YVES CHANDELON: was his mistake to trust the senior EU/Nato bosses above him?

me261116 The more details of this confusing case emerge, the more it looks like Chandelon was a whistleblower, and Berlin attacker Anis Amri was a Patsy. This trail of events may yet lead to NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg, and the EU’s Federica Mogherini

At some point today, the autopsy on Yves Chandelon (until his murder last week, NATO’s top man on the forensics of terrorist funding) will take place. I doubt very much if we’ll be given any news today; if NATO has it’s way, I doubt if we’ll ever hear anything again…unless high-readership journalists start to push a lot harder.

But in the eleven days since his demise, various theories and some reasoned conjecture have emerged from people closer to the affair than me. And equally, some initial likelihoods have been ruled out.

This is the portrait dished out by NATO a month ago of its international auditing board:


As you can see, Chandelon is not there…despite the fact his title suggested he was the boss in Europe. Nor (on the version dated November 18th 2016) can the name Yves Chandelon be found anywhere in the international NATO organisation: even his job title does not exist. There are five separate sections and seven archived PDFs on counter-terrorism, and none of them mention audit forensics or Chandelon.

All this adds weight to the emerging picture of a man involved in a key role, and designated as ‘plausible deniability’ in the trade. Yves Chandelon was hidden from view.

This makes it less likely that he was taken out by Islamist elements. Middle East terror organisations have, to date, a zero rate of known NATO penetration. Further, the way Chandelon died is completely at odds with Jihadism, which focuses on public actions to maximise the suggestion of their strength. The shooting of the Russian ambassador on film at a press conference in Ankara (followed by the gunman mouthing off immediately afterwards) is more the Jihadist style: introverted black-ops spying isn’t their thing.

For nearly a year now, there have been rumours in the US and EU (plus some Wikileaks hints) suggesting that a massive proportion of the NATO budget is off-balance sheet. Chandelon himself in turn had a reputation – it is alleged by some – for facing out secret service NATO operatives about the “misuse” of funds. That part seems thus far to me rather fuzzy and unproven. What we do know with some degree of certainty however (it’s already been mentioned in Congress) is that a $250 billion budget black hole does exist in NATO, and nobody seems keen to enlarge upon what it’s about.

More specifically, there are three obvious connections which could be coincidental…or could be absolutely central to not just NATO but also the EU when it comes to justifying itself.

The first is that we have a new US President, and from his tweets alone it’s obvious already that he wants to control incontinent military expenditure….although he is not, of course, soft on the eradication of Jihadism. According to one Trumpeter, he also thinks the EU “is a heap of junk” – which strikes me as pretty accurate.

The second is the attack on the Berlin Christmas market. I’ll return to some of the detail on this shortly.

The third is that our old friend and NATO ‘point-man’ Federica Mogherini has of late been facing some awkward questions from electorally challenged EU politicians about why the peace-loving peoples of the European Union need a standing army. This too is not unconnected to the Berlin attack.

The now conveniently dead Anis Amri did, it is now generally agreed, carry out the lorry attack in Berlin. However, it emerges that he was on a CIA “monitor at all times” list, and this is exactly what the German secret service had been doing. Berlin prosecutors told The Associated Press in a statement a week ago that they first launched an investigation against Amri on March 14, having followed up on some data supplied from federal security agencies. In June, they tried (and failed) to get him deported on the grounds of his “clear links to ISIS”.

Amri lodged with other terrorists, and all his communications were being bugged. In fact, he seems to have been a complete dick: while still awaiting a German passport, he dealt drugs in broad daylight and got involved in at least two bar brawls. Even his father described Anis as “violent and stupid, in and out of trouble”. He was, in short, a high-profile loose cannon.

Yet not only did he manage to hijack the truck, kill the driver and then plough into the market, he also – despite being known to the police by name and face – managed to travel across Germany and breeze through Italian passport control on his way to Milan.

His previous behaviour in Italy too left something to be desired on the discretion dimension: he burned down a school and received a five year sentence. Yet he was admitted to Germany as an asylum seeking refugee. For two days after the market attack, Berlin authorities pixcelated Amri’s face. An unnamed policeman told AP journalists a day later that the order to do this came from “senior political elements” in the Berlin government.

Two things strike me here. First, if I was ISIS, I’m not sure I’d employ a known violent idiot to do the work; and second, he does seem to have been given a remarkably easy ride on the road to killing 13 people. One monitored call involved Amri specifically offering to carry out a suicide attack.

But if we look at the timelines involved in the Berlin attack and the Chandelon hit, there is an even more disturbing possibility nagging away at the brain of anyone even vaguely awake.

Chandelon’s body is found on 16th December

The Berlin atrocity occurs on 19th December

No clear photo of Amri appears until 23rd December, by which time he is in Italy.

On the same day, Amri is shot by two ordinary (not security) caribinieri on a routine patrol in Milan. Gosh, what luck.

