THE BREXITDEAL”: fudged by fifth columnists, undermined by ideologues, poisoned by vermin

me1511172 An agreement-free agreement, a settlement that isn’t settled, and a divided electorate that wants not quite everything to be had from almost nothing. Brexit does not mean Brexit: Brexit is now somewhere between fudge it, stop it and lost it.

The May “agreement” on borders and a whopping £35 billion “divorce” settlement has, allegedly, taken us onto the second stage of Brexit. However, so Orwellian is diplomatic language in 2017, none of the terms surrounding Britain’s departure from the EU have any validity at all.

It is not an agreement, it is an agreement to agree on the details of a sloppy compromise at a later date. And it is not a divorce settlement, it is an attempt by the UK to get out of a rubbish investment scheme early. Banks and assurance companies mis-sold a lot of worthless junk up to 2008: those of us who spotted that they were high in junkiness, low in worthfulness were then asked to pay a bounty for the privilege of leaving. It’s how spivs work, and Britain’s £35 billion ‘bill’ is simply an example of paying off spivs.

The tricky part for sane observers is trying to get a straight answer from UK Ministers or Brussels sprouts as to why we had to pay the fee. There is no early-exit fee in the Lisbon Treaty. None. There are commitments we’ve signed up to, but that’s different….although as always, our legislators and bureaucrats are trying to obfuscate the issue. We have just piddled away 35 billion quid for no apparent reason. That’s it.

But there are two other aspects of this saga that leave me gaping in wonder at the amateurish myopia of Britain’s ruling class and electorate. The first is the assumption that coughing up to get out of jail is somehow going to make the EU nicer and/or easier to deal with once we leave – if we ever do, a possibility that I still find doubtful.

The second is – even after all the sharp practice, insults, lies and leaking of the desperadoes in Belgium, Berlin and Frankfurt – a study just out shows that the younger “left of centre” segment of society would still vote to stay “if we can’t get a deal”.
Today I want to deal with these aspects. I may splutter from time to time, so do have your napkins at the ready.

The period since the Brexit debate began in earnest three years ago has been a learning curve for me. I spent my younger professional years interviewing all the demographics of UK citizenry, and I’m bound to say it knocked all the youthful idealism out of me in very short order.

The vast majority of British voters are, variously, lowbrow, ill-informed, illogical, stubborn, smartarsed, daft parrots who vote with their wallets. The younger colleagues still left in the business confirm to me that this remains unchanged.

That said, one very big thing has changed, and Brexit brought it into sharp focus: that the elements now largely missing from the electorate’s army are shrewdness, discernment and allround common sense. The very fact that one of the most popular internet posters of recent years was ‘Think critically and demand evidence’ is telling; because as soon as you even need such a poster, clearly the ability to critique and investigate has left the theatre.

So then, back to 35bill. The money is a blackmail payment. No blackmailer in history ever disappeared after one payment. But the Whiteminster class thinks the EU is an exception. Oh dear.

That’s just a general life rule. Other specifics are available to view. The various EU institutions began by telling Greece it must repay the unnrepayable. Foolishly, the Greeks went along with this, when they should have defaulted and left the eurozone. Once this became clear, Syriza was elected in an anti-debt landslide. Draghi and Stournaras then cut off the Greek money supply, and ambushed negotiator Yanis Varoufakis in Belgium. End of rebellion. Greece is now a vassal State being carpet-bagged by neoliberal greed, used primarily as a dumping ground for migrants the Germans said they wanted, and then decided they didn’t.

Deal or no deal, this is what Brussels will try to do to the UK at every sign of weakness….as it is now doing with Poland, Hungary and (off the radar) Italy. To forgive is divine, but to ignore is dumb: if a person walks towards you with a yardbrush, and last time you met he rammed it up your backside, then there’s a good chance he’ll try and do it again. What none of the MSM want to write about (but Whitehall knows the full strength of) is that all the time they’ve been turning down every UK suggestion flat, they’ve also been doing the rounds of old Commonwealth countries with generous trade deal offers.

