At the End of the Day


In the aftermath of today’s earlier Slogpost, lots of people have been demanding to know what sort of civil disobedience tactics I had in mind. I must therefore make three points at the outset:

  1. Putting a blogpost out there in 2018 suggesting ways to tick off the Alt State in detail is the fast lane to being blacklisted by every ISP on the planet. Apart from giving me a lot more spare time via force majeur, that wouldn’t achieve anything.
  2. The element of surprise when depriving any State of what it feels is its inalienable due is a prerequisite for success.
  3. The dark forces have already made several forms of “disobedience incitement” illegal. So for instance, were I to suggest a nationwide tax strike, I could very easily be prosecuted and banged up. I’m a tad old for that kind of stuff.

That said, here are some general principles to bear in mind:

  • It is well nigh impossible for GCHQ et al to monitor pre-digital non-voice communications
  • Every publicly quoted company making large donations to a political Party is highly susceptible to share price movements. Boycotting such entities via non-purchase is still legal – although the Israelis have been pressing the UK government to ban it
  • It is still not obligatory to fill in your tax return online. Equally, we all have the right to pay suppliers in cash (France has already passed legislation to limit this, so make hay while the sun shines)
  • It is perfectly legal to form a barter group. This has the effect of reducing the ‘sight money’ available to banks. Several banks and their subsidiaries are still owned by HMG
  • Nobody can stop you deciding only to buy foodstuffs and other products that are either British, or imported from outside the EU
  • Harassment law in the UK is something of a minefield, but as things stand everyone has the right to approach an MP peacefully and ask them questions. One person “stalking” a legislator nonstop is quite rightly forbidden, but (say) thirty individuals a day asking an MP why he or she is undermining Brexit will sooner rather than later attract the attention of the media.

Form cells. Communicate discreetly. Work at constituency level if necessary. Adopt a work-to-rule policy in relation to funding bureaucracy and consuming the products of Big Party donors. Every month, make a large cash withdrawal from your current account to pay cash for things. Never give your bank more than £10 of ‘free’ money in balance. Pay off your credit cards within the 30 day limit. Delay your tax return and subsequent payment until the very last minute.

Only by displaying Citizen Power can we make them pay attention.