methink2As the concept of leadership dies on the vine of British politics, many England soccer supporters quite rightly point to the example of Gareth Southgate as a man capable of commanding respect without turning into a dictator. Last week, the Prime Minister tried the jackboot approach with predictably messy results. Brexit is now as good as dead unless enough ordinary UK citizens and legislators draw a line in the sand. But Brexit is about far more than one nation’s desire for self-determination: it is about the triumph of human beings over robotic systemics.


I have decided, after due consideration of Slogposts over the last few months, that the correct term for Theresa May is A Pillowcase. 

A  pillowcase is a cross between a pillock and a headcase. But equally, the Prime Minister is and always been a soft place for Brussels to rest its head….thus, a pillowcase.

As for her own head, she is like a Bourbon Queen too dense to face downwards under the blade of the guillotine. Instead, she looks upward at the falling blade, insisting that (somehow) it will not sever the receptacle for such cerebral material held therein. But then, if you’re really just a biscuit, such would I suppose seem like intelligent behaviour.

The level of Myormaynot’s emotional intelligence was highlighted in a statement she made to the Commons today. She said – you’ll love this – that her proposal is the “right Brexit ” because “it will make it possible to avoid checks at the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.”

Ah, right – so that’s what Brexit is about: not about control of our borders per se, but with avoiding scrutiny at our border with Ireland based on a grubby deal she did with the DUP in order to cling via her fangs to power.

This is beyond mediocrity. It is inferior irrelevant incompetence.


When you’re negotiating a thing called Brexit, losing your Brexit secretary might seem careless. Losing your Foreign Secretary less than 24 hours later looks as if you’ve lost your marbles. But in truth, I doubt very much if Mother Theresa has ever had much wriggle room; from the the day 48 hours after the Referendum (when contacts on both sides of the Atlantic insisted, “John, you will not be allowed to leave the EU”) I have been fairly certain that the Forces of Darkness would cooperate to stop a real, simple, no bulls**t Clean Brexit.

Last Thursday, the Prime Minister “dared” the Cabinet Brexiteers to defy her almost homoaeopathic dilution of the original Leave concept. They dared. Now whatTF does she do?

But before our nation gets lost in the dizzy patriotism of an England team somehow in the World Cup semi final – and then completely baffled by the impenetrably blurred nature of Westminster opportunism – I do think it is important to take a short helicopter ride just to remind ourselves of the global forces ranged against Us, the People who voted for the British citizenry against an even more distant unelected control than the bubble-dwelling Whiteminster clown act currently ruining the UK.


In the developmentally crumbling human world of the 21st century, “events” are taking place on four levels: geopolitics and global finance, continental blocs, national sovereign States, and devolved local government. Our world is crumbling because a greedy collection of minute élites are peddling the narrative that suggests only geo and continental structures are the future. Those who want a national identity with more power given to communities are dismissed as tinpot racists and tree-hugging fart-recyclers respectively.

Setting aside the fact that every facet of anthropological science says this is an unnatural and destructive direction to take, it wouldn’t be quite so dysfunctional a viewpoint were it not for the fact that the globalists themselves are split into two diametrically opposed armies – the neoliberals on the one side, and the Left-pc-feminist-Marxist axis on the other.

What we are seeing in the Brexit fiasco at the moment is a symptom of that multiple planetary divide, wherein blind liberals with a hegemenous World View seem at one moment to be on the same side as neoconservative One World policymakers….but the next minute, members of the variously neoliberal Alt States also find themselves on the same side as nationalists because of first, their sociopathic drive for power, and second, their hatred of Leftist pc.


Bringing this back down to the level of Britain versus the EU, the divides multiply as follows:

EU member States versus Brussels versus for or against the euro

Westminster legislators versus British Brexiteers

Migrant Islamic intolerance versus British ethnic tolerance

Largely English neoliberals versus British collectivists

Conservatives versus Labour

Traditional English nationalists versus pro-Brussels Scottish Nationalists

English northern poverty versus Southern English wealth

Older and/or disabled poor versus neoliberal healthy and comfortable

This is, let’s face it, quite a mix. But it is in the nature of a world hopelessly muddled by old ideologies and new challenges.

The are, fundamentally, three sets of systemic globalist ideology: neoliberal deregulation, Leftliberal-to-Marxist collectivism, and Islamic fanaticism.

All of them are busted flushes, and none of them put the Citizen first. This is, as Kate Hoey so rightly said at the outset, what Brexit is really all about: the People versus the Systems.


Just as with the junior doctors, nurses, cheated SPA “reform” women and the disabled in our culture, Brexit is a test case: who will triumph – religious and fisco-economic nutjobs living in everything from the 12th to the 19th century, or the citizen? This is just another episode in the ‘Citizens with accountable liberties versus the Super Altstates hellbent on taking them away from us’ match. It is, indeed, a World Cup final worthy of the name.


Brexit: predictable betrayal from Day One