OFFICIAL: Richard Hammond ice cream gaffe will not bring Government down

mesmile The Labour Party and its dictatorship of the ProLGBTariat is on target to give the Theresa May Government a clear road to victory next year.

When I was a kid, we had so little money we couldn’t even afford rich food. The first time I ate Spaghetti carbonara, I was ill for a week. Ba-boom.

I mention this because Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond made a joke on his show about ice cream being for gay people. Now it looks like he’s going to have to eat shit for the next fifteen years. He is, it seems, a mockery. A retard throwback scumbigotfascist. It’s only a matter of time before every prick from Peter Tatchell upwards (and the only way after Tatchell is up) starts calling for a boycott on goods sold by Amazon, the show’s sponsors.

Well I’ll give you my view of boycotts. Boycott all the goods and services of greedy bankers, construction companies, munitions manufacturers, media owners and various other tax evaders who give money to the Conservative Party, and you will be doing something social useful called “stopping the onward march towards a corporate fascist State in the UK”.

Boycott the activities of G4S and other private carpet baggers suppliers to the NHS, DWP, rail, electricity and water weal, and you will be helping kill the idea that a few fat cats with the commercial morals of a Ginger* Tom are vital to the provision of affordable, compassionate and safe services for the rest of us.

However, boycott a personal opinion where the only aim of the pinched goblins among the 48% is to shut someone up, and you are just a despicable bully who cannot discern the difference between a trendy more of the moment on the one hand, and the triumph of social good over evil greed on the other.

And let’s be real about this, it’s why the Stonewallers and feminist nutters and HatenotHope activists and Remainers and candlelit vigilists pick on the harmless remarks of real people: because being oddly fixated bullies, they completely lack the balls to take on the big battalions like NATO, Brussels, Goldman Sachs and the Clintons….or the brains to deconstruct the lies they’ve been told by Brown, Osborne, Mario Draghi, the Eurogroupe, Murdoch, Bell Pottinger, Alastair Campbell and all the other super-cynics.

You have never seen so many Leftlib spineless rabbits heading back to their burrows at top speed as there were when the ghastly late and unlamented liar McAlpine headed into town and bullshat his way to ludicrous threats to sue the BBC and anyone who’d tweeted about paedophilia in his family. But if you lack the instincts to tell shit from sugar, you will dump your rifle, change into civvies, and go to ground. Which is precisely what the likes of Eoin Clarke, Ed Miliband, George Monbiot and entire regiments of chocolate soldiers did at the time.

But this is the way of all self-styled, dictatorial Progressives: take away their overwhelming advantage in might over right, and the courage of their convictions becomes a pathetic terror of being convicted.

Ask them to form an alliance of the vulnerable against attacks on junior doctors, the disabled, Waspis, Steel workers and Greek socialists, and they spit sloganised claptrap in the face of well-meaning reality. Suggest they put pressure on ISPs to be more accountable, or on globalists to pay their fair share of tax, or on cops to uphold the law, or on legislators to take the bribery out of politics…and suddenly they’re too busy with fgm in Ethiopia and LGBT victims being stoned to death by Islamics to notice the ridiculous contradictions in their support of misogyny on the one hand and Red Rag feminism on the other.

Lest we forget: this is the Labour Party and its 180,000 illiberal activists who have done sweet Fanny Adams about the long-term unemployed, embezzled Waspi State pensioners, a rebalancing of our economy, control of the pressures on our island population, retraining scrap-heap victims, Neet youth, support for Scotland, the Rule of Law, and wage repression.

This – and this alone – is why they have lost core voters, Scottish voters (and decent non-socialist older voters) to libertarian nationalism.

Tonight, dear Sloggers, I have no sympathy for those whose idle hands gave the Devil a few ideas about what to do with them. Their failure is a national tragedy and a liberal disgrace.

*This is an attack on Ginger Tom feline rapist swine, not human people born with Viking Silly Hair Colour syndrome

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