The Battle of Trafalgar Square: where does the responsibility really lie?


Saturday’s violence in and around London’s Trafalgar Square was far more than a riot by hooligans. We should see it as a symptom, and a foretaste of more to come.


As I write, a demonstration by the Free Tommy network is taking place in London’s Trafalgar Square. It seems to have turned into an unpleasant riot, in which the Met Police were – to be kind – not really in control of events: this despite them turning up in full riot gear, and with every which way kind of ground and helicopter based monitoring of the event. And to complete the self-righteous anger of the UK Left, Geert Wilders came to speak at the demo.

Viewing the social media videos over the last two hours, it’s obvious the police were significantly outnumbered by demonstrators.

Now we can all argue uphill and down dale forever about the case for and against “Tommy Robinson”….as indeed has been done over the last few weeks on this site. But to start doing this again is to miss the Higher Order point. It is this: the constipated political correctness of the legislative classes in Britain has created Robinson in general and this demo outcome in particular.

Herewith the evidence supporting that view:

  • For more than thirty years, they have ignored the concerns and fears expressed by Britons in relation to excessive immigration. (And let’s stop using the ‘migration’ euphemism – it’s not applicable)
  • Since 2005, they have followed a policy of appeasement of the British Islamic community that continues to this day
  • Over the last seven years, the Government has shown zero interest in the unemployment and low wages at the poor end of Britain’s masses
  • During that same self-imposed and economically pointless period of austerity, they have cut back the police numbers to a level where the ordinary citizen is no longer protected in any real sense
  • Since 2016, the policy of appeasement has been applied in turn to negotiations with the European Commission, in a thinly disguised attempt to turn Brexit into Brexin.
  • The collapse of UKIP has blocked the last safety valve via which desperate UK citizens can let off steam.

The more rabid supporters of Tommy Robinson cannot understand why the pathetic pleas in mitigation of Muslim rapists earn nothing more than a rap over the knuckles, and bankers guilty of massive fraud stay out of jail….while their hero gets banged up for 13 months.

My own viewpoint is that Robinson is a wannabe martyr and attention seeker. I’d bang him up as well, but I would expect the same equality before the Law for those more privileged than he.


Let’s state the big issue here more clearly: Tommy Robinson is high profile – and the police were unable to keep order this afternoon – because the political class is more interested in stroking bankers, Brussels globalists and Saudi Nazis than in protecting UK citizens. In that context, they have flunked the first and most important job of national governance: defence of The People against attack….be that attack military, financial, religious, sovereign or technological.

So what happens now? In the medium term, nobody knows. But I can guarantee that tomorrow, the reaction across the British élites will be predictable, pompous and pointless.

The police will be praised for their bravery

The Establishment will condemn the violence and call for tough sentences

The Left will dismiss the demonstrators as Far Right. Owen Jones will call them fascists, and demand he be allowed to smash them

There will be references to Nazi regalia

The Remainers will blame the Brexit campaign for inciting racial hatred

The Guardian and The Independent will argue that the EDL should be banned

The SWP will call for all-out direct action by our comrades and sisters on the streets to counter Hitlerism.

Brussels in general and Guy Verhofstadt in particular will make statements and tweet to the effect that the British Government needs the EU as a bulwark against inexcusable racism.


None of them will accept any blame for where we are. So accustomed are they now to power without accountability, it will not occur to any of them that their lunatic immigration policies, neoliberal values, lazy denialism, personal greed, rigid thinking systems, disdain for common people, egotistical ambitions, robotic pc, dumbed education and absence of cojones are in any way responsible for this violent, corrupt, exploitative, unthinking and ethically bankrupt Britain set out before us today.

Well, they have brought it upon themselves, these self-styled “élites” of Tory moneterism, Lablib ideology and Brussels sociopathy. They will not get so much as an ounce of sympathy from this quarter.