BRUSSELS BOMBSHELL: No extension without Second Referendum or Softer Brexit


Blair “advice” to the EU fingered by Brussels source



Welcome to life as a vassal captive of the European Union. Acording to The Times this morning, the European Council will veto the spineless British demand for an Article 50 extension unless we agree either to a Second Referendum or an even worse Withdrawal Agreement than the one we’ve got. (Which was, until 24 hours ago, a closed and sacred book which must not be opened otherwise a plague of anthrax-riddled scorpions would surely emerge). It is an entirely predictable bullies’ power grab that vindicates every last British vote to Leave this coven of witches.

Immediately following the Times story’s appearance, I rang The Slog’s Commission mole. This was the response.

“The story doesn’t surprise anyone here. It has the fingerprints of Guy Verhofstadt and Tony Blair all over it. It’s what they do, it’s the way they work. The UK side’s best hope is to lobby very hard among the 27 to have the strings removed”.

Some simple observations:

  • A clear Parliamentary majority has twice rejected the existing WA – by massive majorities – as being a capitulation even Remainers can’t stomach. But the Commission is quite happy to ignore that, and make it worse for the UK.
  • An even bigger Commons majority yesterday rejected the idea of a Second Referendum; indeed, the Prime Minister Theresa May has staked what little remains of her reputation on never contemplating such a thing. But the Commission has no respect for that either.
  • The bad-cop line being adopted is bound to persuade large numbers of Remainer Tory MPs to accept the May Deal: there is now a real possibility that illegal threats from a foreign power will drag the corpse across her final Red Line. Don’t imagine that any of the Brussels mobsters will lose a second’s sleep about it.
  • The only sensible, loyal and decent Sovereign act left open to this disgrace of a Westminster corporate State is to call an emergency debate once the demands are confirmed, and vote to leave without a deal on 29th March.

But our “representatives” won’t do that of course. They will whine and dither and then “with great regret” and “under extreme duress” vote for the WA signed by the Prime Minister and dictated by Angela Merkel….under the treasonous direction of Anthony St John Lynton Blair.

For once, I am lost for further words this morning, beyond two: General Election.