At the End of the Day

methink2 There’s been no essay here this weekend – in fact nothing to shout about at all. This is because I’ve got a heavy cold courtesy of somebody in Bilbao (they’re probably called Bilbaonistas, I wouldn’t know) and if you try and research stuff when your sinuses are full of gloop, all that happens is your head throbs. So I’m afraid things will remain purely observational until such time as normal service is resumed. Now read on.


Some of the stuff I was going to write has been postponed, rather than cancelled. But I will just give you a taster of one theme about how every extreme form of ideological codswallop is now being used by the agendered media (in a way that sounds reasonable and measured) to present citizens who are perfectly normal as Far this or Hard that or misanthrope the other.

During the coming week, that jolly nice Mr Philip Mammoned will be presenting what is laughably refererred to as ‘The Budget’. The term is funny primarily because hardly any British government since 1760 has managed to keep anywhere close to “the budget” for public expenditure….a fair proportion of which, by the way, doesn’t benefit the mass of the public in any way whatsoever.

Phil the Fink will – you can be assured – serve up a mixture of the patronising and the panic-inducing. He will condescend to describe how terribly salt-of-the-Earth we’ve all been for sticking with the Austerity Project (which will now pay dividends, but not to us); but he will also use the Budget speech to reaffirm his absolute conviction that leaving the EU without a deal can only result in every tenth British firstborn being slewn with the assbone of Juncker’s jaw, starvation rarely seen since the Hwang Ho floods of 1878, the return of our economy to the levels seen during the sacking of Assyria, and several other outcomes far too ghastly to talk about in a family medium.

[Surely the plural of ‘outcome’ should be ‘outscome’ – as in brothers in law? But then, if it was, it could far too easily be confused with the Love Not Hate mantra of Corbynista Momentum, “Out scum!” This is the sort of random thought that occurs to a chap looking at the world through a distorted green bottle of facial gunk. Gunk, by the way, is the stage of infection that follows gloop – as the male upper respiratory infection proceeds along its inevitable fast lane towards Man Flu.]

The whole Hamshank performance will act as both an alleged bribe for hard-up electors, and a softening-up process aimed at diverting moronic Conservative backbench MPs from their path of employing common sense reality in favour of a venal desire not to lose the seat that is the very foundation of their pointless existence.


So much for the Tory turds floating along the sewers of our existence. Now let us examine the neoliberal appeasement of those concerned that not enough attention is being given to LGBT victims of Islamophobia. All five of such UK citizens got a column entirely to themselves in Sunday’s Observer newspaper.

After the Manchester Arena atrocity, eclectic appeaser Theresa May – for she is an absolute pillock Monarch is she not? – appointed Sara Khan as entirely unelected Commissioner for counter-extremism. This means we now have two Khans in charge of Islamist extremism – one a daft Mayor, the other a daft mare – but I am here to tell the cynic in Number Ten that two Khans do not make a Can. They may well make for a can of worms, but they are both hopelessly biased, and were only ever likely to present wilful murder as the desperate actions of an oppressed minority. Perhaps we need to paraphrase another well-worn English saying: “Those who can, do – those who Khan’t, preach”.

The Britain described by Sara Khan in the Observer is not one most UK citizens of any hue will recognise outside Greater London. The fact that The Guardian‘s sister paper both featured and approved it explains precisely why the Guardian Group is in such dire financial straits: it persists in putting forward a surreal version of British life that exists only in the febrile brains of a tiny bourgeois metropolitan right-on quasi-Trot minority.

I offer this as a risible example of her claims:

“I was really shocked that in every place I visited, I heard deep concerns about the activity and impact of the far right. Councils across the country raised the impact the far-right demonstrations have on whole towns, exploiting tensions and stoking division….This backs up what experts have been telling me – that we are seeing a new wave of the far right: modernised, professionalised and growing; supported by a frightening amount of legal online extremist material.” 

That’s enough far right references – Ed.

I’m sorry to sound abnormally dismissive here, but can somebody please tell me where the electoral evidence of “the growing impact of the Far Right” is? Since the emergence of UKIP, the real British Far Right (the BNP et al) has all but disappeared. The British ‘Far Right’ is minscule compared to its equivalents in Greece, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

And while we’re at it, who are these “experts”? Do they, we wonder, stretch beyond the confines of educationalism, social work and the actvists so often found in local government thanks to 18% turnouts?

As for online extremist material, how many Islamist/Jihadist sites has Sara Khan visited? Why does London Mayor Sadiq Khan have nothing to say about gang knife violence in London beyond “Britain has an Islamophobia problem”? A phobia is an unsubstantiated fear. What is “unsubstantiated” about the fear of Jihadism in general, Islam’s recruitment of Young Blacks in London, and the awesome power of Saudi Arabian promoters of fundamentalist Islamic violence?

Could we just return to Planet Earth for a second: was the Manchester Arena tragedy an attack on Islam, or an attack by Islam? It was the latter. So why are two of its minority adherents pontificating about the issue to the innocent 93%?

A very important reason why the Arena carnage occured is to do with neoconservative US foreign policy – and the slavish devotion to it of Whitehall-sur-Westminster.

But as time passes, I cannot make up my mind which disturbs me most: the manipulative appeal of neoliberal/Islamist/feminist/socialist globalism, or the astonishing willingness of otherwise intelligent people to believe it.

There again, as I said at the outset, I’m not feeling myself at the moment. Perhaps I’ll feel better in a day or two.

I wrote another piece 18 months ago here. It is closely connected to this post. I don’t regret a word of either.