Ever since then, we’ve been told that the Jihadist “had been trying to reach accomplices” in Italy. But not a shred of evidence has emerged to prove there were any accomplices. And the deed having been done, one would expect them to travel separately anyway.

Let us now briefly revisit Federica Mogherini. As her name suggests, she is Italian. We also know that she’s been handed the task of forming the much-denied EU army, that she keeps popping up at Middle East NATO meetings, and that she specifically justifies the need for the European army by arguing the case for armed soldiers against terrorism.

In her role as the High Representative for EU security affairs, Mogherini gave a keynote speech last week to the European Council, and referred to her mission in the context of the Berlin massacre, by asserting that, “The only effective answer is a collective answer. A collective European answer, with the work we started towards a real Union of security and defence. But also, and foremost, a collective answer with our partners and our neighbours in our region”.

Mogherini is a rabid federalist, and her key allies in Europe are Jean-Claude Juncker the President, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and the woman who pushed through his appointment, Angela Merkel.

All four of them are, despite the mounting evidence against the policy, implacably opposed to closed borders.

There is no way that Stoltenberg, Mogherini, the German security police and Yves Chandelon would have been unaware of Anis Amri and his history.

What I’m doing here is, very simply, drawing together means and motive. For on several occasions in recent years – most obviously the Benghazi compound attack that left US Amabassador Chris Stevens dead – it has been clear to the point of blatant that blind eyes were turned away from convenient atrocities.

Anis Amri was an indiscreet chav with insane minority views…a man constantly in trouble with police forces across Europe. He bears a striking resemblance in historical and behavioural terms to Lee Harvey Oswald. If you were looking for a Patsy, then Amri ticked all the boxes.

Without more information, the order of events before and after the Berlin attack – and how they’re linked, if at all – can only be informed speculation; but as a theory, it certainly holds water based on the few facts we have to hand.

There is a recognised and highly active CIA/NATO black operations sector called Gladio – or Sword. Imagine with me now the briefing being given to President Trump by a senior Gladio executive after The Donald settles in during his early days in the Oval Office.

Gladio: “Mr President, we had two Gladio operatives befriend Amri….Arab Americans posing as ISIS Jihadists following the same Iraqi Mullah he did. The guy was a psycho, no question – a perfect front for the op….”

Trump: “….and I assume the German security forces were in on the idea?”

G: “A few Mr President…and some heavy CDU Ministers, plus of course Maws…”

T: “Maws?”

G: “Er, it’s what we call Merkel and Schäuble sir.”

T: “No shit? Continue please….”

G: “So, Amri’s a serious pain in the ass, we’re constantly having to keep him clear of the cops – and they keep sending us emails saying, you know, we should get this nutjob off the streets and we tell ’em don’t worry, we have him covered. But then we hit a real problem”.

T: “Which was?”

G: Well, this NATO forensics boy-scout is hot on the trail of how some o’ these goons are gettin’ bankrolled….

T: Yves Chandelon?

G: Exactly Mr President. He spots that some walkin’ around money has come from us to bribe a coupla cops – and also some to help Amri score, yer know?

T: OK. And then what?

G: Chandelon starts coming on all fucken Peace Corps and gets a private session with Stoltenberg. The SG’s smart: he plays the “I’m shocked”role, and then gets on the hotline to Mogherini who blows a fuse…

T: She’s in on it, right?

G: Hell, you bet Mr President….from Day One, up to her cute neck. And she calls us to say Chandelon has to go, and fast. Which kinda makes sense, given the caper is set for the following Monday…

T: The nineteenth?

G: Correct. We got no dirt on Chandelon I mean like zilch, he’s squeaky clean. He owes a few grand, but he’s loaded, doesn’t have a crack or hooker habit, nothing, you know? But he’s already sprayin’ emails all over the place, which we manage to block and by Tuesday – that’s the 13th, sir – it’s obvious we gotta whack him. So we…you know….sub-contract it.

T: To whom?

G: The Mafia, Mr President.

T: Sicilians?

G: Er…yeh, I guess. But known to our gal.

T: And that explains why they fuck it up?

G: They’re not good on research. But they move quickly, and they never miss. And we didn’t have a whole lotta time, sir. Also the Italians paid the bounty, which meant if things got really hot, we could pin it on them.

T: Jeez. And then what?

G: That’s it. Amri takes the truck we hijacked, just about manages to aim it halfway correct, we have the local cops onside, he makes his getaway, we leave a passport under the driver’s seat, and the politicians keep his passage to Italy safe. Then la bella Federica lines up an accidental encounter with two flatfeet and bingo, Anis is on his way to the virgins.


The jury is still out on how Trump might react to such a briefing. Not with surprise, I suspect: but certainly with consternation. It might confirm some of his deepest prejudices about the EU in general, and Germany in particular.

We shall see.

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