Where now for Waspi?

methink1 Where now for women?

Blithely unaware of the growing male and female backlash against their muddled  madness, the Feminazis are now (says the BBC, approvingly) turning their attention to sexism in comics. The ladies therein, they tell us, have unfeasibly big breasts and perfectly pert bottoms.

I’d noticed that over the years, too. Also that the blokes are made of Kryptonite and wear gay tights with silly cloaks. Having proceeded past comics around the age of twelve, I was very disappointed to discover that most girls weren’t anything like they were in the comics. This led me to conclude that comics aren’t real. Like discovering Santa was my Dad, this falling of scales from the eyes was a shock. It did not scar me, ruin my life, or lead me to seek counselling.

Although this may seem to some a random opening to the rest of this episode in the Waspi genocide sage, there is a very important point to make. Here is a list of things I think to be infinitely more important than the over-sexualisation of wimmin in comics:

  1. Global Debt
  2. Falling real wages
  3. Job losses not coming back
  4. Destitute WASPI pensioners
  5. The Bank of England colluding in the Libor fix
  6. The failure of the euro
  7. The Italian banking fiasco
  8. The disturbing lack of any Deutsche Bank News
  9. The Far Right in France
  10. The woeful state of the British Opposition
  11. Widespread Greek poverty
  12. The refugee/migrant scam
  13. Leftlib fascists
  14. Neocon fascists
  15. Survival of the NHS
  16. Water conservation
  17. Manchester United in crisis
  18. Sex
  19. The gold price
  20. I have 3 friends dying of cancer
  21. Removing cash from circulation
  22. Chopping enough wood to keep warm
  23. The amount I drink
  24. Braindead violence in movies
  25. Vonnie Quinn’s words per minute speech total
  26. My friends Pam and Percy pigeon
  27. I don’t see my kids very often
  28. etc
  29. etc
  30. etc etc etc

For me, the presentation of fantasy women in fantasy comics that also show fantasy men, weapons, flying machines, dogs, mice and ducks would come #498 out of 500 important things. Just edged out below such reading material would be cleaning the interior of my car and obeying tax demands.

But let me tell you people, if a balanced, kind, intelligent and amusing woman interested in bedroom athletics came into life, she would go straight to Numero Uno.

My point is this: how can any harpy’s hierarchy of importance put ChestyWoman the Heroine of Marvel Comics before all those concerns above, and why in God’s name does the BBC encourage it? What kind of self-congratulating, humourless nutjob do you have to be to ignore State Embezzlement of women pension monies in favour of moaning that Wonderwoman isn’t kitted out in bib, braces, unflattering hobnail boots and a crewcut?

Radical feminists have not, in my experience of being involved in WASPI, lifted a finger to help traditional married women reverse perhaps the worst case of civil rights abuse since Mrs Thatcher abolished the GLC. Yes, I know there are ideological priestess strangulated syntaxical inverted potty reasons why WASPIs do not qualify to be Sisters, and no I’m not remotely interested in them. But what that absence proves is that feminism in its current form is not about female equality. It is about the constriction of men from doing what nature and nurture often demand.

This is what leading feminist Rodman Hilldyke has to say on the subject:


“This is just another example of renegade women faking the news in order to get sympathy from real working women who won’t give in to the historical bullying of rape-obsessed men. We in the progressive vanguard reject their pathetic cries and see them only as a warning to other Wimmin who have not as yet seen the light or indeed the glass ceiling: Men did this to them and I know Theresa May pretends to be a woman but she’s a horse it must be true because I read it somewhere”.

Fighting talk from firebrand Hilldyke there, but not much use when you have 9p and some bread covered in maturing penicillin to last you until next Monday.

Dame Joan Bakewell – a successful feminist from a more sympathetic epoch – tweeted last week to say that if there was no mention of the WASPI issue in the Autumn Statement, it would be a national disgrace. I predicted there wouldn’t be any such thing. There wasn’t.

So what now for the WASPI movement?

Sadly, my advice hasn’t changed. I don’t think the Movement – beyond a largeish minority – will take the advice, but for the record here it is again from June 6th:

‘…..the ‘Ask’ line in the sand should be ‘full restitution of pension rights, balls to the ‘No Alternative’ lies, find the money or else’. But as I keep stressing, this is not my call: it is up to the women at the coalface to make that decision….without a much broader and higher profile for the obscene injustice involved, these unfortunate women will find no justice…..Only tough and rightly indignant action will deliver anything for these deserving women. They need to take on the responsibility for achieving their goals, but above all they need honesty from those who chose to be given the power to negotiate on their behalf.’

Let us remember a long list of simple facts here:

  • The Waspi original leadership has not delivered a red cent for its members, and some of its tweets remain carping and divisive.
  • The Government lied about communication of the 1995 Act, and Osborne compounded the lie by breaking the one feeble promise it contained
  • The Government has ignored two well-attended Commons debates on the issue, and not turned up to either
  • It has ignored three Lords questions
  • It has fobbed off seven PMQs with lies about ‘remedial’ measures
  • It has lied about their being “no money left”
  • Two separate secretaries of State have made outrageously insulting remarks about these innocent women
  • Faith has been put in intermediaries who have proved to be constructed from straw with just two outstanding exceptions: Mhairi Black of the SNP and Labour’s Bolsover Beast. Mhairi is a committed feminist and sane by the way, so she is doubly unique
  • The tamed pro-neocon media continue to keep WASPI coverage to a bare minimum, still often relegating it to the City/Money pages.
  • Awareness of WASPI and its aims outside the membership remains in single figures
  • Both the Prime Minister and her Chancellor refuse to give any guarantees after 2020 about any aspect of welfare, pensions or NHS expenditures.

I make no apology for the repetition of this analogy. Waspi Women and Junior Doctors are the 2016 equivalent of Guernica in 1936: a test operation to check out that the bombs work, resistance is minimal and the media don’t care….before the Nazis moved on to obliterate most of civilised Europe after September 1939.

It’s not much of a 2020 vision is it? No, it isn’t. But an avalanche of facts about the recent past suggest this is the only possible interpretation.

Wake up, wise up and toughen up, or you will be blown up. Then they’ll get round to the rest of us.

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