THE US ALT STATE: CIA triumphant as Pompeo becomes Secretary of State

me1511172 There is an élite civil war ripping the USA apart at the moment, and we saw the next round of hostilities today in a manner which makes quite a few of those Blue Sky pieces in the Alt State jigsaw finally begin to add up to some kind of fit.

US Secretary of State Rex Tilllerson was today fired without formalities by President Trump, and replaced by Mike Pompeo. Joining the dots on this one is easier than most news stories in 2018 – albeit still something of an enigma.

Pompeo is a US military CIA lifer who ran agents in West Germany in the leadup to the Berlin Wall’s unexpected demise, and cooked up every kind of crap during the first Gulf War.

Since 1998, he has been using the business resources of the CIA – in exactly the same mode as George Bush Sr – to found and run security and energy businesses. In all of this he also partnered with Koch Industries….an outfit so joined at the hip with the Central Intelligence agency, one might as well call it the KIA. The Koch brothers behind the name have a history of supporting Texan nut CIA affiliated Congressmen. They specialise in the hidden pumping of vast sums into those allied candidates who prefer to run for office without the taint of shadowy, big-money donors….and in a media context where reporters are bought, distracted or just too bone idle to “follow the money” in the tradition of the old days, that’s not too hard for the munneeee men to manage.

From 2010 onwards, Mike Pompeo was the star candidate in this continuing Alt State takeover of the carefully-dressed Democratic Elections shop  window: in the 2010 Kansas Republican primary for the 4th District Congressional seat, Koch money poured in to stop the late surge of Pompeo’s main opponent Jean Schodorf. In the subsequent General Election, Pompeo used Twitter to insult his opponent and refer to Barack Obama as ‘an evil Muslim communist’. He won, naturally.

When he got the job as CIA director in 2016, Washington wags referred to him as “the Congressman from Koch”. Now he’s the Secretary of State.

It has been a long, slow but recently better-paved road to power for the men from the CIA who slaughtered John F Kennedy in public on November 22nd 1963.

We can now view the 2016 Presidential Election for what it really was: a contest between the corrupt FBI-backed backed campaign in favour of Hillary Clinton, and the equally corrupt CIA-backed campaign in favour of Donald Trump.

Trump won….despite being the “anti-Establishment” candidate. What I suspect we will never know for certain is whether Donald Trump was the CIA candidate from Day One, whether he ran as a crypto-Independent later adopted by the CIA, or whether he arrived in the Oval Office a wide-eyed innocent…and was then promptly informed by the CIA-Pentagon MIC tendency as to his doodie as an American patriot.

But what we do know is this: the Trump administration’s heavy military makeup in national security and foreign affairs left Rex Tillerson as the sole civilian. He too has been disappeared. The CIA is now in the ascendancy, and the future of the FBI remains uncertain.

The CIA is an arm of the military. The FBI is essentially a civilian organisation. Time will tell as to which is the most likely to give good advice to the White House: and the outcome isn’t as black and white as you’d think.