BREXIT: bad news for the remaindeers as the data overrules the dogma


Robnose the longnosed Remaindeer

SQUARE.JW.01A piddling 0.1% rise in the UK’s factory output (a third of what was expected) confirms what I and zillions of others continue to feel: Camerlot hasn’t a clue about the requirements for rebuilding Britain’s manufacturing sector….and this pathetic performance took place in the period when the £ was more competitive than at any time for over a year.

deer3Meanwhile, Baroness Thatcher’s one-time economics advisor Patrick Minford, said Camerlot were “treating the public like fools” as he called the Treasury’s analysis on Brexit “riddled with bias”. This confirms some b2b research conducted last month showing that British businesses are bored to tears with the “childish” scare tactics being used by the Government, Bloomberg, and all the other global monopolists hoping to get fatter still if the UK stays in to sign up to TTIP, or Total Transatlantic Incarceration in Prison as I’ve taken to calling it.

deer5The Remaindeer tactics are looking sicker still in the light of 58% of Italians and 56% of the French telling a MORI poll they believe their countries should also have an exit referendum.

And just to cap off three days during which absolutely nothing has gone right for the Stayers, AEP had this to say in yesterday’s Telegraph:


So in a nutshell then, a bunch of incompetent liars are trying to push us into a disastrous trading bloc whose own inhabitants want to leave anyway. What a ripper wheeze.


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