RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE IN ROUEN: where is the Truth in a multi-agenda world?


The News

In Rouen, self-confessed ISIL terrorists kill a priest by slitting his throat, and hold nuns hostage.

President Francois Hollande says ISIS “has declared war on France”.

The terrorists are shot dead.

The doubts

The Priest’s church was a known ISIL target. At least one of the dead suspects was supposed to be tagged and living under his mother’s close scrutiny.

Dead men cannot testify.

Two events in a week have no given Hollande the rationale for a continuation of France’s State of Emergency.

ISIL is desperate to counter claims in the Islamic World that it is in decline.

ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The result

The casual surfer sees yet another Islamist atrocity, and suffers a hardened heart.

The melodramatic reaction of François Hollande aka Le Plat Ecran gives ISIL exactly the propaganda oxygen it craves.

Federica Mogherini has an orgasm.

The population at large (including me) cannot possibly assert with any degree of certainty what happened, or why.

The “news” feeds the globalist 24/7 machine, but all careful, empirical, reasoned analysis is lost.

All the people in the black hats win, all the Western governments restrict yet more personal liberty, all the ordinary citizens in the white hats lose.

The action required

Refer to the 3rd specific aim of The Slog:

To make future generations far more willing to think for themselves and question the wisdom of the status quo. To make future products of education less vulnerable, in possession of far more self-esteem, and able to grasp not just that fellow-citizens are as important as them, but why.

To reject ideologically closed minds in favour of open-minded philosophy and reality.


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