THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Why a Greece hocked into Eternity is now selling its past to the Giga-Rich

methink2 The transfer of control over Greek historical sites from Greeks to private carpet-baggers is, one might say, the final curtain coming down on the tragedy that began with an alleged ‘debt-crisis’ in Greece during 2010. In fact, not only do very few humans grasp what the vassalisation of Greece was really about; equally sparse among the Human Race is the awareness of a much bigger process unfolding. The Greek punishment is merely one symptom of a developing global cancer.


The real story of Greek implosion, and the process it reflects

The trouble with most Europeans and Americans is that they never know anywhere near enough about the real history that precedes events like the descent of Greece from fully operating nation of welcoming people, great holidays, ancient archaeology and cool lifestyle into one with a puppet government (ruled from Brussels-am-Berlin) helpless to stop the decline in population and living standards.

They do not even begin to grasp how the corruption of a small political class (aided and abetted by the ECB and Goldman Sachs) and a vengefully hypocritical European Commission brought it all about. They haven’t a clue about the criminal nature of how Mario Draghi forced Tsipras to obey Brussels, and ignore the Greek popular vote. They’ve never heard of Yanis Stournaras at the Greek central bank, and his role in feeding Draghi the information he needed to pull the plug on Greek liquidity. They haven’t seen people foraging in litter bins, or watched desperate unemployed youth shooting-up in the deserted doorways of what was once the thriving wholesale food district in Athens, now destroyed by every kind of carpetbagger.

This, I keep on saying, is why the Remaindeer herd is still numerous in the UK – because they don’t get out enough. Ironically, they are the Little Englanders who have never lived in the eurozone. And of course, with most of the Left segment of this group devoid of even a scintilla of commercial or financial knowledge, they know even less of the maths relating to what the Western MSM are still calling ‘the Greek bailout’.

So let me have this last chance to give them the Mirror headlines. When a new Greek government (social democrat, not Rightist Nia Demokrita) came to power in 2009 and discovered the hidden debt, they told Brussels. Brussels forbade a Greek election to make this clear to the People. Instead, Wall Street vulture funds pushed up the price of Greek borrowing to turn a €165bn debt into €210bn. Borrowers rushed to sell their bonds to such vultures at 20 cents on the euro (and less) and then formed a Troika with Brussels and the IMF to lend them even more money and demand the debt back. 

Athens begged Berlin to release them from a €150bn submarine contract pushed at them by NATO in the first place. Berlin refused….and went on (as the biggest shareholder in the ECB) to make nearly €160 million euros clear profit on the still further lending to a country everyone knew would be better off defaulting and leaving the euro.

But that would’ve created a eurozone banking crisis, and the three-headed Eurogroupe monster wasn’t having that. The Dutch stringbean Jeroan Dijesslbleom later admitted that the entire charade was entered into to save eurozone and US banks.

There was no Greek bailout: every penny went to giving vulture funds a thumping profit on the discounted bonds they had bought, and thence the ECB shareholders. The original slimeballs who lied about the debt (and their accomplices at Goldman Sachs) got away Scott free….and indeed prospered. The People of Greece (who had nothing whatever to do with it) paid for it in high taxes, lost jobs, a broken economy, and vaourised dignity.

That is the real story of how the banking, globalist and political élites ground the Greek population into the dust. Because that is what the unelected élites have done, are still doing and will continue to do: enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else, and then blame the dysfunctional economies that result on taxes that “are too high”. Especially on them.

So just who are these people?

The Giga-Rich

The latest US tax returns published by the IRS show that 85% of the increased wealth in the US last year (2017) went to the 10% most rich households. Uh huh, you think, c’mon – we see far more obscene data than that. However, of the top 10% lucky folks, just one in a thousand got super-lucky, because over 85% of the new money went only to them. (The Top 4.9% had to make do with just 14% of it, poor dears).

I am not making a political point here – I really am not. I am making two economic points: first, clearly the wealth still isn’t trickling down. We’ve been waiting some 38 years, but that downward flow is drier than a place in Arizona where even the town’s oldest timer has never seen rain. And second, almost the entire amount of it is going to one household in 10,000. That’s about 5,200 homes.

There are 535 Congressmen in America, 50 State Governors, and somewhere in the region of 3,600 investment bankers. There are roughly 1,200 directors on the boards of the Dow Top 100 companies. And there are 585 billionaires in the US.

This leaves 770 super-rich Americans homeless. In fact, given you’d expect most of the super-rich to have at least two homes, that’s nearly 4,000 homeless. OMG. Does Trump know? Is he doing something about it – and if not, why not?

Correct, I’m being silly: but with these people, what else is there to be except silly?

Except I’m not being entirely flippant. Because one thing these and other data suggest very strongly is that we need a definition beyond super-rich. For they are the Giga-Rich, and they can buy anything they want.

Consider this: when all other forms of recorded financial asset are taken out of the equation – and here we’re almost at the very tip of the US wealth pyramid – there’s still sixteen trillion dollars without a definition. What is it – cash in mattresses? Stamp collections? Nobody knows: but one thing we do know – that’s a lot of ‘Others’. To be more exact, it’s the total of all property wealth held by everyone in the United States of America. 

