OFFICIAL: Gordon Brown notices something, Dominic Raab fakes hardball, & Diane Abbott has an idea

mesmile A man who used to be the Greatest Ever British Chancellor is worried about a potential financial crisis, our “top” Brexit negotiator has been fitted with an artificial spine, and the Shadow Home Secretary is on the verge of being in a bit of a kerfuffle. Again. Oh yes….and none of them give a monkey’s chuff what any of us think.


Dear old Gordooom Brooon, doncha love ‘im, eh? A premature ejaculator when it came to selling Britain’s gold, a gullible nitwit on the subject of the NHS PSI farce, a man who abolished boom & bust – and then went bust to the tune of £786 billion in bank bailouts in 2008, the Chancellor who told the Commons he’d saved the world, but now wants to tell us (a tad late to the feast here) that a financial crisis is brewing in 2018. If such a thing is about to happen, then the £1.15 trillion of Civil Service pension emoluments he acceded to during 2006-7 (without bothering to inform MPs) are unlikely to help those beyond senior Whitehall and Town Hall  employment.

But let us not dwell on such petty Party political matters. Let us instead focus upon the miraculous news that Dominic Raab has told Juncker, Verhofstadt, Barnier & Ptnrs that there will be no €37 billion divorce payday for Brussels if no deal has been agreed by the October deadline.

The LeftLib forces of ignorant solidarity were tweeting manically yesterday about this “appalling display of bad faith” – a little bit like taking the side of a dipper who just picked an old lady’s pocket and then demanded compensation for being nicked. In truth, the act is at least 18 months overdue, and one wonders what lies behind its sudden usage now….for Raab doesn’t have the authority to launch nukes on his own say-so.

The word is that the talk-tough tactic is designed to get wobbly Brexiteers on board with whatever is agreed in October in order to smooth its passage through Parliament afterwards. I still think there will be a “deal” in October, but a smooth passage through the two Houses of Whores is impossible given the variety of views, agendas and grubby tactics likely to be in play.

The reality of the homoaeopathic Brexit now on offer is this: fully 75% of Commons MPs voted to Remain, and nearly 53% of electors voted to Leave. Unremittingly since June 2016, UK bureaucrats and politicians (along with foreign globalists, bankers and almost the entire Western media set) have done everything in their power to frustrate and ultimately negate that electoral decision. It gives me no satisfaction at all to remind Sloggers that I warned of this from the outset.

Now I’m warning that these bitter bubbles on the surface of our pint of governance have learned enough over the last seven or eight years to realise that – even after the beer has been despatched – they will still be there at the bottom of the glass. The introduction of the Sarah Wollaston Stalking Bill has the potential to turn into an Enabling Act that will give totalitarian powers to the spooks, pen-pushers, globalists, cops, and political hookers who really run Britain.

You can elect Corbyns from now until Domesday: until that grip on the citizen is broken, the UK will become more and more obviously what it is already: a de facto duopolous dictatorship. So called after the Greek dictator Aribottle Duopolous who was stabbed to death with a Minotaur’s horn by the Cretan hero Spiro Pacifisticuffis in 277 BC.

What’s really worrying me in the short-term, however, is that Diane Abbott has had an idea. Even worse, it’s about immigration. Ms Abacus you will recall as the lady who was going to recruit “a lot” of policemen when she became Home Secretary, and pay them 7s 9d a week. Now it seems she wants to take advantage of Brexit by scrapping the difference between EU and non-EU migrants, and letting anyone in who can claim low cost work skills. Actually, she describes the future attitude to immigrants as “a much more flexible system based on low cost work skills”, which means whatever you (and especially Diane) might want it to mean.

Given that EU migrant levels have tailed off dramatically, this smacks somewhat of thinly-disguised “open the floodgates” to non-EU immigrants. Anyway, just so we’re clear, a senior Labour Shadow Minister wants to exploit migrants on low wages and undercut British workers already under-employed, while going against the most important Brexit voter motivation, that is, the reduction of immigration and control over our borders.

The clearest and most obvious solution to the migrant, housing and underemployment issues in Britain is to allow a small number of highly skilled people to migrate here at first, but at the same time massively invest in the training of young and middle-years redundant people.

The Tories don’t want this because, being neoliberals, low wages are precisely what they want. And Corbynite Labour doesn’t want it because that means more happy workers in jobs who almost certainly aren’t going to vote for an odd mélange of fluffies and Trots keen on a remake of 1917. No: the best bet for the Left is and always has been the importation of gullible voting fodder from overseas. Meawhile, although you may have thought Diane had been fired as Shadow Home Secretary after her disastrous contribution to the 2017 General Election, it now transpires that ‘After the election, Abbott revealed that she suffered from type 2 diabetes, saying that it had affected her performance. With her condition back under control, she returned to her position.’ And if you believe that…..

Cheer up, it’s Friday.