ASTONISHING COINCIDENCES: Iranians thank Trump, & Remainer Philip Hammond fires exocet at Brexit trade department.

Me4518ECU For the umpteenth time, I really do wish avid conspiracists would stop calling extra-legislative forces “The Deep State”. It is about as deep as a puddle in Dohar. It is brazen everywhere: in business, the judiciary, the police, banking plus – as today’s two examples clearly illustrate –  most media and the bureaucracy….and in most Western countries.


I’m grateful to various people on Twitter for pointing out to me the rapidly trending hashtag there called #IranProtests. It’s a large collection of tweets showing women, hungry citizens and (of course) starving children variously rioting, carrying protest banners, begging for food and being stoned to death. The comments consist largely of women desperate to bear Donald Trump’s children. Knowing the President, they should be careful what they wish for: the sight of him grabbing Pussy in Tehran really would be a bridge too far for the Ayotollahs.

Amazingly, this started up within hours of Potus Trumpotweetiam signing the US out of the Iranian nuclear deal….without consulting Congress or, well, anyone actually….beyond Boris Johnson – and even he only got as far as Micimus Pompeo.

There are all kinds of oddities surrounding these “events”. Earlier in the day EST, CNN carried bulletins strongly suggesting that The Donald was going to stay his hand and think further before lighting the fuse to Big Trouble. Around 5pm, they suddenly disappeared – to be replaced by Bloomberg – a stalwart of the Alt State – confidently predicting that the Prezz was going to sign out with one flourish of his Mont Blanc fountain pen. Which indeed he did.

Smoke signals again, perhaps, that there’s still a lot of push n pull going on in the White House….and no smoke without fire. Meanwhile, over on Twitter the “IranProtests” lovefest between the Iranian People and Trumpus Maximus continues. Notable in the column are lots of US flags, and statistics about the thousands of Iranians in jail for being seditious on Twitter….but all today’s comments somehow got under the radar.

Even more spookily, the phrases “rising up against oppressors” and “régime change” occur again and again.

Before Colonels in Aldershot start pumping steam out of their ears, let me make something clear: fundamentalist Islam is a barbaric, misogynist, mutilatory, violent, coercively illiberal and anti-democratic religion. Like most Westerners, I’d be glad too see it decline and one day disappear. And like many others, I do think the original Obama/Kerry deal was a political sham.

The problem with “IranProtests” as a phenomoenon is that there is no hashtag called #SaudisProtest. Saudi Arabia is every bit as nasty (and rather more belligerent) than Iran, but that’s OK because they’re on our side. It’s hard at first to see how they got onside of us given they sponsor as much terror as the Ayotollahs, but only a second look is required to spot that their oil is quite infidel-friendly, and the Saudi Nazis do buy an awful lot of killing equipment from the UK and the US. Also, the Saudis are useful in that, Islam being the religion of peace, they hate the Iranians because they are Shias and not Sunnis like them.

As I have observed many times, the Alt State’s preponderance of Texan oil-men and military nutjobs in the membership ensures that little or no imagination is applied to the pretext for bullying: the format rarely differs, involving a process of inventing motives and inflammatory incidents. The Israelis were weighing in last week with Iran “threatening their borders” in some impenetrable way….and now, bang on time, we are reminded what a bunch of truly awful people inhabit the Iranian State construct. Which, conveniently, is true….but there is no way this is US outrage at atrocities – any more than chemical weapon outrage was the motive for bombing Damascus.

The thing that’s going to be tricky for the Potus is squaring any military intervention in Iran with his oft-stated claims that he thinks invading foreign territories to be “unAmerican”, and he wants  out of Middle East military presence “very very soon”.

In turn, there are two vital Geopolitical factors more acute over Iran than with Syria. The Chinese consume shedloads of Iranian oil, and see the régime as an ally. With Russia closer to China than ever – and Beijing surely now sniffing which way the wind is blowing in NATO – any aggression against Iran will be viewed more with alarm than inscrutability. Secondly, this time the EU has roundly condemned Trump’s decision.

Oil and the Petrodollar. Er, that’s it.

But talking of the EU (and Britain’s alleged desire to leave it) I left this acrimonious text-shot on Twitter yesterday, describing the Remoans as follows:


Needless to say, it got widely retweeted and evoked a storm of spitting abuse from the Love Not Hate Sorosites. There is, claimed the detractors, no evidence at all of anyone undermining Brexit, it’s just you Leaver scumbigotfascists making a dog’s dinner of the negotiations.

It has taken just twelve hours to explode that wishful fantasy. Arch Remainer Philip Hammond-Organ has ordered around 300 job cuts in Liam Fox’s Brexit Department. Notably, the cuts are largely restricted to those staff working on trade deals outside the EU.

The RemainLeft would love to argue that “this is all Daily Mail bollocks”, the problem with this theory being that the Financial Times also has the story….and the Pink ‘Un is rabidly pro-EU.

The word is that Phil Hamshank and his Treasury Macquis think Fox’s bristling anger at this obvious new Brexit escape tunnel is rather amusing. There are also some predictions that Cabinet fisticuffs are likely when these civil warriors next meet.

Ahbutahbutyesbutnobut splutter the Remoanoids, hahahaha that just goes to show how you’re all fighting amongst yourselves and messing it up. Um, Hammond wants what you want, very silly people…you know, what Blair, Mandelson and Campbell (all those Unpeople you loathe these days) want.

And does Labour have a clear Brexit policy? Well they did, says Diane Abacus, but a big boy stole it and ran away and he was white too so there.

Still – nihil desperandum Eunatics….last night the House of Lords got through an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill  – obliging the UK to stay in the European Economic Area after it leaves the EU in 2019. The vote 245 votes to 218.

Cue chorus of “We are the 218”.

This is the same Upper House that will be swept away once the Socialist paradise dawns. But for the time being – disgustingly unelected or not – it’s ever so convenient. Because now the elected MPs will get their turn to stick two fingers up at the British People. You know, lads….all those ordinary folks for whom you claim to stand in the fight against Towree fascism what Owen Jones is going to smash with his butterfly net.

So there we are. The nutters have lit another Middle Eastern fuse, and tied another rope to the SS Titanic. Let joy be uncontained:


This is Baroness Ashton approaching tumescence about it