Hobson’s Choice in the UK: is Momentum socialism that different to corporate globalism?

Me2 What do you do when your homeland is being run by wannabe corporate fascists, and the Opposition has been captured by media-savvy Stalinists? (Answer: speak the Truth from a safe distance)

In 1978, I founded an advertising agency with four other partners. While it gained some foreign (Swedish, French, US and Greek) clients, one of its fundamental principles on opening was an implacable opposition to global campaigns, and the ideas of globalism being put forward by Theodore Levitt. Nearly forty years on, I still think we were right; but while I applaud others trying to make the same point, I am at times baffled by their methods.

Outside the G20 session this morning, protesters gathered to make their feelings against globalism known. Good for them: the case against globalism – moral, financial, cultural, social, commercial and geopolitical – is overwhelming. But having checked across a wide range of media, I have to assume that this report in USA Today is correct:

‘….Anti-globalization activists in Germany’s second largest city set dozens of cars ablaze ……dozens of police were injured.’ 

If one genuinely wants to persuade those in the middle ground that neocon globalism is a con in search of a rationale, then burning cars and baiting cops is not the place to start. Such agitprop crap stands not the remotest chance of persuading anyone outside of the usual suspects….who are already converted anyway.

To be honest, these days I have profound doubts about ‘demos’ per se. The entire model smacks of 1970s hairies, placarded commands, struggling police cordons, flying pickets, and the intolerant Hard Left. But add casually anarchic violence to that image, and you will be off the radar of those who really can help your cause faster than you can yell “Smash capitalism!” Such actions are a free gift to those media determined to keep the powerful in power.

The suspicion of those with a balanced brain is that the “issue” at stake in the demo is really just part of a much bigger agenda called collectivist ideology. There is no shortage of evidence to solidify that suspicion: Greenpeace was founded (and is still run) by Leftists who have simply rebranded themselves ‘green’ as opposed to ‘red’. Trace through the careers of those behind ‘Peace’ flotillas for Gaza, and the same cv’s keep popping up: ‘activist’, Socialist Workers Party’, ‘Anti-Nazi League’ and so forth.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that such people want “democratic change”….up to but not including the ballot box. Last year, Momentum (the new-media savvy group that masterminded Jeremy Corbyn’s rise from the ashes) quietly dropped its clause ruling out violence as a means of protest. The rationale for it – classic revolutionary double-think – could not hide the fact that those who pushed for its vapourisation had a background of infiltration into the Parliamentary Left via the Hard Left.

To those who don’t know me, the expression of those realities could come across as classic Tory black arts. But this isn’t Daily Mail stuff: after the results of the recent UK General Election were announced, the same orchestrated Momentum followers tweeting for Corbyn the Messiah were announcing that their guy had been “cheated” of victory, and thus they reserved the right to resort to violence.

The real reason Labour lost was continuing doubts among Middle Englanders about the history and motives behind Corbynite Labour…..and the Party’s blanket unwillingness to engage with non-Party sympathisers. I accept entirely the premise that the Conservative Party has not so much lurched as jumped way too far to the Right. And I buy into the role of First Past the Post as one of the main reasons why the more criminal of its MPs have been allowed so much access to power. But Labour – with or without Corbyn – has never shown the slightest interest in reforming FPTP; and it is Labour who has been the Party ever-prone to undemocratic infiltration.

Further evidence of that is now trickling out. Over the last few days, the ugly shape of active MP-deselection has once more slithered over the horizon. Despite the best efforts of those genuinely trying to give the poor, old and weak in Britain a better chance, the motormouth ideologues simply cannot resist the desire to keep pushing.

As ever, move uses hooray-terms like “further democratisation of the Party” to fend off the discovery of MP hitlists. But the whole concept of active deselection is anti-democratic – a hardline socialist attempt to hand power to a clique takeover at local level, spit in the face of the electorate, and then replace a representative MP with an extremist….standing under the false flag ‘Labour’.

The last time this creeping Bolshevism started, the group behind it was called Militant.

Momentum has, within its walls, Socialist Workers Party revolutionaries advocating violence. Demonstrations in recent years have shown a preponderance of SWP placards time and time again.

Momentum is, I’m afraid, a slightly cleaned up Militant for the 21st Century. They are the people who, the day after Jo Cox’s death, sought out UKIP canvassers to harangue with show-trial screams of “Murderers!” They call political opponents ‘scum’. And they invite confrontation with the police in order to position themselves as victims of oppression, entitled to fight fire with fire.

So here I sit in France, a refugee from this Britain I once knew, a Blighty now descending into uncivil politics, civil strife, and perhaps even civil war. OK, ‘refugee’ is somewhat melodramatic: there are worse ways to grow old than the lifestyle I enjoy at the minute.

But the truly depressing thing about politics throughout the West now is the obvious fact that it has been flooded with counterfeit currency. Worse still, the electorates clamour to use that currency, with little or no evidence to suggest any awareness among their number of its worthless nature.

Everywhere there is fear. And fear drives people to the familiar. But this is one of those rare epochs where the familiar is fake – a clapped-out old prostitute caked in make-up, trying to persuade the desperate that there is anything other than decay beneath the cover-up.

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