INVESTIGATION: Who or what is behind ‘Final Say for All’?

methoughtful FSFA was the branding to be seen behind last Saturday’s march, declared by Baron Adonis to mark ‘the end of Brexit’. FSFA is a Foundation run by three people from a suburban house in the Netherlands region of Enkhuizen.  Why was Final Say For All chosen as the branding for the event, and who paid for all the blue-and-yellow carnival gear? The Slog investigates.


The march to London came and went last Saturday. The BBC loved it up, and Baron Adonis contributed his usual non-stop commentary of assertions  ranging from inane to insane. Was it 20,000 people or was it half a million? Who cares: the dual point of the FSFA’s march “for a final say” was that it suggested a genuine popularity for the EU while casually slipping in another subtle change to what they say they want. This week.

Now all these “ordinary people” have decided – spontaneously – that what they want is a yes or no on “the deal” with an option to Remain incorporated into the vote. One really can see these monsters coming from five miles away.

But who was behind the march? The costumes of blue with yellow stars and endless pristine flags must’ve cost a fortune. Well, FSFA would have you believe it’s just run by three dedicated “ordinary people”. So with some valuable help from a source in the Netherlands, I’ve been looking into the Troika in charge there.

The Chairman is Nicola James, the Secretary is John Ling, and the Treasurer is Michael Moss. The company is a foundation, which in Dutch law is very handy if you want to keep where the slush fund comes from private. The foundation has its seat in the municipality of Enkhuizen, in the Netherlands, and its commercial registration number is 70591385.

All three of these senior officers have been working in the EU for a long time. James worked in Germany for 16 years, and now Holland for 12 years. Michael Moss spent three decades working as a textile designer throughout Europe, and is now retired in France. John Ling was in the British army for much of his life, and has been in Europe ever since.

Nicola James is not big into social media when it comes to herself. We aren’t told what her day job is, and she’s on neither Twitter nor Facebook. Somehow, the three all met and decided to set up something that turned into a Big March. The way you do.

The registration file claims they have so far received €2,370 in donations. That wouldn’t buy many cloaks, top hats, flags and other regalia.

One of the main beefs the trio have in common, however, is that they were “disenfranchised” from voting in the 2016 Referendum.

My own research shows that all up there are circa 70,000 Brits who’ve been living abroad in the EU for fifteen years or more. In my own circle, a good 35% of expats I know voted Leave. But let’s be generous and say 70,000 Remain votes didn’t count. That wouldn’t have made much of a dent in the 1.3 million margin of Leave’s victory. Further, the 15 year rule wasn’t some arbitrary thing thrown in to advantage the Leavers: it’s been there for donkey’s years…..and the Government has now decided to scrap it. Some moaners say they have no vote in their adopted EU country either. That is taxation without representation….but it’s a charge to throw at Brussels, not Westminster.

Yet the ‘disenfranchised’ thing is played up bigtime by the FSFA siteJust another myth, along with “the Leave campaign lied” et al, to beg for a rerun of the Brexit vote. I would be eternally grateful if any Remoaners could tell me of any UK election since 1702 when no politicians lied – or didn’t play fast and free with the stats, sums and general bollocks that our votecentric legislators come up with on the hustings. I mean, grow up.

Talking of bollocks, there is a show-trial confessional tone in the life histories of the FSFA founders that has “show them how much you love the EU” Soros/Juncker nonsense written between the lines:

Nicola James: ‘As a disenfranchised Brit living in the EU, brexit has felt like something that is being done to me. It left me feeling anxious, isolated, voiceless and a victim’

Michael Moss: ‘On the 24th June 2016 after the result, I felt bereft. I still do. How can my rights be taken away from me, by my own government?’

John Ling: ‘I am now utterly convinced that by campaigning to remain in the EU, we will be on the right side of history – motivated by a strong sense of fairness for people and communities, in sharp contrast to the greed, fear and hatred unleashed by Brexit.’

There’s nothing new about any of this twaddle, but really I’m nitpicking compared to the big question: are we seriously being asked to believe that a major pro-EU march was masterminded and funded from the the dingy Dutch suburban house below:


Yes folks, this is the mighty hub-come-home of the Final Say For All Foundation. Er…I don’t think so, do you?

The three people at FSFA didn’t fund the March that bears their brand name. So why were they chosen to front it? And who underwrote it?

I’d love to be able to tell you, but you have to be a Netherlander self-employed or business member of the Dutch commercial register to find out.

We’ve heard a lot of cobblers from the US, the May Government and the EU about “foreign” (aka Russian) meddling in elections. There isn’t a sovereign power on earth with a security arm that doesn’t do just that, but let’s leave that to one side. Here we have a tiny company of three people allegedly running the biggest March for the EU that Britain has ever seen, because they want a rerun of the Neverendum….and preferably, just sod the voters and let’s Remain, eh? They’ve all lived abroad for decades, none of them are eligible to vote in the UK, but they want a UK democratic vote reversed.

I’d call that pretty insidious foreign meddling, but hey – call me old fashioned, I flatly refuse to believe that the FSFA Troika of Ordinaryness engineered the meddling on their own. But who knows? Maybe FSFA really stands for Financial Support F**k All.

Now I know perfectly well that other organisers were publicly involved in the FSFA March for Democracy Bashing. Britain for Europe, for example, is a national organisation formed by over 50 grassroots campaign groups around the UK, dedicated to ignoring the voters. The European Movement UK is a grass-roots, independent, pro-EU organisation that’s been going for seventy years…..that’s 1948 in old money. Dozens of others are listed….all far, far bigger than the reality that is FSFA.

But the FSFA was the brand chosen as the name for this mega-demo. Based in a small district of the Netherlands, and set up as a foundation that seems remarkably shy about when it was founded….and how it’s funded.

Call me a cynic, but there’s an old adage in my trade that goes, “Follow the Money”. So if you’re Dutch, have your doubts about the EU (as many hundreds of thousands in the Netherlands do) and you’re a self-employed/business member of the country’s commercial register, perhaps you could give we Brits (the majority who voted to Leave) the heads-up on where the FSFA money leads.

My email address is for anyone who feels so inclined.

I shall give FSFA the penultimate say:

“The final destination of leave was never advertised because there were so many ideas of what that final destination would be. Many never even had a vision of a final destination but were protesting against an establishment that had sold them short and disenfranchised them. Now there is an entirely different group of disenfranchised citizens….1.2 million Brits in the EU were denied a vote. Their lives have been placed in disarray by this vote but, despite being the most directly affected, were given no say by not having been given a vote in the referendum at all…It is these people we seek to represent. We will remain an autonomous group”.

And this is my concluding deconstruction of it:

  1. What other destination was there beyond withdrawal from the EU? Didn’t they read the voting card?
  2. 1.2 million Brits were not denied the vote. The number in the EU as fulltime residents for over 15 years is estimated to be around 70,000.
  3. Their lives have not been placed in disarray: the option is open to any Brit to use that residence to guarantee security of EU tenure whether there is a Brexit deal or not. I know many people (especially the self-employed) who have done exactly that.
  4. ‘It is these people we seek to represent’. That contradicts their own stated opening aim….including the screamer: ‘Our aim is to keep the UK within the EU!’
  5. ‘We will remain an autonomous group’. The facts I have presented make it highly unlikely that the FSF is in any way autonomous. 37 organisations of enormous aggregate size bowed to the branding of a piss ant little operation in a province nobody’s ever heard of? The idea is laughable.

When it comes to the StopBrexit Remainiacs, there is only one golden rule: keep on digging.


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