THE ALT-STATE v BREXIT: why we must fire Hammond and purge the Treasury

me4 Last Wednesday, a senior ONS spokesperson poured cold water on the media spin about “Britain’s £490 billion assets hole weakening our position during Brussels negotations”. The spin is just another ruthless ruse from the International Sabotage Brexit Axis. But evidence is growing that we have dangerous Fifth Columnists in both Whitehall and Westminster.

Having researched the raw numbers and spoken to ONS staffers at length this week, let me first of all briefly clear away the nonsense in relation to an apparent half-trillion Pounds reversal in Britain’s fortunes “based on ONS statistics”.

  1. The figures relate to inward and outward investment, not trade. They involve changes in ownership of British companies and corporate bonds. Brits own fewer of both because foreign multinational interests own more of both than ever before. Far from displaying a loss of confidence in the UK, the numbers suggest British business investments are attractive.

Like me, you may not like Britain selling off its assets. But in terms of statistical reporting, the data are flattering, not damning, the United Kingdom.

2. The revision of the statistics is related to the variable nature of settling such investments, not human error at the ONS. It was based on a formula first applied in 2014.

3. The data show that the process of such investment trends began before the EU in or out referendum. In accounting terms, the UK negotiating position with Brussels remains unchanged.

Such Investment and takeover sectors involve vast sums globally, and are referred to by statisticians as “erratic items”. Suggesting Britain “lost” half a trillion is, effectively, confusing profits with sales. The implication that it “happened overnight” is also a ridiculous exaggeration.

So much for the fake narrative. The questions remain, however, who dictated it, and why?

The answer to that concerns the agenda of globalist international banking, the European Commission, its rottweiller the eurogroupe, NATO, Whitehall civil servants, and at least one senior Westminster politician. Obfuscation of the Truth is so mass-produced now, apportioning responsibility is almost impossible.

But there are clues.

The furore was kicked off by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Daily Telegraph last Monday. One of his key analyst sources for the ‘disaster’ interpretation was Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

In June 2016, Reuters ran a story, based on BoA staff sources, saying that the bank had emailed all its employees in the UK to register to vote against Brexit. After the result, the Bank chose Dublin as its European hub office. (Three canvassing sources during 2016 also told me without collusion of Americans doing similar work on the streets. The accents were picked up as they went about their work. I have always believed that at least one American bank diverted part of its labour force in this manner).

On Tuesday, The Independent followed AEP’s lead, using Bank of New York Mellon as their source for equal-level doom and gloom conclusions. Michael Cole-Fontayn, head of Europe at Bank of New York Mellon, is chairman of the puppet EU Association for Financial Markets in Europe, and rabidly pro-EU. In June this year, he went further than suggesting City job losses, predicting in an FT piece that “pretty enormous” amounts of capital and liquidity would be moved. “That’s absolutely a potential outcome and what we’ve said all along is that it is important that this capital and liquidity currently based here to fund jobs and activity is not moved,” he warned. But then, he would. However, he seems to have overdone it: the Mellon family have eased him out in the last fortnight.

So who else has been briefing? Well, the Treasury for starters. One senior Fleet Street tabloid insider told me Wednesday early evening that a colleague well-versed in these matters had received “a vitriolically negative concoction” from a senior Treasury official last weekend. And a former Treasury advisor told me, “They’ve been undermining Britain’s position vis-a-vis Brussels since forever”.

That same source alleged Philip Hammond “was an appointment tailor-made for them, as a known anti-Brexit fanatic”. But then, this is not exactly news: Treasury Sir Humphreys lobbied hard for Hammond to get the job in the first place, but they were kicking at an open door given May’s determination to have Remainer hands on the purse strings during Brexit.

Hammond toes a Brexit line perilously close to that of the Brussels stooge Michel Barnier: he has even used the line “Britain faces a ticking clock over Brexit” several times in media interviews.

