Denial of consequences: why fewer and fewer leaders are asking, “What then?”

me1511172 President Trump finally got a big measure through relatively unscathed, and guess what? His tax reform bill is going to make the élite richer still, increase the US deficit, have no effect at all on the real economy, and pump up the markets in the short term….thus ensuring that, when the financial correction comes, it will be even bigger – and when poor Americans don’t step up to the consumption table (especially if the Fed raises rates again) most observers in the business media will find the outcome “surprising”.

I say “the business media”, but after at last showing some discernment during the Spring and Summer, most of them are back in what is really Business As Usual mode. I do find it terrifying to watch men and women on the TV channels, for example – forty-somethings who haven’t a clue what life was like before oil obsession, gold capping, duff statistics and bent financialisation took over from real work – gaily noting that “inflation, mass wage levels and productivity aren’t rising as we’d like”.

Just deconstruct that for a second. First, inflation isn’t being measured scientifically; second, why do we “like” inflation which will only ever pauperise lower-middle income workers and old people living on savingsm reducing consumption still further? Third, it’s bloody obvious why shorter hours, greedy employers, robotisation and monetary policies depress wages; fourth, if we collected unemployment data properly, we’d see a galloping recession in wages going back thirty years: and last but not least, the productivity of people depressed about the future and struggling with inflated household service bills isn’t going to get any better as long as mill-owner employment values reign supreme. Thanks to mechanisation, most of them won’t have any job at all in twenty years from now.

Then what?

That’s a question that very, very few public figures are prepared to address….Left or Right. The notable exceptions are Bernie Sanders and Larry Summers (believe it or not), both of whom have stated the obvious Truth: a massive pool of embittered, unemployed and narrowly educated strugglers might be just fine now – while there is still some welfare knocking about to help them to nod off watching Britain’s Got Chlamydia on ITV4+2. But when the wallets are empty and everyone from cheated pensioners to radicalised Islamic youth is creating fuss, chaos and more pressure than the police can handle…..

Then what?

The Labour Party is trying to be upbeat about its own franchise’s potential, because it’s trying to get elected. Corbyn witters on endlessly about food banks at PMQs, but the vast majority of naive young and desperate others out there are not in that game…and most of those who are tend to use them for limited periods. The Trussel Trust estimates that 560,000 UK citizens use food banks: it’s a disgraceful statistic for sure, but its under 8% of all those households designated as “living from hand to mouth while sinking deeper in debt”. Further, twenty times more food banks means, inevitably, higher numbers of people using them: it’s called distribution access.

The point I’m making here is that over 92% of the population simply cannot deal with the concept of food banks becoming their regular destination. The Islington Nazarene bangs on about them because it (quite rightly) demonises the Government: but both he and McDonnell need to work harder at getting over a message of the consequences of monetarist austerity further down the road.

Instead, the Shadow Chancellor seeks to paint a picture of the arrival by poor folks in the Promised Land without even getting their feet wet: he says there’ll be no run on the Pound, and the leadership in general say that they will reverse austerity at a stroke. You can’t have one without the other. Now of course, most people don’t realise that: but they will within eighteen months of an unlikely Labour victory. Meanwhile, whole swathes of the Labour movement will continue to obsess about sexual harassment, the differently intelligent, maximal immigration, the war on transgenders, and what lesbians want to be called this week. Very quickly, those at the sharp end of society will lose both faith and patience.

Then what?

Everyone is running away from The Consequences: Trump, the May Cabinet, Macron, Juncker, Merkel, peaceful Islamics, China, North Korea, the economically ultra Right and the radical Left.

There is a very simple reason for this: all of them are living in the past, all of them cling to old ideological certainties, and none of them have a clue what to do next.

That would indeed be business as usual, were it not for the fact that the unelected Alt State thinks about what to do all the time….and it has made enormous progress in its gradual tightening of control over all aspects of life, to ensure that it and it alone benefits from what is coming.

There is no ‘grand plan’ in a concerted, conspiratorial sense. But there are people on this Earth with common objectives and similar mental disorders. They exist primarily in the banking system, all forms of surveillance, the military, global business combines and the fossil energy/Jihadism complex. And they have the full set of whores working for them: politicians, senior bureaucrats, media moguls,  police, hitech in general, the main ISPs in particular, and the judiciary.

So there’s going to be conflict on several dimensions, a divided yet blinkered (and bought) political class….and the organs of State – allegedly gathered to combat radical Islam – being used to “deal with” chaos. We’re heading for divisive anarchy beneath ruthless repression.

The reaction among movers and shakers in the emerging Military-Corporate death camp seems to be, “bring it on”.

It’s at this point that one parts company with The Big Middle in every electorate, because they dismiss such conclusions as conspiracy theory gibberish and alarmist nutter-nonsense. I did myself until about twelve years ago: but if one is awake, overwhelming symptomatic evidence and bitter personal experience simply cannot be ignored. Wherever one looks socially, economically, geographically and politically, it has been increasingly clear since around 1960 that the Alt State has usurped almost every democratic institution via the use of willing accomplices, or innocent but useful idiots.

I contend that the willing accomplices are usually on the Right, and the idiots invariably come from the Left.

As always, there are laudable exceptions to the rule. Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle, Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, John Redwood, Bobby Kennedy, Peter Shore and Robin Cook are just a few who kept their moral compasses in working order. Since Eisenhower, however, all of them have paid for that ethical diligence by being denied access to power.

The Bring It On crowd are led by George Soros, aided and abetted by the European Commission, the US State Department, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, George W Bush and Mariano Rajoy. For they know that the best way to rule is via propagandised consensus….and if that fails, then the only alternative is to shatter the Opposition carafe into a thousand shards.

They have chosen the latter strategy, and in the end it will do for them, if only because they will start feeding and spying upon each other.

But until that moment, it’s going to be tough. On verra.