ANALYSIS: The Messiah syndrome, and it’s curious connection to mass migration

me4 The multitude of modern Messiahs may be distracting from who made them – and why


Every lauded new Messiah
soon enough will be
a lonely crucified pariah –
so rather you than me.

E J Slog

KimBinochsKim Jong-Un chose US Independence Day to fire his dinky ICBM and then declare it a “present” for the Americans. Kim is, to use the technical terminology here, fat of leg, girth and neck; but chiefly he is fat of head. So fat is his head, he appears to be the owner of a comically severe crewcut, but in fact the visible tonsorial hair has been overtaken by headfat inflation. In the tradition of recent Korean history, KJ-U is an obese puppet of the military Big Hats.

Nevertheless, he is presented by the North Korean propaganda machine as a Messiah brought into the world to lead the country to victory over the USA. Western crypto-democracies and Asian autocracies may have a radically different view of how to present their leaders, but the one activity they have in common is the practice of Messianism.

In North Korea, there is less need for subtlety, because The Party is all-powerful: the process consists of “here’s the Messiah, he is the Messiah because we say so – and we are very sensitive on the subject of both his weight and the vacant nature of his facial expressions, so don’t get any cute ideas about taking the piss, or we will shoot your smart ass off”. In the West, the existence of powerful media owners with multivariate agendas (and opinionated yobs who devour their output) means the Messiahs must be taught simple phrases in order to be credible: “Princess of Hearts”, “Yes we can”, “The Big Society”, “Make America Great Again”, “Strong and Stable”, “France is back” and so forth.
Behind every great man (as they used to say in the long-gone days of porcine male chaunivism) is a great woman. In the twenty-first century, in front of every Sovereign SNAFU there is a Messiah.

Six years after the failure of the brainlessly predicted Arab Spring, the hunt is on for yet more Messiahs. Today, it’s a mass-production business which, like most others, has moved on to automation in order to satisfy a seemingly insatiable demand.
The history of the ineptly named Holy Lands is littered with prophet-messengers beset by Pharaohs. These ancient Messiahs far outnumber those of the contemporary West, but this is only because they’ve been at it a lot longer than we have: ever since Man swapped tree berries for prairie wheat, the tendency of crowds to see shoes as signs and stone tablets as commandments from above has been pretty much ever-present.

The difference in 2017 is that, in their contemporary form, Messiahs have to be introduced at a speed more in keeping with the sub-atomic attention-span of a multi-media, moronic Messiah-seeking age. It may have been fine in previous epochs for the Chosen Ones to build arks, float about in bullrushes or wander about for forty nights in the wilderness; but today, time is money – and money oils the wheels of Messianic fortune.

With every passing election, more corners are cut in the output process. You might have thought it was difficult to rush out a more half-baked guide to the Promised Land than Trump, but he’s certainly not half-cocked: so completely cocked is the Mark I Donald Messiah, there seems no limit to the amount of past pussy exploits of which he will, eventually, be accused.

Prurient American liberals declared his image to be craven in record time, and so President Trump became Pestilent Chump with almost no interim stage involved in the metamorphosis. Like the victim of a botched prostate operation, he went before he came, as it were.

But while The Donald took twenty-five months to manufacture, the Mark I Jeremy Corbyn became JereMessiah the Second Coming in six months flat. The prototype dismissed as Comrade Korbynovitch by late 2016 was transformed into Corbyn the Nazerene during the 2017 General Election…..thanks to the design input of Momentum Messiah Management – a veritable 3M for our times.

The Messianisation of Jeremy was handled with consummate skill by Momentum. Huge crowds were written about, shown and – let’s be honest – exaggerated. The numbers mounted with every rally, such that towards the end, every speech was presented as the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus Corbyn had a new take on promises: he was going to turn the wine into water among the rich, command hospitals to walk again, and use shoot-to-kill as the magic ingredient required to tame Islamism.

Miracles sell. Day after day, as the campaign progressed and Theresa May answered every question by saying “Strong and stable”, the New JC promised ever-more miraculous outcomes for those voting Labour. In six weeks, Mr Corbyn slashed a 21% lead down to 3%. He still lost, but you wouldn’t have grasped that by reading the Momentum-guided mass tweeting after election day. Equally, everyone had forgotten that Labour plummeted to -21% in the first place because Corbyn won the post-Miliband leadership election.

