watcha your mouth Enngleesh”.

mogkerry And there can be no doubt that the gangster’s Moll is indeed connected high-up in the Nostra America Tempo Ordini (NATO) mob headed up by  widely-sought arms smuggler Don Kerrioni di Dipartimento Stato, seen here giving Signorini Mussolini a fraternal grope.

Greekpeace Fraternity is everywhere obvious in the European Union this morning, as these scenes from Athens show. The Greco-German Freundlichkeit Bund last night celebrated its annual Festival of the Scorched Earth to commemmorate the 1942-44 and 2011-16 bouts of economic stimulation so generously donated to Greece by Berlin.

EUUSR And so to the bottom line. David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Fallon, Stephen Crabb, Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham, Nick Clegg, Grant Shapps and Dianne Abbott are all for staying in the EU. None of them want to leave NATO. So if you firmly believe that coterie of clots know WTF they’re at, Vote Remain.

But if you worry about EU armies, TTIP secret talks, zero democracy in Brussels, the EC fannying around in the Ukraine, Italian Banks going scoppio, Spanish political deadlock, Portuguese bankruptcy, the Troika’s Greek takeover, France about to go bankrupt, Dr Strangelove in charge of the EU Fiskalunion, Athens debt talks deadlocked again, and widespread refusal in central and eastern Europe to take Islamic refugees and migrants…then go with your instincts.

The Remaindeers are a bunch of clueless, self-interested internationalists who don’t care a fig about citizen liberty or local democracy. They will drop principles, do U-turns, lie, cheat and use idiotic scare-tactics to stop you from striking out on your own.

But hey – nihil desperandum: when your grandchildren ask, “What did you do in the Brexit years Grandad?”, you can say “Nothing darling. I was too frightened”.

All 167 reasons for Brexit. Can the Remaindeers rustle up even 16 to persuade you to stay?