Yes, Trump won the election. Yes, Trump is losing the term. Here’s why….

Why he won

  1. US Presidential elections are decided on the basis of who garners the most Electoral College votes, not the popular vote. Trump won more EC votes than Hillary – end of. If you want to change this arrangement, campaign to amend the Constitution. Don’t stamp your feet like horribly spoilt Under5 fascists.
  2. Do the maths. There are far more black than hispanic Americans. Hispanics voted against the Trump Wall but a huge proportion of black voters stayed at home. They did this because President Obama did nothing to help the real, bottom end poor of America. Hillary lost primarily because of her spineless predecessor.
  3. Polls conducted showed that Hillary is not trusted on the issue of her actions while at the State Department. The same polls showed that Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump easily. She lost secondarily because the DNC chose the wrong candidate.

Why he’s losing now

  1. President Trump is being given false intelligence. The main culprit is H R Macmaster. It has not taken the President long to spot this. MSM reports today suggest that HRM’s days are numbered.
  2. Trump hijacked a lacklustre GOP nomination field for his own ends. He is an independent, not a Republican. He has few real friends in the Congress. Within weeks, Emmanuel Macron will face the same problem in France.
  3. Trump is broad brushstrokes, and sloppy on the detail. He lacks experienced political framers and fixers. The healthcare Bill was and is a mess – it deserved to go down. The tax reform Bill is not much better.
  4. Anti-nationality globalists like George Soros continue to organise blanket opposition to almost every aspect of Trump’s programme. This is supported by disgruntled liberals, and has led to the President being frustrated at every turn. To bump up his ratings and show how macho he can be, Donald Trump foolishly bombed the Assad régime and is now putting the heat under North Korea. The Alternative State is fine with that.
  5. The preponderantly liberal US media flatly refuse to accept that the bloke in the Oval Office is legally the President. This too is being encouraged (and partly bankrolled) by Wall Street – which wanted Clinton, and fears Trump’s radical ideas on banking reform.
  6. So far, The President’s advisers play to the narrative suggesting Trump is a sham radical who hopes for economic revival to deliver him a second term. Gary Cohn has a hugely suspect past, and is a major mistake as Trump’s economics choice. It would be a grave error to rely on an economic take-off: the President’s view of the US business landscape is out of date. Calamities lie ahead in terms of consumer debt, overvalued stock markets, and tighter money.
  7. American citizens are not keen on The Family Business invading the White House. When JFK appointed his brother Attorney General, it caused a great deal of resentment. Donald Trump’s brood is too obvious….and individuals will be difficult to fire.

I hope readers find this analysis objective and helpful.

It is, increasingly, the job of the Internet Resistance to offer a balanced, fact-based reality check in a world where – for every event or development – there are six Truths where there used to be one.

We still desperately need an online “organ” that isn’t playing either Leftlib pc or right wing globalism as its anthem….in effect, a site/station/paper/space that rejects ideology in favour of empirically based philosophy about “how Western society develops from here”.

The only way to bury the “Fake News” scam from the fakers is to be genuinely and transparently unaligned – beyond supporting the goal of protecting and fulfilling the vast majority of citizens.