“There’s lots of his policies I don’t like, but he seems an honest, straightforward sort of chap,” became a worn-out cliché by election day. Many former Labour voters ignored their misgivings and returned to the fold – primarily because the previous walker upon water Nigel Farage was a spectator this time around – but Middle England, by and large, didn’t. When the next election comes around, Moses Farage will be back pledging to part the Channel and lead the Children of Thatcher out of Brussels into a land of silk and money. The Old vs New testament meeting of the Messiahs promises to be titanic….in every sense.

The Messiah-making house of Rothschild and Associates had been watching the rise and rise of populist Messiahs for over five years. The first among these – Alexis Tsipras in Greece – had truly performed the all-time miracle by persuading most Hellenic Leftist groups to join his Front, Syriza. Tsipras’s arrival on the platform of power may have been rapidly reversed by illegal fiscal bullying spearheaded by the Beelzebub Draghi; but this hadn’t stopped more charismatic temple radicals overturning the moneychangers’ tables in Italy, Spain and Holland. Most disturbing of all, Europe’s only female Messiah Marine LePen was gaining popularity in France.

Something had to be done, and it was.

Today, the 38 year old French President Emmanuel Macron enjoys national power on a scale greater than anyone since Charles de Gaulle in 1958….and if anything, his achievement is greater in that he founded a Party from scratch that gained an overall majority in the Assembly in slightly over a year. I blogged a month ago that he ‘would struggle to do this’, which just goes to show how much I know.

Macron’s power, say the French media, is “sans partage” – unshared or, put another way, absolute: he is in exactly the same position in 2017 as Hitler was by 1934….and whereas the Fuhrer had fear of Communists to trigger an Emergency Powers Act, the new French President has inherited one designed to turn away the rising tide of Islamic Jihadism.
Across the entire range of my French friends, however, the vast majority (especially the young) see him as a Messiah. This range includes young students, old business leaders, middle aged shopkeepers – in fact, everyone who has grumbled for years that “France is drifting”. And although earlier this week Le Monde referred to him as ‘un Pharaoh’, the desire beyond the hard Left is to give power to hope. History tells us that such a sentiment nearly always ends in blood, toil, tears and sweat.

Aside from the huge and bitter disappointment that will emerge should Emmanuel Macron turn out to be less than Messianic (as he probably will in the end) there is another element to contemporary Messianism that disturbs me deeply. It is this: while I find all Messiahs equally incredible, some do genuinely want change for the many. These types are, in short order, vilified and demonised by the Establishment media. By contrast, the cleverly ‘manufactured’ versions are revered by that same media pack.
I don’t think this is merely Left v Right. If Corbyn gains power, for example, I think within months the Guardian, Independent and BBC – with help from Government publicity funded by taxpayers – will build on the personality cult started by Momentum. He will be the same as Macron – just the product of a different Establishment.

In the eurozone propagandised by Brussels and Frankfurt, however, there is growing evidence that Europhile/EUnatic “Messiahs” are being handed as many weapons as they need to stabilise the Union via the use of dictatorial power. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the open-secret process of flooding Europe with dangerous migrants.

I realise many will disagree with the following assertion, but it has to be made, because the evidence behind it is overwhelming: unpleasant forces are working (from a variety of motives) to feed social instability in the European Union.

Merkel’s seemingly daft denialism about the ‘Second Wave’ of “Syrian” refugees also held within it a scheming economic strategy – to replace one-time Turkish Auslander workers with Arab and African equivalents to retain a cheap labour advantage in the future.

Denialism about the migrant camp occupants at Calais was part naivety (Gary Lineker) and part political (pc among Leftlibs).

But among the Corbynistas, there is the desire for unimited immigration: first, to make life harder and harder for any government of the Right; and second, to grow a new Labour-voting majority

In France itself, after Calais the police did an extraordinary thing: they let all the trouble-makers go. In fact, they effectively gave them a safe passage to Paris. Why?

Sources within the Italian civil service are leaking like sieves about the Brussels-directed nature of a continuing mass influx of undifferentiated Arab and African migrants into the EU via Italy. Several people have mentioned to me – since late May 2016 – their conviction that the Mafia is involved and cooperating with EC NGOs. Last December, the US site Zero Hedge ran a lengthy piece restating the allegation with some very compelling evidence.

Messiahs who point out the neoliberal contradictions in the EU (like Tsipras and Varoufakis) are quickly silenced. Messiahs who point out the importance of national culture and the dangers of NATO (like Orban in Hungary and Trump in the US) are demonised and targeted for destruction.

And behind it all, there is always – always – the figure of George Soros, the man who tried to kill the Pound. For Soros and his ilk back the puppet Messiahs, and do whatever’s necessary to neutralise the radical versions. They want dictatorial global corporatism: nothing less will do.

The Play continues.