Withdrawal Bill symptoms from the Remainiacs as Admiral May goes out to meet the Belgian Armada.

metoday4Nina Schick brings in American reinforcements to further pervert the course of democracy and Theresa May predicts orderly smooth seas as Belgian terrorist foiled at Charing Cross station. 


Nina Schick, the fragrant doyenne of Brexit underminers is now associated with bringing over some US experts on election interference “to defend Democracy from foreign electoral meddling”. Ms Schick uses the pronoun “we” in a mysterious manner (possibly to do with delusions of royalty) but it seems more likely she is working on the ‘set a thief to catch a thief’ principle, given that no national Alt State in the world has meddled in more South American, Greek, Brexit, African, Indian and far Eastern elections than the United States’ very own CIA.

The entire Brussels bureaucracy, EU MSM and anti-Brexit press/broadcasting media pack from Bloomberg (whose French branch of the family donated $500,000 to the Remain campaign) to the BBC (where Nina is often to be seen pushing the spin-line that earns her a meagre crust) meddled in the Referendum on Brexit. But Nina has set her sights on Russia. The way you do.

Schick often uses the middle initial ‘M’ (presumably to differentiate herself from a razor blade). Using my extensive knowledge of Yiddish, I would suggest that it stands for ‘Meshugha’, the feminine personal noun meaning “senselessy crazy”.

Predictably, now the listing HMS Mayflower has Parliamentary approval to sail upon the ocean Brexmain, media scaremongering has gone into Stage II overdrive. This morning, Airbus has said it will pull out of the UK unless Brexit is “soft”. I will give it until 4 pm this afternoon until Dominic Grieve brings a private members’ Bill to the Commons, moving that the House of Lords be abolished in favour of a new chamber to be called The House of Grieving Airlines.

Getting the Withdrawal Bill through the Mother of all Corruptions is not even the End of the Beginning. The next issue is what to do about the Leave/Remain chamelion nature of the Mayflower crew. But even after making Remainiacs walk the plank, there is still the problem of the captain and her officers (reverting once more to Yiddish) being not so much chamelions as schlemiels – those unfortunates born to be both stupid and unlucky. Not to mention the U-Boat packs now gathering to fire non-stop Tixerb5C torpedoes at the Ship of State.

One of the most disturbing aspects of Admiral May’s brief and yet somehow infinite period in charge of that ship is her inability to display any seacraft as such. The Parliamentary Keystone Cops performance we’ve all recently endured she classifies as “progress towards a smooth and orderly Brexit”. One wonders what course she’ll steer when the next storm breaks in Brussels, and how she will cope with the field of icebergs sitting across the table from David Davis and his uncivil servants.

The latest news today is that Theresa is splicing her mainbrace and readying the Mayflower for ‘an EU wide tour to gather support’ for the trade result she wants from the next round of negotiations. This is akin to Sir Francis Drake setting off in 1588 in a lone rowing boat to annihilate the coming Armada, armed with a guaranteed waterproof pea shooter.

The bastards will not give an inch, and the increasingly fanatical Fifth Columnists will not give her a thimble full of breathing space.

We are now just nine short months way from March 19th 2019. The idea that, with the current course she is navigating, Toothless Theresa can get a trade deal, get Parliament to agree it – and then get 26 EU States to ratify it in that time – really is evidence of a strong fantasist streak in her personality.

Brussels will delay, reject, give the UK more homework and then reject and delay some more until either both sides of negotiators are dead, or the EU/euro currency/eurozone areas have imploded anyway.

“Should’ve gone to Specsavers, Mrs May” is one riposte. “If you haven’t got any teeth, buy a cutlass you silly tart” is another one.

The degree of desperation in Brussels itself, however, became clear this morning at Charing Cross Station in London, where a man began behaving in a deranged manner, claiming to have a bomb. He was detained and arrested and the station is now open again. Rumours are, however, rife, that the man has identified himself as a Mr Verhofstadt from Belgium, of no fixed point of view beyond a manic hatred of all things Brexit.

I am worried he might have got the idea from reading yesterday’s Slogpost. I sincerely hope not, but with dear little, pathetic, crooked, depraved Guy, the only certainty about anything is that he has never had an original idea in his useless and already overstretched span on Earth.