OPINION: What is it exactly we’re supposed to remember and learn from today?

methoughtful There can be very few more sick ironies than the Remembrance of war’s futility being marred by President Macron’s promotion of the concept of an EU army. The same paranoid megalomania is still present (and ‘correct’) among the twisted power-junkies. On a big day for Brexit, it has surely sharpened the focus on Britain’s need to make a clean break with Superstatism. But have we really learned anything since 1918?


It is a unique but entirely apt coincidence that on this, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the British Prime Minister’s Brexit ‘plan’ seems at last to be on the verge of a disintegration that was inevitable from the day she (and darker forces around here) came up with it.

I am all for remembering the sacrifice millions of humans made between 1914 and 1918, because they gave their lives so that others might live in peace. I feel exactly the same about the reprise that ended even more lives around the world a mere twenty years later.

In other words, they all died for nothing. War – no matter how “justified” – never solves anything. It is the futility we should remember. The jingoism. The propaganda. The megalomania of élites sending masses to a horrible end:

God heard the embattled nations shout –

“Gott strafe England! God save the King!”

God this, God that, God every other thing.

“My God,” said God, “I’ve got my work cut out”

Put simply, there is no point remembering anything if we don’t learn from it, and try to avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

Allow me to offer a rather different synopsis of the last hundred years to that filling our front pages with lachrymose hypocrisy this morning.


In 1914, some 70-80% of (largely) men donned uniforms around Europe because 1 (one) obscure Balkan Royal was assassinated, and thus 5 (five) Royal megalomaniacs decided that – given the alliances formed over time by 7 (seven) ministerial warmongers – the honourable thing to do was have a Great War. The biggest slaughterhouse in history at the time.

By the time an Armistice was declared a century ago this morning, thirteen baby-egos had sentenced 9.7 million soldiers and 10.1 million civilians to death. A further 22.8 million were injured in action, some gravely.

No sooner had a Peace Conference been arranged than the Allied politicians competed among themselves to be the person most nasty to the defeated Powers. For some reason never explained, Hungary lost two-thirds of its land….having been ordered to fight by the Austrians – who got off lightly. Germany was disarmed (a good idea) and saddled with unrepayable debt (a stupid idea that led to hyperinflation).

Within four years, Adolf Hitler performed a one-man reverse takeover of the Nazi Party. His two main beefs: Jewish bankers had stabbed German soldiers in the back, and the Versailles Peace Treaty was unjust and must be reversed. Ten years later he was in power, and concocting theories about Lebensraum, Untermenschen and Aryanism while doing a grubby deal with the (unarmed) army. The Germans secretly rearmed with the connivance of several major industrial concerns. Later still, they provided Zyklon B as a means of gassing Jews, while a Banker (not Jewish) taught Adolf how to spend money he’d never have to repay, because war was coming.

When it came, the war this time was truly global, and to all intents and purposes a struggle between four empires – Japan, Russia, Britain and the US. After the carnage, Germany was forbidden ever to have an army again (a good idea), lost half its land, and was given Marshall Aid (a generally good idea that provided disposable income for customers of the new American Empire). One atomic bomb alone dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima killed 150,000 civilians. Japan and the Pacific generally fell under the American sphere of influence. The Russian Soviet Union gained huge tracts of land, including luckless Hungary.

Before the ink was fully dry on the Nazi surrender in May 1945, Stalinist megalomania and American business-driven expansionism caused the two successful empires to fall out. In 1955, a Franco-German coal agreement began the long and rocky road towards the EU, and at some point during that progress, the largely unelected leaders of the European Union began to peddle the myth that only the creation of mutual interdependence among European nations had kept the peace for fifty years.

In stating this, they chose to ignore the reason for the collapse of the USSR (a tiny élite that never listened) and instead began a federalisation process to turn themselves into a tiny élite that never listens. As for their self-assigned “peace dividend”, it is and always was complete tosh. Peace has been largely retained in Europe because the German army no longer exists, the fear of nuclear escalation terrifies even the generals, NATO kept the USSR in check, and economic cooperation has made the investment in war simply not worth it. The creation of a European Union has done nothing but cause strife in Greece, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Poland and Hungary – not least as a result of its idiotic single currency, completely illegal fiscal dictation by Berlin and Brussels, and banker lunacy that had to be rescued by innocent citizens.

