The Twattering Classes

metoday All human strife is there…Narrow Labour, Good Lies at The Guardian, Poor Wimmin at The Telegraph, Nina Schick’s paper diet, and Oxford Crew in sensational mass rape horror. 

Ignorance may be blissful for the ignorant, but it’s hugely disturbing for the rest of us. Christina on Twitter, for example, doesn’t want Labour to be a broad church because she thinks that makes it ‘too weak on equality’. She just wants Corbyn and Momentum, but it doesn’t occur to her that they don’t give equality to the opinions of others. And to present her muddle in technicolor, she adds a picture of Corbyn Yoof giving the Comintern salute:


For the poor dears therein who haven’t a clue what the Comintern was, it was the USSR’s global infiltration arm. Its aim differed from that of the Nazi Wehrmacht only in that, while the Nazis wanted to enslave people for evil reasons, the Stalinists wanted to do it for the People’s own good.

The Guardian, meanwhile, has Zoe Williams in good form explaining that Leave lies “were a scandal”. I’ve no idea if Zoe’s read any Bertholdt Brecht, but I’d be willing to bet that, before too long, she’ll be calling Remainer fibs “good lies”, and their sins of omission “for the good of the Cause”. Four-legged EUnatics good, two-legged racist Little Englanders bad.

The Guardian will depart from Parody any time now. Then it’s all change at Perfidy, at which station the really determined fellow-travellers can take a single ticket to Cognito.

Confirmed (and bought) pro-EU Hard Remainer Nina Schick tweets to ask who cares about fishing when UK financial services contribute 260 times more than landing sea creatures from our own waters does. As many of you will already know, Nina herself lives on a diet of derivatives, loans, bonds and gilts. She seems not to associate her chronic constipation issues with that regime. This is odd, as I tend to think of Fraulein Schick as a slot machine: pour muunnneeeeee in at one end, get shit out the other.

Somebody should introduce her to the joys of cod, mackerel, salmon and fruits de mer.

President Trump tweets to say, “The economy is looking really good. It has been many years that we have seen these kind of numbers”. Good on the numbers Don, less au fait with the alphabet and tenses. It has been many years that we have seen an illiterate POTUS. Eight, to be precise.

Enfield for Europe, on the other hand, wants Labour to “oppose Brexit properly”. He wants Labour “to develop a backbone”. If I was him, I wouldn’t start from here: when your Party is split three ways on Brexit, what Socialism is, & obedience to the electorate, one lacks the raw material for developing a spine.

Perhaps the Labour Party should endorse the idea of auto-euthenasia.

But cheer up…..Islamic rapists are no longer Asians, according to the BBC:


Rather, they’re entirely sound Oxford men. Reading Divinity, Social Studies, Gender politics and Multiculturalism, they’re training hard in the hope of giving Cambridge a damned good thrashing in next year’s Boat Race.

And finally, this week’s Equal Pay appeal:


Go for it, girl. It worked for the suffragettes. What we need right now is a futile gesture.