ITALY: Slog’s Berlusconi theory vindicated as President vetoes coalition Finance Minister appointment.


Yesterday I posted a half-jocular piece pointing out the increasingly illiberal and constitutional illegalities on display throughout Europe – including the so-called ‘United’ Kingdom. But in the age of internet satire, life imitates and then surpasses parody within 24 hours; and for the EU, it’s just Business As Usual.


The freeing of Silvio Bungasconi in Italy is just another way for Brussels to toss a pro-Remain gargoyle into the medium term mix to try and dilute the electoral appeal of ils Leaverinis Italiano. Now the Presidential Brussels stool pigeon Sergio Mattarella (installed by a previous pro-EU government) has refused to accept the nomination for finance minister of eurosceptic Paolo Savona, Sivio’s going to make a very quick return to politics, I suspect. Just fancy that.

I use the term stool pigeon, because Signor Mattarella is clearly a shit of very small brain capacity; but then, that’s how they like them in Brussels. Prime Minister in waiting Giuseppe Conte has thus ‘returned the mandate’ grudgingly offered to him by Il Duce Mattarella. Effectively, the Coalition has collapsed.

And spookily, Silvio the eurofascist has been released from prison just in time for the now almost inevitable elections that should follow in short order.

Well, you read it here first. But it’s no longer funny. The leaders of MS5 and Lega, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini attacked  the veto, noting “meddling by Germany, ratings agencies and financial lobbies”. Di Maio in particular called for Mattarella to be impeached. Unabashed, the President calmly admitted he would oppose any finance minister likely to encourage Italy’s exit from the euro. Obviously, somewhere in his leadlined coffin, Mario Draghi has the negatives on President Mozzarella.

It is not as yet a coup d’état, because he of the pigeonesque cerebral matter is still there. But it is quite clearly a coup constitutionale, because Italian Presidents are supposed to be unbiased. As Mattarella’s suggestion for the finance job is an IMF apparatchik, he can hardly be said to be honouring his office.

Much depends in the immediate term on how the Italian People respond. And whether an impeachment drive gains any Parliamentary traction. On verra, que sera sera.

One thing we can more or less depend on, however, is that there will be no condemnation of Mattarella’s silliness by the UK’s Remain diehards….and especially not those from the LibLeft.

Nor will any currency dealers or Bourse reptiles be concerned: the euro received a lift in early trading this morning. Always important for the eurozone to show it’s open for business. And – you know how it is – the People are upset, but this is for their own good in the end, right?

And now, here is a brief recent history of the Glory that is Brussels.

After the Greek People rejected the madness of Berlin-driven austerity, stool pigeon Stournaras conspired with Draghi of the ECB to pull the plug on Greek credit. A Syriza “window dressing” régime has been the vassal puppet of Brussels-am-Berlin ever since.

After the Hungarian People rejected the euro in favour of anti-globalist Viktor Orban, a, agitprop campaign of vilification began against the country’s leader. Soros and the former USSR dominated Opposition have since watched helpless as Orban won three  elections in a row, and refused to take part in the migrant insanity. Now the CIA has stepped up its investment in régime change. The Poles in turn rejected Donald Tusk, who naturally was snapped up by Brussels in their continuing campaign to force Warsaw into the euro. The Poles continue to say no to either the euro or migrant quotas.

After the British People rejected the EU completely, Brussels poured money into a multi-media spin campaign to get the referendum re-run….rather as they did over the Lisbon Treaty et al in France and Ireland. Now Michel Barnier says unless Britain bows to the European Court of Justice in perpetuity, there will be no deal. British Remainer politicians (who outnumber Leave MPs by more than 3 to 1) and the vast majority of the unelected Civil Service have tried at every turn to slow down and at times block all post-Brexit preparations. Both the Prime Minister and Chancellor are Remainers, while Britain’s central banker is a Goldman Sachs alumni who never misses an opportunity to present Brexit as a disaster….well before it has even happened. There can be little doubt that the current British Government is under the cosh from NATO, the IMF and the US State Department to cave in to EU demands.

After the Italian Bonds debacle of a few years back, a Goldman Sachs alumni took over as Prime Minister, and a Brussels pigeonshit was hoist into the Presidency. After the Italian People rejected Wall Street Man, they eventually gave a clear majority to eurosceptic Parties. Soon after the victory, former Pro-Brussels fixer and serial crook Berlusconi was released early from prison, and seems anxious to do his bit for Corporate Capitalism once new elections take place. Two days after that, the EU-appointed President broke the Constitution by blocking the Coalition attempt to form a government, and the PM in waiting resigned.

Now, what the more sharp-eyed among you will have spotted here is the constant use of the phrase “After the People rejected”. The only thing required to see the trend here is to think “the People were ignored, distracted, threatened and blocked” in order to complete the well-known phrase or saying that sums up the European Bunion.

What the fluffy, denialist, infantile and downright detesters of direct democracy will not have done after reading this post is change their minds. For their minds – and their ideologies, and their ranks – are permanently closed to any alternative to globalist neoliberal drivel or the use of seven collectivist reverse gears.

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