THE SATURDAY ESSAY: if you want something other than international Marxism or neoliberal globalism, then civil disobedience is the only route left

me1511172 No Anglo-Saxon administration has been working for The People on either side of the Atlantic since Carter in the 1970s US or Macmillan in the 1950s UK. The rogue security services, oil barons, the Pentagon, the MoD, NATO and feather-bedded bureaucrats have been running pretty much all the geopolitics since 1963. The planned campaign via which the British and Alt State establishments have reversed Brexit is the most audacious coup against the citizenry’s rights since the assassination of John F Kennedy. They have left us with no choice from here on but to employ an equally planned course of widespread social disobedience.


One of over 140 reasons I posited two years ago for leaving the EU was that this Clochemerlesque creation of self-congratulatory pomp had never had either a good or creative idea since its founding fathers set the thing up initially in 1955. In all of its more recent responses to banking crises, economic downturn, ClubMed issues, migration and now Brexit, the same elements have been present in all its reactions: lack of reality, bullying, blaming others, failure to change stance and, above all, predictably dogged negativity.

Since the illegitimate birth of the Chequers Capitulation, I have predicted what Brussels’ response to it would be. Yesterday’s “reaction” from Barnier was exactly the classic example of sloppy, unspecific, patronising, ill-informed and uncompromising insistence I expected.

Looking across the media, Michel Barnier’s verdict on the May plan is summarised variously as criticising the British proposal for being questionable, burdensome, largely unworkable, and “still not presenting  solution to the Irish border issue”. The impression purposely given is that, having found an insoluble deal-breaker, the EC intends to leave its teeth firmly embedded in the Irish bone, and not bother to look in any detail at the Chequers  specifics…..specifics which, of course, are unacceptable to a majority of British voters anyway.

But then at the end of his peroration, he closed with reprimands about Britain’s lack of urgency. Watching the performance live on euronews, I found myself conjuring up the image of Mr Gradgrind berating some poor mite for taking too long to eat his dish of cold vomit.

Throughout the address, new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab looked like Barnier’s squeaky-keen but somewhat baffled new trainee. He promised to “intensify” and “energise” the next round of talks, vowing to speed up the process of whatever the process was meant to be achieving. He did not offer even a scintilla of rebuke in response to Mr Barnier’s risibly superficial assessment of the Chequers surrender. Raab radiated all the authority of a harmless worm cornered by a hubristic butterfly diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It has got to the stage for me with Brexit where I can no longer bear to watch the craven execution of a depraved British élite’s plan to ignore the best interests of European mainland and UK citizens – in favour of the geopolitical fantasies of an equally repugnant cabal scattered among Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and Strasbourg.

I cannot contemplate hearing more Nineteen Eighty Four declarations of “keeping faith with the British electorate” from the Prime Minister without a sense of approaching nausea, and the tooth-grinding frustration of being a bloke now too tired (and pacifist) to join a latter-day English Maquis.

After Bojo’s chicken-hearted resignation speech – and the decision by Judas Raab to leave Leave in favour of Remain in return for High Office – I become daily more convinced that nobody in the Conservative Party will rid us of this meddlesome Parson’s daughter until it is, electorally or for genuine Sovereign Brexit, too late to stave off the IVF twin-horror of staying in the European Union under a Corbyn Government.

This is what happened after the 2016 Leave or Remain Referendum: Cameron’s promise to enact the electorate’s wishes was broken within hours by his resignation. Theresa May was “chosen” to take over as PM without a single stage in the Conservative Party’s rules on the election of a new Leader being obeyed. She formed a government, the Cabinet of which largely reflected her Remainer plans rather than the wishes of The People.

After a few months of realising that her Leave opponents in the Party were not going to compromise, May called an election based on the mendacious claim that a thumping majority would make her Brexit negotiating position stronger. She really called it to give herself bombproof majority protection from her own Brexiteers. She made a hash of it – in pretty much the same wooden manner she had made a hash of the Home Office.

Now she has developed a Brexit “plan” so at odds with the principles of the average Brexit voter, her Leave colleagues in and just beyond the Cabinet had no choice but to resign. She has in effect done exactly what Alexis Tsipras did to Yanis Varoufakis during the Greek “negotiations” with Brussels in 2015. For like Tsipras – and Macron, and Momentum and Soros, and all the other systemic sociopaths – Theresa May is a Globalist fruitloop supporter of remote geopolitical bloc government.

The only Parliamentary thing that can stop her now is for Tory Brexiteer MPs to put The People before The Party and bring her Alt States-backed government down. I posted a week ago about why such a move has to be a shit-or-bust action, and asked Sloggers to stiffen the spines of Tory MPs.

The People responded, but on the whole, the Parliamentary Conservative Party didn’t. The only fear the bastards have is of life without the EU, and government by the neo-Marxist Labour Party. They have no fear of The People at all.

I am most emphatically not inciting violence when I say “this situation has to change if we are to release our political systems from the grip that unelected money has over the vast majority of legislators involved in it”. I merely point out yet again that – for all those quintessentially British histories insisting that the United Kingdom has evolved peacefully by eschewing political extremism – there are myriad facts to contradict the smug assumptions of that claim.

The 1832 Reform Bill would not have passed without a raucous mob surrounding the Palace of Westminster. The Plimsoll Line would not have saved thousands of mariner lives had Samuel Plimsoll not made a homicidal nuisance of himself in the Chamber as MPs tried to talk his safety Bill out. And women would have waited far longer for the vote had suffragettes not taken radical direct social action to draw attention to their cause.

We must never surrender to rule by the sort of ID political narcissists who would divide us. But since 2016, Britain has anyway been a country torn apart by those who would rule on the basis of remote ideological fantasies, fears of injurious trade anarchy, and scarcely hidden obedience to the demands of a tiny splinter group of financialisers.

If the electorates of wannabe liberal democratic societies wish to retain their liberties, then extra-legislative opinion leaders among them need to create an antidote to cold conformity as exemplified by Common Purpose and the many other hidden persuaders operating in the interests of the Fanatical Few rather than the Mild-mannered Majority.

I do not believe such a thing should be a political Party any more than I think it should be, for example, The Slog.

I sense that it must be a Movement. A Movement, probably, designed to stop – and then reverse – the movement of social power from consumers to capital.

When I first joined the advertising profession, its motto was “The consumer is Sovereign”. That sovereignty has been looted by a loose but aggressively malignant alliance of multinational companies, globally aligned central and private banks, energy interests, military nutjobs, neoconservative diplomats, media gargoyles, and a ready supply of renewable rentboy psychopaths in the political class.

Driving back from the Gironde yesterday, I was listening to the last album left to us by the late great Richie Havens. One lyric on the track When was, I felt, particularly apposite to the situation innocent citizens face today:

Our dreams have all been raided/ by every kind of greed

and freedoms all invaded/ ’til there’s nothing left you’d need

Such a tragic global coup is not going to be reversed by compliant legislation in tune with electors long since neglected by their elected representatives. The removal of the Putschists will only be achieved by sustained, activist zero-cooperation from the citizenry.

The inability of UK politicians to assert sovereignty on behalf of their citizens in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit referendum is but one small local symptom of a planetary problem. If left untreated, however, it will become the sort of Leviathan likely to crush individual and community innovation from Aldershot to Zambia.

It will also annihilate the dignity of the young, the old, the artisans, the creative professions, the performing arts, the disabled and the repressed everywhere around the World.

We need to protect Small, brave creativity from Big Brainless process Mammon. If we don’t, then the liberty of our species is doomed.

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