At the End of the Day

metoday4The World’s prison camps of ideological slavery are peopled entirely by those who suspend disbelief. In doing so, the inmates also suspend all attachments to the study of anthropology, valuation, economics, investment and gender. 


In an act of what I presume passes for irony in Belgium, at the Brussels summit this morning, Theresa May’s fellow-leaders presented her with a Belgian football shirt. (Last night, England lost 1-0 to Belgium in a game of stunning boredom that means “we” now have an “easier” game, in the knockout stage, against Colombia).

There’s an old French joke that goes

What’s got an IQ of 150 and smells of chips? 150 Belgians. It’s the most pithy summation of Guy Verhofstadt’s make-up I’ve heard so far.

It would have been good if May had responded by giving the Euronauts some Fish n chips wrapped in the Daily Express; but that sort of thing only ever happens in my mind, which is an overcrowded and somewhat surreal place at the best of times. It would be even better if we could all forget about Brexit by saying to Jean-Claude Bunker, “Look, you give up on the federalist Fourth Reich crap and accept national Sovereignty. In return, we agree not to form an alliance with Italy, Greece, Hungary and Poland that will see most of you Ruritanian nutjobs sweeping the streets within two years”.

It’s not gonna happen, but in the meantime let’s for FS talk about something else.

Every bone in my body says that the Tesla Car Company is a classic example of bourse madness. Do you want to pay out $170,000 for a pretty ordinary electric car where just about the only City in the world you’ll be able to drive it further than a hundred miles before 2023 is Paris?

If course not: you are a person of unlimited common sense and limited means……but whereas in the Little Britain sketch the computer always said No, stock exchanges always say Yes.

With every quarter of every year, Tesla keeps on missing its production and sales targets by a billion per cent. But then, in the world of “speculation”, this is nothing new. The Dutch lost millions of shirts on the Tulip Bubble not just once at the end of the 14th century, but yet again in the 15th. The South Sea Company Bubble in the 18th century required such a bailout of the British stock exchange, liabilities pertaining to it still exist in our National Debt today. The Dotcom Bubble at the end of the last century was on a similar scale of naive greed: you could get the undivided attention of every “analyst” in the City of London simply by saying “I am a dotcom”. Je suis Charlie  came much later – but while it was equally false, it was a damn sight less expensive as a craze.

The proponents of wind power (like the Ed Miliband of Hope) rushed towards its “potential” as an alternative to nuclear power without ever listening to those who pointed out that wind isn’t reliable, and whopping great propellers sunk into the sea bed will attract the kind of servicing bills which make every swimming pool owner’s eyes pop. When I was a kid there was a TV series about Mister Ed the talking horse. Every time I see Miliband, I think of that series. Chiefly I think “Mr Ed had horse sense, Ed of Miliband doesn’t – and never will”.

Slogger John pointed out to me yesterday the astonishing saga of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos – the miraculous blood-testing company of Silicon Valley. Holmes, at one time worth $4.5 billion, ended up under criminal indictment for fraud in 2015. To attract such riches beyond the wet dreams of Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson, all Holmes had to do was say, “Here’s my machine…look at its stylish beauty. It can do more blood test readouts from one tiny smear than anything else on the planet”.

She was completely FOS. She lied about her qualifications (in truth, she had none) and the gurus of the world plus billions in investments zoomed in her direction like hyper-powered iron filings slamming into a magnet.

All this is further proof of the fact that a big smile, an attractive face and a tongue perfectly designed to sell and promise all kinds of heavenly things is a devilish combination.

The tragedy is, the current form of capitalism in vogue around the World at the moment is based on this kind of undiscerning misjudgement to the detriment of any other decision-making process.

This final bit is about Women’s Rights and the utterances of Gina Miller. And yes, I know this is positioned by her as a Brexit issue, but feminist advances in the UK have nothing whatever to do with the actions of the European Union.

With the possible exception of the Netherlands, certain regions of Germany and bits of EU Scandinavia, there is no other European Union country with feminist laws anywhere near the  efficacy and acceptance of those in the United Kingdom.

But Gina Miller tweets to insist that ‘Women’s rights at risk after Brexit – Female parliamentarians, businesswomen, campaigners & others sign a letter in the Guardian highlighting real risk of losing hard-won rights after Britain leaves the EU’.

You could be right, Gina: there is surely evidence aplenty that – within seconds of male chauvinist Brexit pirates setting sail on the wild and untamed oceans beyond the EU – women will be stripped of all their rights (and probably their clothes) before being raped en masse by disgusting men freed from the restrictions placed upon them by the EUCHR

Surely there must be such evidence, Gina. So could you give us some….fnar fnar know what I mean nudge nudge she’s a goer and no mistake.

If we mosey on down through France and into Spain plus Portugal, then Italy and Greece before heading up towards Croatia, Slovakia and Poland, I would submit that very few if any British females would swap the real rights they have in the UK for those of the nations I have listed.

All the topics I chose to write about tonight have one thing in common: they all require the suspension of disbelief in order to be taken seriously. It is as if the daftness featured above was developed by going to see the original Star Wars movie and deciding that this film alone encapsulated the secret of the Universe.

There is zero science fact here; there is only the warm glow of Hollywood produced science fiction.

Greed is naivety, and naivety is suckered by greed.