WAKE UP: Skripal was just the overture. The “Syrian gas attack” is the 1st movement. Iraeli intervention at Homs is the mollto agitato 2nd movement. SAY NO

metoday Whoever wrote the score for the current cacophony of evidence-free photography, coverup, and misinformation re Russia, and then further accusation against Bashar Assad of ‘gas attacks’, doesn’t have much imagination. It’s a rehash of the Syria 2013 and Iraq 2003 Cameron and Blair light operettas we were hoodwinked by earlier. The 1812 Symphony was written after the event. These days, the clichéd music is written beforehand. By the time the Israelis have finished bombing Homs, whether any of us will be around to listen to the 3rd Movement is anybody’s guess.


The Skripal caper having been put to bed last weekend, those on the side of John McCain, Boris Johnson, General McMasters, Theresa May, MI5 and the CIA haven’t wasted any time in giving away what the whole point of The Big Con always was. The ‘gas attack’ charge against Assad is nothing more than a crude attempt to join the dots between Poisoner Putin and Bashar the Gasser.

All black ops have happy side effects – distraction from chaotic government, an EU standing army overseen by NATO ‘to protect us against the Russian bear’, anti-Brexit collective security paranoia and so on. But the “events” of the last two days now put an end to speculation about the top motive for the Skripal Humbug: preparing the way for yet another ill-fated and disastrous intervention in the battle to control Middle Eastern oil supplies. Last night, Israel led the charge with an air-strike on Homs.

One can only hope that, this time, the European, British and American people are awake. I add ‘European’ there because it now looks like Emmanuel Macron – himself facing a wave of transport strikes this summer – has been recruited for the mission….whatever it’s going to be. Given he’s a Rothschild creature, this is unsurprising.

So the task facing We the Doubters is once again to interrogate and deconstruct based on hard facts rather than aerial photos of farmyards and wild charges of WOMD existence.

The latest (and first) thing to examine is the alleged “gas attack”.

The background to this issue is simple: Assad has been winning his fight against the by John McCain-backed Islamists hands-down, and he has been doing so for some time. The Syrian Arab Army made enormous gains across the board, and by the close of February the Syrian government’s triumph looked certain.

In mid March, Assad’s forces reported the discovery of chemical weapons in nearly-liberated Ghouta. The next day, Russian intelligence “gained knowledge” of an intended US strike against Damascus “based on some form of pretext”. Six days after that, both the Russian and Syrian governments made clear that they “feared a “false flag” chemical attack by the rebels in order to drag US/EUNATO into the Syrian conflict.

Fascinatingly, on March 30th, President Trump told an Ohio crowd – presumably without asking His McMasters’ Voice – that the US was going to withdraw from Syria very soon. His reward for this was a loud chorus of boos from the US media.

Overnight and then during the morning of 8th April – two days ago – a chemical attack “by the Assad Government” is reported by the NATO-controlled White Helmets. Washington immediately blames Assad, and the next day Theresa May calls for Russia “to be held acountable” for the crime.

Let’s continue now with some of the motives in play:

  1. Assad is winning. The last thing he or Russia want is a pretext for a McCaiNATO intervention on the side of those who want radical Islam to run Syria. The last thing he needs to do, on the verge of victory, is launch a chemical attack on Douma. You can accuse Basher Assad of many things, but not idiocy: he has survived as a tiny minority Alawhite Muslim leader for several decades. The act of which he is accused lacks any realistic gain for him, and promises only pain.
  2. The Russian and Syrian governments prime everyone for a false flag attack to provide the pretext for a UKEUNATO intervention. They even directly warn the Americans not to try for it. We being asked to believe that – having set up that context – they then launch their own chemical attack (one that has no strategic value whatsoever) and hope to get away with it within 24 hours of the UN chemweapons nations having unanimously condemned such actions.
  3. Yet again, The Evil Trump goes off-message and announces US withdrawal. Within a week, a chemical weapons attack takes place there….which, if history is anything to go by, will make Donald change his pussy-obssessed rapist racist mind because let’s face it he’s an arsehole and not really our President. Who do we think wanted to change his mind – Assad and Putin, or the Military Industrial Complex?
  4. John McCain visited the area where the attack took place just days before it happened. He is known to be – and multiply photographed as – a confidant of several high-profile ISIS rebels. McCain represents, and is entirely bankrolled by, arms suppliers to the Pentagon, the Saudis, and the EU. What was he doing there?
  5. The attack is reported by the White Helmets. I’m sorry, but they’re a varietally tainted source. Reaching that conclusion requires little more than googling their name and reading accounts from across the spectrum….most of which suggest that WH employees are frequently agents of Western military intelligence.

Next, let’s try and piece together what is – or more accurately, isn’t – known about the actual “attack” itself.

The short answer is, nothing. Every single media source is using ultra-careful doubletalk syntax involving much use of the words “suspected”, “unverified”, “alleged” and “claimed”.

Propaganda shots of dying babies are everywhere, with no proof whatsoever to show these kids were within a thousand miles of Douma. This is standard Islamist/military intelligence procedure.

Yet with absolutely nothing in the way of verification – a word that, in former times, meant something substantive – already the inflammatory nihilism of the usual suspects has made itself felt in both the MSM and social media.

France has also led international condemnation, with Macron and Trump vowing to “co-ordinate a strong, joint response” following a telephone call on Sunday.

These Trumptweets appeared within hours:


But even the BBC admits, “The US and France have not revealed any evidence“.


That’s it. No known motives for Russo-Syrian actions, plenty of motives for MIC IABATO*, no hard facts at all about the gas attack on Douma…which Trump himself describes as “mindless”….and no evidence re culpability.

This following a case of Russian poisoning equally lacking in any verification or even credible evidence of the use of nerve agents….but riddled with discrepancies between the UK Government ‘line’ and the views expressed by expert medical, police and weapons experts.

And on the “basis” of this, we are going to be asked to give our imprimatur for an escalation in the Syrian conflict…a confrontation that could swiftly lead to direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

Departing from my usual polite approach to the need for people to think about what’s really going on, I must ask this of those who are gung-ho for yet another gigantic waste of public money from the West in support of oil interests:

Are you all fucking mental with the memory capabilities of a sub-normal stickleback, or just too fucking smug or blind to grasp that those who think you are terminally fucking stupid are running this deadly soap opera?

*IABATO  – It’s all bollocks and that’s Official