That’s how rich the Giga-Rich are: their peripheral miscellany odds-and-sods box of small change could buy every fucking house in the US.

And so it really is very, very, very silly indeed for an adult human being with an IQ in double figures to suggest that there isn’t an active process in the US and elsewhere whereby people with this much money can buy Presidents, Prime Ministers, entire governments, small countries and oceans under the ice. For these people, buying off a Defence Committee, a Culture & Media Minister, a Mayor of London, a Russian mafia boss, a capital City police force, an intelligence agency, a farming sector, a Chemical weapons facility or a senior diplomatic level here and there is rarely difficult if their small change is worth wealth beyond the dreams of Soros to the recipients.

And never forget: it is not enough for these people to be Giga-rich: they want you to be Deepdirt-poor.

The Giga-Rich at work globally

Let us not demonise the American 1% alone. There are others in the Middle East, Russia, the EU, London, China, Australia and Colombia with the same power. And while (as I’ve suggested many times before) I have no truck with the Bilderberg Elders of Zion in the Middle Earth nutjob fraternity, obviously from time to time groups of the Giga-Rich do without doubt confer with others of similar bent to variously promote, sabotage, accelerate, stop and if necessary kill people, rain forests and causes in their way.

In twenty months flat, Emmanuel Macron emerged from what was then Parti Socialiste obscurity to form the En Marche movement, organise a structure, create an election bandwagon, and win the 2017 Presidential run-off with a staggering 66% of the votes cast. Although he claims to be a ‘Centriste’, Macron’s Presidency has from Day 1 been hallmarked deeply with unalloyed neoliberal economic “reform” (another recently redefined term) and neocon foreign policy aligned with NATO and the gratuitous bombing of Syria. He is also a hegemony blocquiste par excellence: virulently hard anti-Brexit and anti Orbanic Hungary.

I lived in Paris during the months of his ascent to power. The French media – TV stations, magazines, supplements and newspapers – front-covered him day after day after day. Ordinary Parisians dubbed him “Napoleon” – half in fear, half in jest. He is obviously a very capable man; equally obviously, he is a stooge.

Where did his money come from, and who backed him?  Well, suffice to say he is an ENAC graduate and senior Rothschild Banker. And during May 2017, the so-called Macron Leaks took place. Those media controlled by his backers studiously ignored the scoop: but contrary to the image put about by his publicists that the money all came from popular donations, it was obvious the funds were primarily sourced from a powerful network of bankers, financiers and businessmen.

The Giga-Rich.

You will note that, in the Middle East, Macron (like the British élite and the late Senator McCain) has only ever supported those causes and sects acceptable to the Saudis. He also (like the British) adopts the full on blind-eye-to-the-telescope on Islam, promoting the loopy Islamophobia agenda. He has ordered the settling of 36,000 largely Islamic illegal immigrants in the St Denis area of Paris: he does not dare to deport them for the same reason Britain’s security services claim there are 56,000 Jihadists in the UK who are “difficult to find”, and our media persist in referring to Islamic atrocities as “Asian”. For the Saudis are major clients of the US, French and British arms industries.

More Giga-Rich.

Now Marine Le Pen – Macron’s opponent in the Presidential run-off – has been ordered by a Court to undergo psychiatric investigation before her trial on charges of inciting racial violence and hatred. She is a right-wing Anti-Islamic Conservative with whom I have little sympathy. But free speech would be an expensive thing to lose.

But hey – judges are ten a penny when you’re Giga-Rich. And Macron – the Power Bloc bully who insists on No Brexit without UK Humiliation – last week said “all EU member States who refuse to accept their migrant quotas will be punished”. That policy has, under the Lisbon Treaty, nothing to do with Emannuel Macron: it is a matter for MEPs an the European Commission. However, that isn’t the way either the EU or the Giga-Rich work: what they want, they get – and not just in France.

The top echelons of London’s Metropolitan Police Force have for many years now been cooperating covertly with Russian oligarchs trading futures and commodities in the London market. The Met ignores obvious Russian hacking in return for regular seminars, briefings and tips about other forms of cyber crime and how to train bright cops to spot them.

The Met was also in bed for many years with Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp, which heavily influenced the notorious behaviour of Boris Johnson in trying to strangle the phone hacking enquiry….and the scant trials of Newscorp henchmen plus flight from justice of James Murdoch, the Digger’s son. The subsequent prosecutions of two senior executives were an insult to citizen intelligence and the Rule of Law.

During the Skripals nerve-agents Affair that led directly to the bombing of Assad forces in Syria, the police on five separate occasions gave briefings to the British media that contained falsehoods, and over time gave conflicting theories to explain the inexplicable. Chemical Weapons scientists at the nearby Porton Down establishment, and medical staff at Salisbury hospital, at first denied Government versions of events, and were then made subject to D-Notices. The UK media complied in full, and continue to trot out ridiculous assumptions as fact….including the name of the nerve agent itself.

