SLOG SPECIAL: British Government grave-robbers, & 1950s female claimants who don’t merit a Minister for Pensions.



mesnip18716 Far sooner than later, most fakes emerge in their true colours…but whereas it’s usually good to be in on the first blunder of every counterfeit politician, in some cases the ramifications for the victims are so disgustingly unjust, one gets only anger from pointing out the amoral compass involved. The Slog explains why Theresa May’s attitude to the female State pension heist will go down in history as a defining hypocrisy….and Waspi politics let her get away with an unparalleled political abuse of citizen rights.

The arguments put forward over time against pension restitution for so-called ‘Waspi’ women – UK females born after 1950 who are already being asked to wait for their pensions, and those from later years who face the same fate – have ranged from cold and cruel to petty and just downright untrue. These women have, variously, been told that “this was all made very clear 20 years ago” (a lie) “their contributions could never have afforded the pensions they’re due on the private market” (rubbish) “the most you’ll wait is two years” (a lie) “you breezed through life without paying attention” (patronising, petty and untrue) and the worst one of all, “there is no money left” (utter nonsense).

Do the pensions we get really represent value for money – ie, more than one could get from the private sector? No, they don’t.

The Government doesn’t invest our money, it pays pensions out of current account. See what would’ve happened had you invested the money yourself.

At a simple 5% interest rate ( for many of the years involved, rates were at 12% – but 5% is less than Britain pays on the money it borrows from overseas), by the age of 58, you would be able to withdraw 3% per annum to live on…and pocket nearly £27,000 a year.

You could easily afford to do that, because the capital sum you’d have would be a shade under £900,000. Even with Zirp in play, the pension would last 45 years.

So you see, the female State pension isn’t generous: it’s appallingly low because governments didn’t invest what you gave them – they spent it – and any excess funds from early death weren’t ringfenced.

That’s how fraudulent the Government’s case is.

But when it comes to “no money left”, it’s simply a convenient lie.

There is no such thing as “no money left”

Back in March, I went through the Government’s own guidebook accompanying the last Budget, and showed in detail how the money could be found. Last week I stressed that £3 billion was sitting there in unclaimed pension benefits. Now – via sources, and then handed to me by Waspi members – monies have come to light from actuaries in the past overestimating the survival rate of State pensioners after 55.

According to official statistics, the rate among women likely to be dependent on the State Pension who die beforehand is 10%.

At today’s prices, that would equal a sum in the area of £30bn.

Employers and employees contributed to the pensions involved, at a rate of 15% before tax charges. Together – even on a salary as low as £15,000, it comes to a sizeable sum – around £190,000. It was paid to the Government. It was never used in support of female pensioners: it was not ringfenced…..those monies were spent elsewhere.

Taking money under false pretences. Embezzlement. Call it what you like – it isn’t justice.

There is no money left because the DWP/Treasury axis chose not to give it back to pensioners on the breadline. It has gone because of a policy decision about priorities, not because the government gave all it had to give

That’s what these women have become….a low priority. Lower than bankers, lower than Whitehall civil servants, lower than migrants, lower than big donors to the Conservative Party, lower than trade unions, and lower than male pensioners.

The Government refutes that. Let’s look at the evidence of the last 48 hours.

The despicable relegation of a Civil Rights abuse to beneath Cabinet level

Harken not unto what the buggers say – watch instead what they do. A selection of tweets  from FT journalist Josephine Cumbo yesterday:






It’s the usual dissembling and total lack of respect Waspis have come to expect. We start off with lies about priorities, but then demote pensions – one thing that almost every UK citizen will one day need – to below ministerial level and well outside the Cabinet. May gives the job instead to a wet behind the ears Oxbridge Lawyer with neoloiberal views. Not exactly what you’d call a new Prime Ministerial broom sweeping clean….more an I’m Alright Jack anti-democratic monster who wants to sweep 3.2 million women under the carpet.

Camerlot may be dead, but the Mayflower is on its way and plotting a very clear course. None of it suprises me. Waspis fed up of being ignored can now consider themselves relegated to the AOB of political life. The Waspi Executive can blather on until the Moon turns green, but events, discussions, rallies, meetings and membership totals are – as I predicted six months ago – of no use whatsoever against a cruel Establishment that treats its best citizens as if they might be alcies in the gutter of Skid Row.

I stated in these columns over the weekend that such things are merely symptoms of a malaise that runs far deeper than one ruthless woman. For women born after 1950, it is of course one of the biggest – if not the only – things in the way of them having the decent life they were promised  for 40 of the 60 years during which one lying politician after another told them their pensions were safe. But for commentators engaged in a long and thankless trek towards a more just life for the State citizen, attacking the symptoms isn’t going to cut it. Decent people have to be shown the road map, so they can make their own minds up whether it’s for them, or not.

In terms of taking this fight to another level, there’s nothing more I can do to help the victims of this Citizen abuse until they decide en masse to help themselves. In large sections of the Waspi movement I’m not welcome anyway, and many of those worst affected are the least equipped to conduct such a war against indifference.

This much, however, is obvious:

  1. The current leadership has persisted with a strategy thar has failed utterly to produce any redress whatsoever for those left destitute by the SPA ‘reforms’
  2. It is censorious and élitist in almost everything it does, and this leaves large sections of Waspi frustrated and angry
  3. It is in denial about splits and petty infighting at the top, but evidence of it is already available on several websites regionally
  4. The results of its softly-softly approach are there for anyone with an objective, functioning brain to see: the women they represent have been fed hope and given nothing; as of yesterday, they do not represent a concern at Cabinet level.

That is a catalogue of failure no Executive should expect to survive. But if the rank and file allow it so to do, then the Government will simply carry on treating Waspis as if they were excrement on the sole of a shoe.

In the communications sector and the media, the direction of the Waspi Campaign has become a byword for amateurism. When dealing with sociopaths, there is no room for those who think it’s likely to be a tickling contest….or even worse, a hobby.

The choice is yours. I will continue to post at the Waspistinger Facebook page and leave it up as an open communications channel. But neither I nor anyone else can help you until your own internal politics are banished forever.

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