THE SATURDAY ESSAY: why belief in one New World Order conspiracy is an obstacle to real reform

me1511172  The latest developments in world events have a disturbing ability to confuse, distract, complicate and demotivate the decent majority in every culture. Sadly, all-encompassing conspiracy theories encourage those responses, while at the same time giving élites an air of invincibility. As always, an analysis based on empirical reality delivers a better solution….and a much-needed optimism about the long-term victory of citizen power.


I doubt if any UK mainstream media carried this story, but over here in France some press titles and TV channels have been running analyses about a rare case of élite honesty. Emmanuel Macron admitted – in fact, boasted – earlier this week that French commandos are on the ground in Syria and have been since 2015. 

This gives a new twist to his involvement in Syria, but it’s not what you might immediately think – ie, that he’s just doing what the Pentagon tells him. This was immediately apparent when Trump hinted he was going to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, and Boris Johnson, Merkel and Macron immediately had an attack of the vapours. Later – when the US President confirmed his decision – all three condemned the action.

Overarching conspiracists were puzzled by this, but I don’t know why. It now transpires (according to the Le Monde view of things) that France is in Syria fighting extreme Islamists and offering technical support to the Syrian Arab Army – not wandering in through the back door and arming Jihadists à la Senator McCain. This means that, at times, French commandos are probably helping Iranians in their bases there….and will take a dim view  of Netanyahu looking for ever more pretexts for a full-scale Iran-Israel conflict.

It also suggests, however, that France has other strategic goals beyond oil in Syria…which we’ll come back to later.

Much of the apparent confusion arises from the insistence of some conspiracy theorists on asserting that there is an all-powerful “parent” élite running everything  towards what they call a New World Order. I have always maintained that this is tosh: it’s what George Soros wants, but then Soros is certifiably mad.

Some élites are joined at the hip (for the time being) and some are obviously cooperating actively. Examples of the former would be the Texas oil – CIA – Pentagon – State Department – NATO axis. One example of the latter would be the May – Johnson – MI5 – CIA – EU plot to first implicate Russia in a “poison attack” in the UK, and then blur the line between Putin and Assad by staging “a chemical weapons attack” in Douma.

But cooperation only persists if all members of the alliance have a similar goal. 

It breaks down pretty quickly when the different motivations behind the goal start to clash. May needed a distraction from her Brexit nightmare, Johnson is always up for an ego-fuelled personal power play….and likes our lucrative arms contract with the Saudis, the EU wanted a collective security scare-issue to push the UK back against Brexit, and the CIA of course wants the Syrian oil pipeline route (and destinations) to be under US, not Russian, control. The Saudis backed the plan because they don’t want Europe flooded with Russian oil, and they hate the Iranians because Shia Islam is wicked, unlike them haha. Merkel stayed well clear of the caper because she doesn’t want Germany’s especial dependence on Russian oil to be threatened. And so on…..and on and on and on and on.

But while Boris the Spider has more global élite connections than most, he’s joined in the condemnation of Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian deal…as has Theresa May. There will be some strategic reason why that has happened, and it will appear if we wait a little longer – it may be something to do with banking, or Saudi sensitivities about Israel. Notably however, Michael Fallon the former UK Defence Secretary does back Trump, because he has very large defence industry and US stock market connections.

Almost exactly a year ago I posted this opinion:

‘I still firmly believe there is no NWO plan being worked out by several bald blokes stroking white cats in a silo somewhere. What we have here is upwards of a dozen élites with similar needs (power, war and wealth) and thus similar interests. Indeed, the very absence of A Master Plan is why further robbery will explode in their faces….’

It is in the nature of sociopaths and psychos that they do not work well in teams. So while their collective ruthlessness helps them get to the top (once the Rule of Law has been abandoned) they are not a permanent collective. There are Zionist elders and Bildenberg and banking families, but there is no rigidly disciplined “global mafia”. The élites can and do fall out all the time.

Of course there is a broad acceptance among globalist and central banks that they’d like to keep their gravy train going. Of course they are close to the major bourses who want the same thing. And naturally, the political class takes their donations because that’s where the Big Money lies. And thus in the end, all of them are opposed to Brexit. However,

  1. Things are anything but “global” when the question of the Yuan versus the Dollar raises its head.
  2. Most bourgeois UK socialists are opposed to Brexit based on muddled ideas of the ‘value’ of the EU to Britain, and rank ignorance about the undemocratically intolerant and heavily pro-banking EC’s real intentions. Once the ECB starts pushing a UK socialist government around (with Wall Street joining in) however, the light of reason will penetrate even their Big State desire for Euro-federalism.

