MEDIA ANALYSIS: the obscenely shared rhetoric of The Guardian and Bloomberg News.

me1511172Does the Guardian deserve to fail? Are its facts sacred? Is it a EUNATO slave? Is LGBT+ a social issue hyped out of all proportion? Is Bloomberg full of hypocritical excrement? Do both these apparently opposed media peddle terrifyingly similar bollocks? Um, yes.

Let me start today by sharing this gem from the Guardian:

‘We’d like you to share your thoughts and experiences of the LGBT community in Russia. What is it like being LGBT in the country? Has the situation changed? Are more people leaving the country and seeking refugee status elsewhere due to persecution? You can fill in our encrypted form below and we’ll use a selection of responses in our reporting.’

I realise we’ve been here before. But this time, I feel the need to be blunt. LGBT+ (using that term removes the need to use the entire latin alphabet) is a minority news issue that a small number of people are genuinely concerned about.

In Britain, the vast majority in the generations coming through have an enlightened and tolerant attitude to people who self-define themselves LGBT+. On the whole, their existence is neither illegal nor condemned. They do not suffer loss of benefits as a result of their condition, and nobody is about to embezzle their pensions on the basis of their sexuality. The subject has been done to death for over five years at least, and now the time has come for them all to shut up and the media to stop being obsessed with their “plight”. It is nothing more or less than divisive, narcissistic exhibitionism.

Other issues affect far more people, and disgraceful treatment of the victims is a far bigger scandal: my immediate thoughts turn to Waspi women, the disabled, mental healthcare decay, banking criminality, and the use of sexual smears to silence political and business opponents.

On that last sour note, Max Clifford died in prison yesterday. Rolf Harris very nearly did. Paul Gambaccini, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson and many others were falsely accused. Behind that campaign was a seditious collusion between Newscorp and the Met Police. None of the conspirators involved went to prison, and most of them are still in (or have been allowed to return to) their jobs.

Even if anyone in the Russian LGBT+ community does respond to the Guardian’s offer of oxygen, I would imagine that roughly 0.25% of UK adults would genuinely be interested in reading about it. But while Big-becoming-small Guardian obsesses about such things, day in day out the EUNATO axis churns out fake news about the Russian economy, Russian foreign policy aims and its leader Vladimir Putin…and the Grauniad’s useful idiots lap it up.

The Guardian uses its website to depict itself as a victim of yob culture in need of charity. That is unadulterated cobblers. As long The Guardian restricts itself to trendy metropolitan populism and tiny-minority causes – while neglecting serious investigative journalism – it will suffer the same fate as Ed Miliband: obscurity followed by failure.
Will I be happy about that? I will not: as a Mancunian born and bred, I will be worried sick to see the death of a once great newspaper (and yet another potential medium of resistance to corporate dictatorship) going to the wall.

Consider: the Independent is a juvenile mess printing sloppy accusations that rarely stand up, and the Mirror is full of line-toers or ageing ideologues like Kevin ‘Ahm well ‘ard me, like’ McGuire. Their creative sterility and growing irrelevance have thrust far too much responsibility onto genuinely radical free thinkers like David Malone, Microsiervos and Michelle Malkin.

When the time comes for the forces of corporate reaction to clamp down on those small voices (thanks to the failure of Labour and the LibDems as opposition forces to be reckoned with) the task of the globalist’s bankrolled politicians will be made that much easier by the eclectic bankruptcy of Guardianistas everywhere.

What would the LibLeft FOS “fake news” brigade make of today’s Bloomberg spin about Poland, we ask ourselves? Some excerpts will suffice to make the point:

‘Poland’s de facto leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, hand-picked his second prime minister in two years, opting last week for western-educated Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as he seeks to boost the economy after revamping the judicial system. He is another Kaczynski acolyte who has backed the increasingly authoritarian Law & Justice party’s push to seize more control of the courts, a plan condemned by the European Parliament and European Commission…..’

Merkel hand-picked the entirely unelected Jean-Claude Drunker. The EC has made central banker Mario Draghi answerable to nobody. But Bloombust omits to mention this awkward fact.

‘Concerns about the shift in Poland triggered calls to limit access to EU funds for countries disrespecting the democratic rule of law. At a ministerial meeting on Nov. 15 in Brussels, the issue was raised during a discussion about the 2021-2028 budget by countries including Germany, France and the Nordic states, according to two EU officials with knowledge of the matter….’

Disrespecting the democratic rule of law? In the EU? Oh do fuck off perleeeeze.

‘Poland’s refusal to take in mainly Muslim refugees was referred last week to the European Court of Justice along with Hungary and the Czech Republic….Bruno Dethomas, a senior policy adviser at GPLUS consultancy in Brussels and a former EU ambassador to Poland, said “It is high time the EU reacted, or it risks losing its soul.”’

Soul? Ahahahahahahahahahaha….excuse me, I have to urinate in a great hurry. Perhaps Boombollocks meant soul food? Soul music? Sole ethical person left standing?

‘Poles are accustomed to their government stirring up nationalist fervor with blistering attacks on the EU while welcoming the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump. It’s railed against taking in Muslim refugees, claimed the country has been enslaved and snapped at criticism of its power grab this year…’

Poles on the whole – like the Hungarians – approve of their government: they measure its moral weight in common sense. Poles generally think Brexit middle man Donald Tusk a traitorous idiot. As both Kaczynski and Orban achieve the majority of their citizen’s support, we of the old fashioned school call this democracy. This is, unfortunately, a concept neither Bloomberg nor the EC any longer grasps.

Fake news? We need a more positive term to describe this foul hypocrisy. Something along the lines of Genuine Propaganda, perhaps. Or Curried Shit. Or Nazi Scrotalics: that’s as in italics, but with new improved bollocks.