At the End of the Day


It seems that, if you don’t like body odour, you’re more likely to be a Right-wing authoritarian. So says the Guardian today.



I wonder what the corollary of that finding is – that Leftlibs are entirely at home with those so uncaring of the sensitivities of others they can’t be arsed to wash? It would  make some degree of sense, given the spectrum of socially dysfunctional ideas expounded by their ilk on a daily basis.

The idea that it is fascist to reject someone who – despite having the same access to soap and water as the rest of us – doesn’t wash enough is, c’mon now, a trifle out there, no?

But then you see, only a Guardian writer would submit such a finding, and only a Guardian editor would print the bloody thing. Why? Because once again, it is good grist to the mill that exists to condemn the white race for its inexcusable bigotry.

Dig only a millimetre below the surface of this “science”, and you can smell (hoho) what the Guardian is on about: white people despise black people, and one default excuse is that they suffer from BO. 

I realise I’m in danger of offending a lot of folks out there, so let me be absolutely crystal clear about what I’m saying: does anyone think Jews, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Germans or the Irish smell? They do not.

Now for the second half of this: do many people any more think Africans, Caribbeans, Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis, on the whole, stink? They do not.

But there was a time in my youth when the odd West Indian and Arab fellow-traveller on the Tube gave off an unpleasant whiff. Indeed, there was a phrase in common usage at the time, “About as fragrant as an Arab’s armpit”. Thus, there was a tiny grain of truth in it. And (it has to be said) there were plenty of pink people on the Underground equally clueless about the point of bathroom soap.

I have met several Chinese and other far Eastern Asians in my life who tell me Caucasians smell of sour milk – something their noses pick up because they drink little or no cow’s milk. There is more than a grain of truth in that, too. Does their ability to discern via the use of primary senses thus render them Nazis in the making?

The idea is too ridiculous for words.


I do not know why the Guardian doggedly persists in printing irrelevance and promoting outdated, confrontational dogma. I do know, however, that it is doomed as a medium taken seriously by anyone beyond a tiny niche of radical chic leftovers from the early 1970s.

The Labour Party as we know it is doomed for some of the same reasons, plus a few others.

In a desperate bid to survive, Labour has bolted on some less than pertinent issue groups and ID politicians over the last thirty years. They include antique Communists, new wave violent agitproppers, gender nuts, ethnicity obsessives, sexuality narcissists, Common Purpose Stalinists, bourgeois liberals and Global Village fluffies. What they all have in common is their complete inexperience when it comes to manual labour.

In a world where the mass, organised workforce has disappeared, there is no role in British politics for a Labour PartyThe British Opposition needs radical reconfiguring work in order to survive, let alone prosper.

Equally, there is no space for a Conservative Party with no desire to conserve – that is to say, an avowedly capitalist Party that allows for zero income on capital; and a traditionally patriotic Party that prefers mercantile globalist World rule to national pride alongside individual freedoms and responsibilities.

The grouping I should like to see in opposition to totalitarian neoliberal monetarism is one where the communitarian ethic focuses on our most laudable natural desire to have a mutual relationship with other humans and species. Where competition exists in the pursuit of excellence rather than division. Where cooperation is preferred to class warfare. And where devolution gives everyone the sense of being in control of their own lives.

No fanciful ideologies, just empirically discussed and decided goals. The greatest fulfilment of the greatest number.

The natural order of things, in fact, for the survival and prosperity of every successful pack species.