ANALYSIS: How our leaders treat democracy as if it was a disposable nappy

methoughtful Across the Western world – but especially in the UK – soi-disant leaders of the democracies treat the electorate as if it was something they can piss on regularly….and then throw away until the next bout of excitable incontinence requires their use again. Real democracy is in danger now as never before since the mid 1930s. Ignoring the populous about issues like military action and sovereignty means that, one day very soon, the Establishments will simply switch us off.


Over three quarters of the electorate do not support the new press freedom laws – which are intended to restrict it, not guarantee it. Four out of five Brits did not support the missile strikes against Damascus. Two thirds of voters do not support remaining in the European Union. Nobody voted either Gordon Brown or Theresa May into 10 Downing Street. In a poll conducted last August, 98.2% of the public disapproved of  the Government doing nothing about the plight of female State pensioners. Eighteen months ago, in a Commons vote, the motion to ask the Government to reconsider its SPA reform blunders and subterfuge won by 186 votes to none. The Government has ignored it and ploughed on heartlessly.

Ignoring The People on issues of that size could be called all kinds of things; but I’m damned if I know why anyone would call it democracy.

The Left in Britain remains desperate to keep the debate about the current Government’s crypto-fascist behaviour at a political level, but it simply won’t wash: the outlook of those holding the key positions in the Labour Party before and since Corbyn is exactly the same: “we must use The People as our rationale, then declare a mandate – and then feel free to ignore them whenever possible”.

When “New Labour” was in power, there was no greater courtier of The People than Alastair Campbell, with his lachrymose “Princess of Hearts” drivel. Look at him now: leading the charge  to overturn the decision of ordinary voters to get the Hell out of the European Union….whose own history is one of ignoring referendums, forbidding Greek elections and attacking democratic decisions via banking criminality.

Or his mate and mouthpiece Tony Blair, with his 2,175 ‘legal instruments’ invented as a means of pushing through life-changing laws without any vote in Parliament at all. The man who, when forced to, consulted Parliament about the Iraq War – and told it a stream of lies during the debate to pull it off.

When Jeremy Corbyn won a fully democratic election to become Labour leader, did the Blairites accept it and move on? No: they schemed and plotted against him. It took a second election to finally shut them up.

And as for Jermysus of Nazareth himself….he plays the democracy card whenever possible, but has a Shadow Chancellor whose ideology ridicules it. He’s all for democracy, until real proportional representation is suggested….at which point, he’s all for an 18th century First Past the Post sham as the only way to stop new Parties of the Future.

He turns a blind eye as the hounding and deselection of local Labour candidates goes ahead via show trials….the classic Stalinist technique for controlling democracy by strangling liberty.

Both his Executive clique – and that of his predecessor Miliband – appease and glorify minorities….from exhibitionist gender freaks or Islamic ballot stuffers and genital mutilators through to SWP Trots who turn without a second’s thought to violence. Where is their mandate for that?


“In the Name of the People”. A high-sounding appeal, but it is staggering to think how  the Will of the People has been  maligned and twisted in recent years to justify putting all decent law-abiding citizens back in their unconscious box.

If our leaders do not listen, then there is no genuine feedback – research, if you will – to keep leaders and followers in touch….and in check.

It is a small step then from not listening, to switching off the means by which they are forced to listen. 

This is what the proposed new Press Laws will do….that is, mop up all the real opinion not moulded by the cynical tabloidisation of capital control over the media.

Passing laws without democratic consent means the end of what democracy breathes in order to live: liberty and the Rule of Law.

They are all at it – all the Establishments from the politicians and the Whitehall grandees to the old media and the new social media Nazis: censoring, distracting, hyping, gathering, watching and faking until there is only divisive confusion.

And at that point, only the totalitarian dictatorship lies ahead. It is going to make Honneker’s East Germany look like a vicar’s garden party.

It’s time to decide: are you a nappy full of shit, or are you an adult who will band together with others to potty-train the babies?