WASPIS: the Reality Cheque’s in the Post



mesnipI really resent being perpetually cast in the role of Job’s-comfort-cum-henpecking-critic, but I’d like if I may to point out just one of the many facsimile “replies” I’ve received – originally sent to Waspi State Pensions victims, and then forwarded to me by the recipients. I have circled and underlined what is a word-for-word recurring phrase:


The phrase is ‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’.

I am therefore left wondering which bit of this recurrent mantra the Waspi Executive doesn’t get; and to once again offer the appropriate translation, ‘as far as we’re concerned, you can f**k off and die’.

Please also note that – for all her kissy-kissy drivel on Twitter – the Imelda Marcos of faces ‘Jewels Altmann’ is part of that goggle-eyed refusal to even consider the human element.

Please also note that the Secretary of State Craven Stab considers himself even above letters of reply, leaving such trivial matters to his underlings.

Please also note that junior Tories and Labour/SNP legislators will not be in power for at least four years: and so while I do not doubt that they are sincere campaigners (and none smarter and more hard-headed than Mhairie Black) there is diddly-squat they can do to help the worst cases of destitution who may have starved to death by that time.

Finally, please FFS note that Waspi anthems will simply make these monsters giggle behind their hands, and Twitter-storms merely alienate otherwise supportive tweeters who will tire very soon of having to plough through 300 posts from the same single-issue campaign.

I find it hard to understand why the Waspi Executive continues to engage with Altmann, brag about the growing number of members, and arrange yet more “liaison” sessions in Whiteminster, when the same robotic ‘line’ keeps comong back:

‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’

I think the Waspi Big Five have Messrs Cameron, Osborne and Crabb severely confused with three good and true people who give a s**t, frankly. This mistake is, ironically, not dissimilar to the delusional nature of Dodgy Dave and George Nobsore themselves…who imagined from 2012 onwards that they could achieve “genuine reform” in the European Bunion.

They too ignored the signs: an unelected Commission, and unelected Eurogroupe, and an unelected President whose two sole talents appear to be getting pissed and running a blatant tax haven called Luxembourg.

Now they are trying to persuade us that failed DDR Soviet enthusiast Angela Merkel and assassination survivor Wolfgang Schäuble are flexible.

They are not. And the Camerlot crew are equally rigid about living up to promises made to 1950s born British women.

There are only two things the EU and the Treasury/DWP axis understand: brute force and blackmail.

Recep Erdogan grasps this, and uses it in his Hitlerian attempt to become the Great Caliphate running the EU ragged on migration.

The Treasury back-pedalled rapidly from its more psychopathic Budget attacks on welfare for the disabled because both Tory MPs and media made clear their unwillingness to support it. That pressure almost cost the Chancellor has career: and with the Brexit Referendum looming, Osborne had no alternative but to U-turn.

The fate of 3.2 million wannabe female retirees did not even register on the Camerlot radar. It still doesn’t.

Why am I discussing the Waspi campaign in an EU/Brexit Referendum context? Because according to sources, Christopher Grayling (the former Justice Minister) has let it be known over the last 36 hours he is certain that, if Britain remains in the EU, Brussels will be “utterly inflexible” on the issue of EU member migrants having the right to claim ‘commensurate pensions’. That is to say, from the minute they earn a bona fide salary in the UK, they must be given the same rights as UK citizens in relation to the State Pension.

Grayling’s obsession with this issue goes back quite some way. He called a meeting of European ministers to form a coalition against the EU’s demands in July 2012…..but his appeal fell flat on deaf ears owned by fat heads.

Don’t get me wrong: if there is to be a level playing field whereby all EU citizens are entitled to an EU pension – almost like a minimum wage – and the actuarial calculations make sense, then I’d be all for it. I am not trying to start some braindead ‘Hate Foreigners’ snowball rolling here.

But surely those women (overwhelmingly mothers) who contributed massively to the support of male workers in a bygone age by raising their children must come before those who have just arrived….especially as there is no sign whatsoever of a uniform European pension emerging from the slow-moving administrative nightmare that is Brussels?

On that basis, I would’ve thought that Waspis should be, as a matter of principle, in the Brexit camp.

And I see no reason at all why a Wasp-Drive in favour of Brexit should not immediately put the British Establishment under pressure.

It seems to me the message to those bullies who decided to rob “an easy option” called 1950s born women should be this:

‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’ = 3.2 million older women voting en bloc for Brexit

This would not represent a cynical power play: if Grayling is to be believed, it would be a way (a) to get some positive short-term action and (b) hopefully help a referendum result following which more sympathetic legislators might be in power.

Let’s face it Waspi Women, you have nothing to lose.

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