Madness to the Left of us, Madness to the Right of us…..


Welcome to Usukeunato, the only place on Earth where you have to be mad to work here.


Imagine if you will a society that has turned into an asylum. This isn’t hard if you think about how easy it’s been over the last twenty years for violent terrorists to claim political asylum in western States….especially the United Kingdom.

But that’s enough jokes about the two meanings of asylum. I’m talking about western societies where a great many people who should really be (at least) out patients at a mental hospital are sprinkled liberally among the banking, globalist, bureaucratic, religious fundamentalist and activist political classes. Not in the old USSR sense (“You disagree with us, therefore you are mad”): rather, in the sense of opinion leaders who seem incapable of embracing established facts as real….but ever-ready to propagate ideas that are strangers to the study of economics, social anthropology, liberty, democracy, genuine historical fascism and fiscal nonsense about everything from ill-timed austerity to sovereign over-borrowing.

Anyway, imagine this fictitious superstate that (purely for the sake of objective debate) I shall call Usukeunato. It is an asylum run by self-appointed, untrained and greedy neoliberal sadists who care nothing for the patients….largely because the inmates seem so patient in the face of all their abuse. In Usukeunato, all the news received by the patients is censored by the asylum’s newsletter, the Daily Telemirror. And the television is restricted to those channels showing wrestling, past Eurovision Song Contests, gardening, house makeover and watercolour classes, professional football, rap music videos, wine knowledge courses and game shows.

Think The Truman Show, but without the laughs. Or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest minus Jack Nicholson.

Laptops, tablets and Smartphones are strictly forbidden, on the grounds that they might damage the patients’ brains further or – even worse – cause them to function in a less than deranged manner.


And then one day, three new patients arrive. Cleverly pretending to take their medication (but spitting it out later) the trio – two gay men and a feminist – immediately explain to a mass meeting of the inmates that they really shouldn’t be in the asylum. For like them, they grasp the real truth of life: that the only alternative to rule by a sadistic élite is a society in which free speech is abandoned in favour of the socialist, feminist and Islamist totalitarian Love not Hate paradise. They must, the new troika insists, rise up and take power from the Asylum Management.

One lone soul asks what the difference will be between Management sadism and Totalitarian love, but he is summarily threatened with deselection. The inmates are hugely impressed by this surreal display of illogic, and immediately radicalised.

In a violent coup d’état, the nasty sadists are overthrown.

The People’s Democratic Peaceloving Lunatic Republic is formed. And the three newcomers out of one hundred citizen inmates take all the onerous decisions about life off the other ninety-seven, and all looks set for eternal Heaven.

And so The People (well, alright, the lunatics) are running the asylum. And outside the asylum is a real world where other kinds of mentally ill people who believe in 77 fucks in Heaven and downward-leaking wealth are also in charge.

D’yer know, I can’t imagine what might go wrong with any of that. No – straight up – I really can’t.


That might seem to you a fanciful analogy.

Manchester University has just banned clapping at University events.

Every day, hundreds of non-Islamic Dutch schoolchildren are forced to bow to Islam

A scientist says “The most important scientific problem in the world is figuring out what makes meat delicious — and how to make that same experience sustainably from plant ingredients”.

Last month, the US secretary of the interior threatened a naval blockade of Russia. Today, the US ambassador to NATO goes further and threatens a military strike on Russia.

Outside and inside the asylum, the lunatics are in charge.