I warned Athenians in 2011, and I warned Brits after the referendum result: you cannot negotiate with filth. Indeed, if you do so willingly, you may well be filth yourself. This is entirely possible: I’ve also warned WASPI non-stop since 2014 that there is no negotiating with filth. That same filth is now negotiating with Brussels. One of them is Prime Minister, another is the Chancellor, a third is the Foreign Secretary and a fourth is First Secretary of State. The majority of the filth are Remainers.

I suppose what I’m saying here is that perhaps – no, probably – the Brexit “deal” is being done by people who don’t give a monkeys about what British citizens want….they just want to carry on facilitating the formation of a corporate dictatorship in the UK. And they figure that staying close to the EU (an anti-democratic globalist bankers’ club from tip to toe) is the best way to do that.

The odds against Brexit proceeding free from further breakdowns are about 25-1 against. We would all do well to bear that in mind.

As for the Remainer electorate itself, I see no visible sign of any cynical hidden agenda in there. What we have here, it seems to me, is a docile herd dimly aware that there may be lions in the area, and thus pushing towards the middle in the hope of not being on the edge. There is a failure of courage, adventure, independent thought and healthy disrespect in this herd, and the new study commissioned by Left Foot Forward proves it.

Despite the EU being too corrupt to audit, too nasty to trust, too illegal to give bank data to regulators and too quick to subordinate bondholders, the fluffy-to-hard Labour-to-Momentum virtuistas see only a social democracy with a Court of Human Rights where there is a protective Constitution and thus nothing to worry about. Oh dear.

The new poll from BMG shows that if Theresa May does not secure a post-Brexit preferential trade deal, 74% of 18-24 year olds would back a new referendum. Had BMG asked if they would back a new referendum because Mogherini’s Marauders had parachuted into Westminster and kidnapped Black Rod, no doubt the result would’ve been the same – but that’s neither here nor there: 70% of Labour supporters as a whole would back a new poll. Only 40% of 55+ age groups and 31% of Tory voters would.

Now clearly, the differences above suggest that the Young Left would vote to stay, whereas the Old Right would vote to leave. I am neither Left nor Right, but my head is with the latter group on this one – purely on the grounds that it is displaying more wisdom on the yardbrush/arse learning dimension.

The wisdom of their experience was doubly confirmed yesterday when Dutch hairdresser and former Schauble bumboy Jereboam Drizzlegloom fessed up in the European Parliament and said yes, OK, I admit it, we starved the Greeks to rescue “foreign investors”….many of whom were vulture funds: they bought Greek junk bonds for ten cents on the dollar, and then returned to the Land of the Free having made a nice turn at the expense of innocent Greek pensioners, sick people and the country’s tourism infrastructure.

But a little under a month ago, Drivelblown said the bailout had been used to save the Greek banks. Using the usual interchangeable creditors/taxpayers two-card trick, he added “I support the rules for bail-ins, so that investors aren’t rescued with tax-payers’ money”.

So I lied at first, then I lied some more – and now I’m pretending there’s a difference between creditors and taxpayers. And I do this of course because President Drunker says we have to lie because the great project is more important than anything else, including liberty and democracy.

I keep on repeating evidence that the federalist-dominated European Union is a fascist Superstate in the last stages of development. I could keep on doing it until the cows skate over frozen hell on the way back home to where the chickens roost, but it wouldn’t make any difference to the folks formerly known as Cool Britannia who have since morphed into Barmy Britannia as a way to get rid of Cruel Britannia.

As the old saying goes, “Never try to teach a pig to sing… don’t get a song, and it just annoys the pig”.

I am left with this logical and yet utterly ridiculous conclusion: I don’t want another referendum, because I just know in my water that Barmy Britannia will triumph. But we should have another referendum if the deal ever gets done, because it won’t be the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ people like me voted for.

Sort that one out if you can. It’s yet another fine example of contemporary “democratic” choice.