Media moguls and cyber barons. More Giga-Rich. Bung a judge to say he can’t find the victim’s relatives? Child’s play. Peanuts.

The Giga-Rich and State organs pauperising the population

Observe the steady progress of China in buying every leader, country, industry and energy source that it can in Africa. See how the Australian mining, brewing and gambling sectors Down Under stop each and every attempt to control social and ecological problems there. Look at how Bloomberg poured money into a European slush-fund to stop Brexit. Wait a little longer on Venezuela: see what happens. You can bet your last buck that, once collapse there is total, the first ones in from outside will be the metallurgists and mining experts….because Venezuela is incredibly rich in unexploited rare earth millions and diamonds.

But we haven’t even arrived at the State organisations that operate among the 0.1% yet – sometimes getting their cooperation in return for favours, at other times using them as suppliers of weapons, software, science developments, merceneries, surveillance gadgets, undercover exploration and safe harbours for spies working under cover.

This nation-State apparatus knows perfectly well that the game plan in the long term is the sort of global corporate might that would banish those nations to history….and all our Citizen Rights along with them. Soros the Mad is convinced that the way to end war forever is World government. He just doesn’t say where it’s going to be headquartered….or what the role of those unfortunate enough to live under it might be.

But those employed by that apparatus – in one form or another – are civil servants: unelected, and never slow to award themselves more of something in the way of pay, pensions and then later, non-exec directorships of Big Business – where they happily rub shoulders with the Giga-Rich. Statehood means little or nothing to many of them, and they tend to be dismissive of both democracy (“slows everything down”) and free speech (“gets in the way”). Senior EU officials give themselves away, for example, by referring to referendum and general election verdicts as “mistakes” to be corrected by destabilising the resultant Government, and/or calling for second chances. They don’t lose sleep about it: by and large, they despise The People.

This makes them ideally cooperative fodder for a huge range of the commercial concerns who want everything privatised, in order to make them The Client (not the citizens) and then make the  shareholder Giga-Rich richer still, and the citizenry poorer.

There is no shortage of examples that can be brought to bear as obvious evidence of this accelerating coup d’état process:

  • Macron in France is pushing very hard for automatic removal of due taxes from private bank accounts – so-called prélèvement à source. It’s in trials at the moment, and is to be introduced in January 2019. He could eschew this route in favour of making globalist businesses cough up their fair share. Instead, he chooses to milk all those artisans who (he knows) don’t declare their full incomes. Because he was put in place by globalist banking. And, be in no doubt, because it establishes a precedent next time his own stupid profession screws up.
  • After the 2008/9 financial mess, the UK – an economy vastly overdependent on financial services – spent a whopping £780bn bailing out the British banking system – almost exactly the same as the US, which has an economy nearly seven times bigger than ours. This Labour government doubled the national debt by doing so, and was followed by a Conservative Government whose representatives of the Giga-rich casually announced that ‘next time’ the bailout process would be rendered more efficient by simply leaving bank customers to face their deposits and current account balances going direct to the creditors of a failed bank.
  • Lobbying of Congress by the US banking community after 2009 succeeded in either unravelling or diluting all the proposed and actual legislation put in place to avoid Crash2.
  • Despite all the untapped wealth being acquired by the 0.1%, UK female pensioners have seen their pensions embezzled and called “no longer affordable”. The average tax rate paid by globalists euroheadquartered in Britain is 8.9%. For the citizens, it is 17.8%.
  • In India, the PM Narendra Modi’s administration has raised “foreign direct investment” in the Indian economy and increased spending on “the infrastructure”. In fact, Modi has dived willingly into US-model neoliberal policies: the price paid for foreign investments has been massively reduced spending on healthcare and social welfare programmes, and only that infrastructure that benefits Big Business has gone forward. As ever, the citizen has come a very, very poor last….closely followed by the ecology of this hugely polluted country.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your own personal concern or loss – arrival of a pension, job security, interest on investments, money to cushion the blow of disablement, being defrauded by a bank as a small business, loss of cultural traditions following immigration, the dilution of Brexit, new laws endangering dissidence, the twisting of linguistic terms, the BBC’s loss of objectivity, pc intolerance, regulation of internet reporting or just plain anger at social unfairness – it is a mistake to see this as (a) a random syndrome that just happens to have hit you (b) something caused by capitalism or (c) a global conspiracy by Jews, Russians, Africans, Masons or any other cultivated bogeymen.

It is, more simply, a global fact that those grown Giga-rich and powerful to form a variety of élites have similar tendencies ranging from obsessive sociopathy to out and out megalomania. Some have grown rich on the back of our taxes, and have formed rogue state-within-State influences that are out of control. Others have done so by financialising capitalism or monopolising energy…others still by military, media and geopolitical guile.

At different times they employ different strategies to favour their own tribe. But all of them have objectives in common. These are to crush creative competition with monied process, to destroy the concepts of national and community culture, and to smother any rebellion or dissent at any time by those they regard as the üntermenschen….that is, the 97% of us who simply want to be left alone, asking only that Government serves We The People.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and thank you for preservering with these 3,000 words.

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