Like most of the human race, élites both cooperate and compete

Those who think the situation for the citizen – in beating the élites in the end – is already hopeless need to grasp the one major advantage we have over them:

Whereas most decent citizens would happily cooperate and compete without falling out, the megalomania of the Big Chiefs is such that they will always fall out

In that context, returning as promised to the question of why French interests in Syria are ‘different’ to those of the US is instructive. In the UK, our Muslim population is dominated by the Pakistani element, and Saudi arms sales are a big foreign policy consideration. Comparatively speaking, the US Islamic minority is tiny. And in France, the Islamist jihadism centres around Arabs in the former francophone North African colonies.

Macron is being advised by the ENARCs (the crème de la crème of the French civil service) that the way to fully engage with his peacefully Islamic French citizens is to show proof of a determination to help Arabs root out the nutters in their midst. Hence the commandos in Syria, and his unwillingness to sanction joint US/Israeli action in Iran.

Of course, the harder contemporary Left insists that there is just one enemy, and it is the same one we’ve always had: capitalism. The history of the last century simply does not support that view, but it is in the nature of ideological fanatics to dismiss any idea that might involve cooperation with other Parties….and as most Parties these days accept or embrace social capitalism, everything is capitalism’s fault and the only answer is full-on “pure” socialism. (Or put another way, communism)

The real picture is very different.

Everyone will have a different and potentially viable list of who or what the really powerful ‘élites’ are. Mine would be as follows:

US unipolar globalist power hegemony

Developing world and European multipolar globalist dominance

Beijing remote economic imperialism

The bureacratic class

The political class

The multinational business class

The global banking combines

The politicised global media

The largely online purist media sites

The State security, hitech and surveillance classes

Internet service providers and the ‘social media’

Civil police forces

Senior military leaders and organisations

Sorosite anarchists

Athough none of these are mutually exclusive in terms of membership, all of them at one time or another are at odds with other élites, and frequently squabbling among themselves.

What they usually do, however, is float covert strategies they know will appeal to other groups….without revealing their own interests too fully. So in that sense, yes, there is plotting and conspiracy going on all the time.

But there will never be global unanimity. Far more likely is that there could be a disastrous nuclear conflict. Everyone who wants to stop that happening, and neutralise the major élites, should start to think now about peaceful ways to act as catalysts for setting élites at each other’s throats.

This is not as wacky as you might think. It is risky – there’s no doubt about that: those who plot the downfall of unelected Alt States will be victimised and otherwise dissuaded; at the same time it would be vital, say, not to set Beijing and Washington on a collision course. For these reasons alone (especially the former) I am not about to advertise the Dummy’s Guide to Elite Undermining.

Instead, I will simply outline one obvious way in which every one of us who wants genuine democracy and citizen sovereignty to make a comeback could make a contribution. And it would be a contribution, not an Antifa-style creed of anarchic violence.

Politics is not where the real power exists any more, but that’s not the point: to gain access to power as things stand now, those who bankroll the political class need the cooperation of politicians.

To become a Western hemisphere politician requires votes.

There is an obvious conflict right there between the votes of responsible citizens, and the money of those lobbyist-employing merchants of greed who care not a fig for the social weal.

The Hard Left favours the boycotting of those who donate to Right Wing Parties. Over time, I have come to see this as antithetical to liberal democracy on occasions. More importantly in some ways, it ignores the day-to-day needs of consumers, and thus will be largely ineffective in most cases. Eric Cantona is to be applauded for his appeal for a week of concerted anti-bank/big distributor actions: he just chose the wrong target.

But suppose a well-organised group of apolitical and ideologically neutral constituents were to note the commercial connections of their legislator, and then email him on a regular basis (including the local Party organisation) with a quantified pledge to vote Anyone But You at the next election….if he continues to favour his paymaster over his electors?

Look again down the list of élites I presented earlier: it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to work out how many similar conflicts exist. The only things required to make this happen on a grand scale are organisation and persistence.

The organisation thing does not, I think, require the formation of a “Party” as long as FPTP exists as an electoral system. It requires only the marshalling of community voters in a way that makes expressing their voting intention effortless.

Presenting one united global NWO conspiracy is easy and dramatic, but it has within it three huge obstacles to practical resistance:

  • It sounds unassailable, and thus demotivates potential ‘decent citizen’ resistance
  • It is easily refutable by the Establishment, and thus alienates the ‘respectable’ Squeezed Middle
  • It is inaccurate, and thus invites desperate (but ineffective) violence from unattractive activist minorities.

The best way forward is empirical anylyses of the 3%’s weaknesses…and how to exploit them in a constructive manner that gets results without irritating natural allies.