TOMMY ROBINSON: an unwelcome development being groomed by an increasingly totalitarian State


Tommy Robinson is a man with a history of aliases, fraud, soccer violence and alienated extremism. But the British Establishment, police, political class and media should spend more time studying the UK Constitution, and less time looking for new ways to shut him up. They created him, and they must face that responsibility – not use judicial loopholes to lock him in an attic.


I want to start this highly contentious piece today with a lesson from history. Under the madness of Blairism, History was a subject relegated to minor status. It’s not hard to see why: Moral Tone (just like Cameron and May) positively relish the idea of a population left in ignorance about history, for it makes their task of of presenting New Normals as Old Normals so much easier. Which is, let’s face it, the best way to persuade a knuckle-dragger that nothing has changed, everything is alright….and look, here are 22 footballers cheating and chopping their way through a Champions League Final courtesy of that nice, harmless old national treasure, Rupert Murdoch – just to prove the point.

The lesson is this:

For every fanatical socio-political action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

The Marxism of Lenin and Stalin helped create Hitler, Mussolini and Mosley

The Blitzkrieg of Nazi Germany and expansionism of the USSR helped create the European Union

The unelected power of the TUC and helped produce and nurture Thatcher

The blind ideology of Thatcher gave a voice to the Foot/Hatton Left

The impractical ideology of Bennite Labour led to the sociopathy of Blair

The incontinent deficit euro-economics of the Trichet ECB spawned the mad austerity of Berlin

The rape of Greece helped the rise of both Syriza and Golden Dawn

The heartless economics and cynical monetarism of Cameron, Osborne and May led to the rise of Corbyn, McDonnell and Momentum

The smug yet illiberal certainty of US Democrat and feminist pc produced the election of Donald Trump

The delusional federalism of Juncker and Co gave birth to the British and Italian euro scepticism.

In the same way – although I  do see him  more as a rabble-rouser than a racist fanatic – the bizarre denialism of the British Establishment in relation to the nature of Jihadist violence and cultural Islamic rape has helped build the high profile of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

In case you didn’t know, by the way, Tommy Robinson is not his real name. He was born Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, and he has also had two other aliases, Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris. His family are themselves immigrants – from Eire.

After beating 594 other applicants as a teenager, he and three others were apprenticed to aircraft engineering at Luton Airport. So dumb he isn’t.

Robinson is, let’s face it, no angel. He assaulted an off-duty policeman and was sent to jail for twelve months, as a result of which he lost his job at Luton Airport. He then joined the British National Party in 2004, but left after a year because (he says) “I didn’t know non-whites couldn’t join the organisation. I joined, I saw what it was about, it was not for me”. Make of that what you will.

On 24 August 2010, Robinson was involved in a fight between supporters of Luton Town and Newport County in Luton, on the evening that the two clubs played at Kenilworth Road. Robinson reportedly led the group of Luton fans, and played an integral part in starting a 100-man brawl, during which he chanted “EDL till I die”. Eleven months later, in July 2011, he was convicted of having used “threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour” on the night of the incident. He was given a 12-month community rehabilitation order with 150 hours’ unpaid work and a three-year ban from attending football matches. He was also ordered to pay £650 in costs.

On 28 November 2012, Robinson was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by misrepresentation in relation to a mortgage application, facing trial with five other defendants. He pled guilty to two charges in November 2013, and on 23 January 2014 he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In fact, Robinson’s adult life is pockmarked with incidents of football hooliganism, fraud and general rowdyism. He seems to be a man attracted to violence and sailing close to the wind in one form or another.

In the pursuit of objectivity about the nature of the bloke, I am giving you the warts and all picture. As so often with contemporary socio-political issues, we seem to be faced here with a choice between the lesser of evils.

However, careful research about Tommy Robinson’s more recent history does suggest more than a hint of State victimisation.

By the time 2016 dawned, Robinson was mainly infamous for his attacks on radical Islam. On 27 August 2016, eighteen Luton Town football supporters, including Robinson and his family, were ejected from a Cambridge pub on the day of the Cambridge United versus Luton football match by Cambridgeshire police who “believed that public disorder could occur between rival football fans and that as a result, members of the public could be put at risk”. Many attendees on both sides of the event said they found the police action unjustified, and that Robinson had been targeted.

In 2017, Robinson responded on Twitter to the 2017 Finsbury Park Mosque attack tweeting that “The mosque where the attack happened tonight has a long history of creating terrorists & radical jihadists & promoting hate & segregation. I’m not justifying it, but I’ve said many times if government or police don’t sort out these centres of hate they will create monsters”.  His tweets were widely criticised in the media as “inciting hatred”, although they were in fact empirically accurate.

Three days ago, Robinson was arrested while livestreaming outside Leeds Crown Court on the charge of breaching the peace. Inside the Court, the trial of  several Pakistanis was coming to a conclusion….in fact, the jury had already found the Islamic gang-rapists guilty, and thus he was not committing any sub judice offence at all.

Yet he was fast-tracked onto a charge of disturbing the peace (as the unedited video clearly shows, he was doing no such thing) and now – purely because of his own violence in the past – finds himself back in jail for breaching the terms of his jail release

There are odd double standards in play here. In the case of footballer Ched Evans, although his accuser had a history of crying rape following drunken encounters that later proved to be consensual, the jury was not allowed to know this. Yet three days ago, British police officers watched, arrested, obtained a Judge’s warrant and banged up Tommy Robinson…all in a staggering 20 hours, based purely on a history of rowdiness. I have no doubt (and under the Rule of Law, I applaud this) that the gang-rapists’ previous activities were unknown to the Jury. Robinson wound up in the pokey based on the untried evidence of increasingly politicised cops who had already singled him out as a suitable target for arrest.

I am not an apologist for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-LennonI am a critic of those who would bend and then break the rules of our society in order to shut up someone who (for all his myriad faults) is expressing the genuine concerns of a huge proportion of the British population. I am a critic of anyone who thinks the means justify the ends, because that is the ultimate crime not just of ideologues, but also of a half-asleep élite who do not want the fruits of their idle amorality to blossom.

The British Left denies the dysfunctionality of Islamic culture because the vast majority of such immigrants vote Labour. The Conservative Government denies the same thing because it does not wish to lose the disgusting arms trade it has with the unspeakably cruel Saudi royal family.

The Lady on the roof of the Old Bailey is supposedly blind to the bigotry, class hatred, geopolitics, privilege and political psychopathy of social anthropology in Britain. Her role is to stick, come what may, to the Higher Order needs of balanced civilisation.

She isn’t Berthold Brecht’s mum, nor is she Tommy Robinson’s dad. She ought to be the implacable enemy of all those who stand in the way of the maximum fulfilment of all law-abiding citizens.

Some day all too soon, ordinary people are going to gaze upwards and see that Ms Blind Justice is 100% deficient in the clothing department.

Because of that – who knows? – after the vacuum left by UKIP, “Tommy Robinson” may soon find his support doubling, then trebling.

And I for one will know who to blame.