At the End of the Day


Disappointment when so much was promised. Very little knocks us back on either a micro or macro level more than that.

Or else what – his Government might be superceded by Troika puppets? Sorry Alexis, that already happened.

That the innocent, honest People of Greece might be starved so that the depraved professional and political classes in Greece might survive? Sorry Alexis, that already happened.

That the collapse of Syriza in the face of Brussels bullies might dash the hopes of all who want a democratic Europe based on freedom of speech? Sorry Alexis, that already happened.

It has been a long, hard and bitter road for Greece. The saga of denied default, false debt totals, Hedge fund profiteers, Brussels carpetbaggers and surreal “bailouts” is six years old this year. Over that period Nia Demokrita grovelled, Syriza blustered, and Hellas was humiliated in the name of EC Federalist hubris and German stupidity.

Grasping fatties, naive ideologists and media misrepresentation bring human beings to their knees. Tell me, citizens of France, Italy, Spain, Britain and the United States…does this ring a bell?

If ye think not, the bell tolls for thee.