There is a recurring theme in this narrative: the engorged members of the Few are made tumescent by the corpses of the Many.


And so we arrive at November 11th 2018, and the emergence of a Fourth Empire to rival those of America, Russia and China. The more imperial the EU gets (for example in Ukraine) the more peace is threatened. And the more the Alt State of the American Empire needs bogeymen, the more tensions are heightened against Russia as a means of keeping NATO together and properly funded.

But the British want out of the asylum. Not least because the majority of Brits see the EU as undemocratic, controlling, and just one more pain-in-the-backside globalist Power Bloc playing war games with the Planet.

[All deaf, dumb and blind UK Remainers please look away now.]

So it was that, just five days before a day of giving thanks for Peace, the French President Emmanuel Macron called for a “real European army”, warning that rising nationalism and populism threaten the fragile peace on the continent. “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron said as he visited the sites of the western front battlefields last Tuesday.

So: Macronapoleon warns about the three other power blocs….and also against rising nationalism and populism in his own power bloc, which are Very Bad Things and must be um, dealt with.

Right. Can somebody now tell Baron Adonis that the EU does want a Euro army in order to protect itself? You know, like – from its enemies. Er, and of course, its citizens. Naturally. So we can – hey – get to shit on Hungary again. I mean, why not? Every other Emperor did.


Hands up all those who think we have learned anything from a century of dealing with the fundamental problem in play – the emphasis being on mental: a species called Homo sapiens.

In truth, there are two reasons why Homo sapiens is the problem:

  • A tiny minority – probably under 0.5% – of species members want more and more and more and more – gold, wealth, land, power and fame: it doesn’t matter, because come what may, they’re worth it. And another at most 5.5% scramble like mad to hang onto their coat-tails for a day in the sun that shines out of their backsides.
  • Roughly 80% of the remaining (largely harmless) sapienistas are either too stupid, desperate, poor, lazy, ideologically constipated or frightened to do something about the 6%….and that leaves 14% of people who are discerning, morally driven but also very “busy” keeping afloat – or too old and tired – to become radicalised.

It would take a series of volumes stretching beyond 10,000 pages to explain all the bottom-up cultural, economic, political, fiscal, constitutional, sovereign, ecological and reproductive ways we need to rethink our role in this life on the one planet available to us.

And while there are 94 of us and only 6 of them, 100% of the power resides in the 6.

Further, we cannot rely on some form of “natural” evolution, because our very technological progress has made that highly unlikely: we lack both the isolation, time and gene pool to do it. Man will be the first ever species on Earth to evolve artificially. But once that ability is realised, we all know that the military-media-political-banking-business complex will get hold of it for their own ends.

Unless the 14% actually DO something.

Fifteen years ago, I was perhaps still jumped-up enough to believe that an army of people like me could, via the internet, ensure that the inevitable élites created by a hierarchical pack species might be made more accountable and kept within the law. Experience and age have taught me that the blogosphere – in fact, most known digital media – are not the places to be doing that.

Perhaps music, movies and fiction at one end – and communitarian actions at the other – can begin the process. I don’t think national politics can until the money and lobbying is taken out of it. And I don’t think that draconian change will come about until, culturally, enough citizens are enlightened enough to want it. And that won’t happen until our approach to educational investment policy is taken away from number-crunching bureaucrats. And I doubt if that will happen until ideology and religion are replaced by one objective – the greatest fulfilment of the greatest number – on a local rather than global scale.

I honestly do not know where Homo sapiens in general or The Slog in particular goes from here. Of late, the site feels very repetitive. It needs a change of emphasis, and the chance to expand beyond “just another blog”.

By no means is this a case of me wallowing in pessimism. At core I am an optimistic realist who will always look for the best way forward. Not just for my output – I don’t apologise for having an ego: without that, there is no creation of fresh ideas. But primarily for every useful living thing that inhabits Earth, all of whom stand perhaps irrevocably threatened by the psychotic cunning of the 6%, and the blind-mule intransigence of so many among the rest of us.

Warnings are too easily blurred and hidden by “news”. There is a real need to build an alternative way of thinking and being. 

Enjoy the rest of your Remembrance Sunday.