The not entirely Magnificent Seven


Ten Questions the Whiteminster pot-stirrers must answer

I remember one of those Roman “epic” films of the 1960s. The closing scene as the credits started to roll depicted Senators bidding and playing dice over the corpse of the divided Empire….while in the background, hordes of Visigoths stormed into the suburbs of Rome.

Yesterday in what’s left of Britain, we had wave after wave of brief, counter-brief, betrayal, obfuscation, bad deeds in the shadows, and a great deal of running from gunfire. Even before this roller-coaster tug-of-war on a seesaw was over, the Globalist Visigoths in Brussels studied the best ‘paper’ Theresa May’s advisers could muster, and within an hour issued a press-release saying it just wouldn’t do. It was the sequel to Greece – Cat & Mouse, called Greece II – Keep giving them homework and marks of 3/10.

Brendan O’Neill was on Sky News earlier in the week saying we were about to witness the greatest betrayal of democracy in British history. But actually, the spectacle on display now is about more than that: as in the collapsing Roman Empire, it is about personal power-lust, disloyalty, cowardice, and the moral depravity that looks down its nose at the Vox Populi while whoring with the Mighty.

“News management” is straight out of Nineteen Eighty-Four on a good day. Yesterday, the level of sheer venom, duplicity and misinformation that confused every honest commentator confirmed my view that we are now in The Age of Perplexity. One must hope that we’re just passing through.


Britain’s people are about to be tested, and I am increasingly doubtful as to whether they’re up to it. What’s going to be tested is how much they love the British ‘way of life’: and to confuse matters still further, part of the process will be seeing whether there is enough of that way of life to care either way about.

Love of one’s home culture has been both derided and misunderstood for so long now – and diluted by so many vandals at all levels of society – it is used in the same breath as words like jingoism, patriotism, naivety, bigotry, racism and fascism. This has been exacerbated by knuckleheads parading around with “national” flags, and a growing Libleft majority ‘framing’ everyone who is glad to be British as ‘Far Right’.

The truth is that there is an ocean of Pacific proportions between being proud of one’s cultural heritage, and saying ‘My country right or wrong’. But ID narcissists, left-leaning media content, State school education and ideology have told the last two generations that we should feel variously guilty about our “institutional racism”, gender bigotry, “cruel” humour about sexuality and “Little Englander” attitude to foreigners. These are the ignorant and accusatory myths of folks who don’t travel enough, but it’s no good complaining about their existence: the ill-informed believe them, and their consequences are what we’re dealing with (or rather, failing to deal with) now.

I think there is going to be a lot of unpleasantness and violence from here on, but what  I’m increasingly sure about is that the pugnacious dislike of injustice and bullying that used to typify the Island Race is restricted to those who are too old or unspeakably unpleasant to matter much. That is to say, those who are knackered, or part of tiny minority ‘bovver’ groups who are about as British as Sauerkraut.

In short, while I sense an anger and frustration in the eternally-bombed ranks of the 52% (some 17.4 million citizens), I do not see a groundswell on anything like the scale of 1940. So while I set out questions below that need to be answered in relation where on Earth Brexit goes from here, I do so more for the record than any expectation that they might gird more than a few loins here and there.

  1. When (not if) is Boris Johnson going to fire his 2-i-c Alan Duncan for the arrant disloyalty of his Berlin speech yesterday about “a second referendum”?
  2. Does Johnson – whose motives in all this have always been suspect – have the balls to move on from grumbling in private about Theresa May, and risk his career by demanding a tougher stance from the Prime Minister?
  3. When (not if) is David Davis going to fire Olly Robbins, an unelected Remainer interested more in nest feathers than Britain’s future, for plotting against him earlier this week?
  4. When (not if) are the pair of them going to resign, and put our culture before their lacklustre futures?
  5. Is Theresa May going to get a sense of priorities, and catch the next plane back from a G7 talking shop to sort out the anarchy she’s left behind?
  6. Will she ever have the guts to fire Philip Hammond, and put a Leaver in that Office of State capable of slapping down the Treasury reptiles who have been delaying and undermining Brexit from Day One?
  7. When (not if) is she going to walk away from what are not and never have been “negotiations” with Brussels….and focus instead on Full Steam Ahead NOW to start getting into the detail of trade deals?
  8. When (not if) is Jacob Rees-Mogg going to move beyond winding up his personal media campaign, and actually say something about what the Leavers are going to do to stop the imminent collapse of Real Brexit?
  9. Who if anyone has the tact and firmness to say to both the Irish Taoiseach and the DUP, “We hope you’ve enjoyed your day in the sun, now please get back in your box”?
  10. Having played a bigger role in creating our current travails than anyone else beyond the Commission itself, could Nigel Farage please cancel his latter-day Alf Garnett tour of the Antipodes, and return in short order to rally the troops?

Brussels has been running the show for too long. Unrepresentative élites are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Do your duty and serve our culture.

To the active negotiators, I say, “Quit the talks or quit your job”. To the Brexiteer activists, I say, “Shit or get off the pot”.