At the End of the Day

methink2 For the first time in months, I read a print copy of The Times this morning. The first fourteen pages were devoted entirely to anti-Brexit fake news and anti-Russian propaganda based entirely on the assumption that (a) Russia is the only major power hacking into the nasty activities of other powers and (b) Western media audiences are just too braindead-thick to realise this isn’t the case. The owner of the Times is, as always, not entirely wrong.

I went online to read one of the few trustworthy journalists left, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, giving a first-rate account of how the Italian government’s 2.4% budget deficit (lower than that of France) and bond-spread attacks on the country by Wall Street are together being used by Juncker, Draghi and the other animals to undermine, pervert and then block the Will of the Italian People. A senior contact in Rome informs me that large brown paper bags of money are being waved at Italian coalition MPs in a bid to effect their desertion from the expansionist economic cause, that bond traders are being bribed by the EC to up the pressure on that Coalition – and that if all else fails, the President will be dragged in again by Brussels to somehow dismiss the Government and ensure the insane ‘euro-forever’ will of the federalists prevails.

But senior coalition members insist that there will be no cave-in along Greek lines, and that if Brussels tries to stop the Government, violent revolt can be the only possible course of action:

“If anybody in Brussels is stupid enough to think they can use the ‘Greek textbook’ against us, they will find that the crisis is not Greece squared, but Greece cubed,” said Claudio Borghi, “They can’t do it unless they send in the army and you can’t do this to a lawful government with a majority in parliament that is doing nothing out of the normal. If they try, there will be a real revolution.”

This afternoon I gaped at amazement as Donald Tusk (the most unpopular politician in Polish history) claimed that “the Canada +++ deal has been on the table since Day One of the Brexit negotiations” which – were it to be proved correct – would certainly count as one of the biggest blunders in British diplomatic history.

Except it isn’t true. A Brussels diplomatic source confirmed this two days ago, saying “I cannot see anywhere in any transcripts of the talks to date this option being put forward by the Brussels team. Mr Tusk saying the deal is “still” on the table is dissembling, pure and simple.”

What its introduction now does, of course, is put May even more firmly on the back foot, divide Leavers still further, and muddy the waters. The entire aim is to pass the advantage back to Brussels and create yet more confusion to slow down the deal. And of course, there is no parallel in Canada+++ for the Irish border backstop dilemma.


The European Union in its current mafiaesque unelected form is fighting for its life, and the euro is looking more unstable than ever.

Just under three hours ago, UK negotiators claimed to be “very close” to an Irish border solution.

Then just under an hour ago, it became apparent that the European Court of Justice is to fast-track the verdict on a case designed to help anti-Brexit forces legally block Brexit as a whole. Jo Maugham and a cross-party group of Scottish MPs are behind it.

Just fancy that.

Britain is playing every Alt State on the planet and three different sets of 5th Columns in this farcical farrago. The cards are stacked against us….and there is going to be a great deal of bitterness.