The day after the Telegraph story ran, Philip Hammond hosted the EU puppet OECD’s press conference for its doom and gloom post-Brexit forecasts, and blatantly anti-democratic assertion that “a reversal of Brexit would have a positive effect on the UK economy”. That’s the same OECD that has been wrong eleven times (optimistically) over the Greek economic outlook under Troika Rule. My, my….just fancy that.

But Hammond is not a bigtime Fleet Street leaker, the primary reason being that nobody in the media either likes or trusts him. From Quentin Letts at the Mail through to Polly Filla at The Independent, he is viewed with suspicion. Even the BBC’s Nick Watt has broadcast to the effect that he finds Hammond’s approach to Brexit “obtuse”.

Watt’s observation is in fact a euphemistic description of the truth. The Chancellor (amusingly, a former Guardian reader) is disdainful about the Press Pack, but highly literate when it comes to Whitehall, the EU and commerce. He knows perfectly well that the best way to stop Brexit is via the corridors of real power.

Despite George Osborne’s undiluted pack of lies in his press conference during the weekend following the 52/48 referendum verdict, there had been no preparation for Brexit in Whitehall whatsoever. Hammond capitalises on this by discouraging any such preparation….a covert policy that has infuriated both Liam Fox and David Davies from Day 1 of the Brexit process….not to say the Brussels mobsters.

He also at times “issues deliberately confusing briefings” within his Department on a scale that makes Gordon Brown’s efforts seem lucid by comparison.

When Hammond’s disloyalty to democracy was “brought to heel” by May in late August, his public hints about a duckdown-soft Brexit did indeed cease. But these were only the icing on his cake: the file inside the cake is still being used to break out of his Brexit prison. Hence his presence at the OECD presser. He is a man who will leverage to breaking point an arrogant belief in his superior judgement….a man fully aware that everyone knows he wants to reverse Brexit – and doesn’t care a fig.

In March 2016, the indomitable Labour MP Kate Hoey gaved the best summation of what Brexit is really about. “It is,” she told a BBC forum, “entirely about taking power back from the Establishment”. These days, most commentators would call it The élites, but she is right on the money, as she nearly always is.

In June 2016, I had this to say in a post-Referendum article:

‘If any Brexiteers imagine their victory is a done deal, they need to wake up and stay vigilant: between now and July 31st 2018, anything could happen…and every dirty trick will be tried….as I predicted some time ago, the immediate aftermath of a Vote Leave win will be chaotic domestic politics in Britain….not to mention the frustration in Scotland, where there was a large SNP-driven majority to Remain.

All such headline-hugging political bunfights are bound to distract from any EC, US State Department, Berlin, Brussels and Frankfurt plans to dilute and then nullify this British victory of the Citizen over the élites.

Be vigilant. It is way too early to relax.’

In 2015, I was ridiculed for quoting both Washington and Wall Street sources as saying, “Come what may, Britain will not be allowed to leave the EU”. Well, May came to Downing Street, and that’s exactly what is now happening.

I didn’t grasp fully at the time what they meant, but I understand well enough now: that the Alt State will do everything to reverse democracy, and their efforts will never cease. Ultimately, if Wall Street, Washington, the military, the bureaucrats, the Eunatics, the bourses and the security services want régime change, then so be it. Their will be done.

For the last three weeks, both branches of British military intelligence have been upweighting their “high alert” warnings, while openly pitching for more funds from Mr Hammond. Never forget that while Home Secretary, Theresa May was ultra-close to the security services. Never forget that before he was the Chancellor, as Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond used the time well to forge strong links to both NATO and Frankfurt.

At the head of this blog for some three years now has been this shot:


From here on, the only possible defence against counter-Brexit revolution is to fire Philip Hammond, purge the senior echelons of the Treasury, and start the process of having a far more independent foreign policy beyond the American orbit.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one….the oxygen would be better employed keeping Remainers out of power.

While this post is about fake interpretation, the data itself is often faked if the Alt State deems it necessary. You can read Slog’s 3-part special on that issue