THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Time for Parliament to feel the heat of direct democracy


 I call for a national alliance, run at constituency level, between frustrated Brexiteers and cheated female SPA reform victims


Up and down the Land, people are marching. Some of the hashtags are confusing (are they marching to revoke Article 50, or to revoke the Article 50 march?) and others are risible – we are being encouraged to PutItToThePeople as if last time the Yes/No interlude might perhaps have involved gerbils.

Marches rarely if ever achieve anything beyond giving those who take part in them a sense of belonging. Usually, such trampings end in violence, almost always started by a tiny minority of agents provocateurs. Occasionally, marches for one thing meet marches for the opposite thing, and that gives the likes of Owen Jones a chance to tweet about how “Nazis” have been sent packing or, ideally, “smashed”.

Columns of drones yelling slogans and carrying banners are good at attracting media attention and brainless social media rows about how many people were there, but if the élites know that there are armed riot police and standing armies to protect them, they rarely respond beyond saying that they “won’t be intimidated”. That is, of course, very easy to say if you’ve got, um, armed police and standing armies to protect you.

In my opinion, this is not the time for Brexiteers to be marching. This is a time for using every citizen’s right to remind our legislators as to the nature of the employer/employee relationship involved here….and equally important, for unity with others of like mind.

The issue we face is about far more than Brexit. It is about saving Europe from pointless federalist mayhem, diluted citizen rights, standing armies, NATO propaganda and vast areas of incompetent bureaucratic corruption. But it is also about the most ageist and misogynist British Parliament of recent times.

There is far too much division in the opposition to government cynicism: elderly Women’s Rights have suffered a split a mile wide between Waspi & 2020comms, while those who oppose supranationalism and globalism are divided between voters for the Conservative Party, UKip, Brexit Party, SDP and splinter groups on the genuine far Right.

When taking on an élite far more powerful than oneself, it pays to take a leaf out of the Solidarnosc book. Solidarnosc was the first USSR trade union founded by its grass roots, not the State. They were a major catalyst in the creation of the hard-won freedom that Poland now enjoys. But it’s primary public figure Lech Walesa networked with every school, university, medium, celebrity and foreign sympathiser he could find to create a common Front for all Poles tired of the Soviet yoke.

The three most heinous UK élite crimes of the 21st century are, in my estimation, the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, the embezzlement of State pension monies constitutionally due to women born after 1952, and the treasonous behaviour of over 500 MPs who have conspired (at many levels of duplicity) to stop genuine, full-on Sovereign Brexit.

I must at this point fess up to a change of mind on the subject of using the T word.

Some weeks ago I posted to the effect that going for a charge of treason against our MPs is a no-hoper. I still think that, but I no longer feel that the accusation is either hysterical or melodramatic. This is because events have moved on.

First up, we have seen the revelation that former UK PM Tony Blair is advising Brussels about the best way to stuff Brexit.

Secondly, we have the slide of Theresa May from delusional dingbat into territory that can only be described as active collaborationist.

And finally, we have the benefit of some early reactions to the Magnificent Seven. Predictably, Baron Astonish is all out for revoking Article 50 (a treasonable act in its own right) but more to the point, Theresa May herself has now reduced the seven options to four.

In a letter to MPs in the wee small hours of Saturday, she wrote to suggest that the government could revoke Article 50, leave without a deal on April 12, pass her deal in a vote during this week; or, “if it appears that there is not sufficient support” for a vote on her deal in parliament this week or if it is rejected yet again, she could ask the EU for an extension beyond April 12.

This is a number of options short of honesty. To be exact, she has removed four and added one.

Missing from May’s options are a second referendum, her deal + customs union and single market, a standard free-trade agreement, and leaving without a deal on March 29th.

Added to this mix is asking the EU for a further extension….which isn’t an option at all unless she gets Her Deal over the line – which she won’t.

Allow me for a minute here to clarify the charge of treason in this context.

The Sovereign body in Britain is the Westminster Parliament. In 2016, the Chief Executive of this sovereign group handed over that same binding power to the electorate on the issue of whether to remain in the European Union, or leave.

Very soon afterwards, by 554 votes to 53, the House of Commons confirmed that decision.

By a majority of just over 1.3 million votes, The People decided to leave the EU.

Ergo, any and all attempts to sabotage, delay or overturn that decision represent obvious cases of treason, because in UK Gobbet Law as defined by Bagehot, such activity dictates that conspiracy to thwart the sovereign will is seditious treason.

By the mere act of deliberate mendacity in relation to the options open to elected representatives following the EU’s Brextension offer, Theresa May leaves herself open to charges of sedition. All marches in favour of options that seek to realise Remain aims are, in turn, acts of sedition…and liable to be banned should they attempt to threaten either MPs or Leave voters in any way, shape or form.


I still believe that pressing for charges of treason is a waste of time, because today’s British élites are stratospherically above the Rule of Law.

But I do now think that calling the actions of our legislators treasonous at all levels is justified.

As I pointed out last night, MPs are supposed to be asked for their advisory opinions on the relative worth of Seven Bribes for 507 Duffers. Brexiteers are probably still a majority of the population, but that is not reflected among the 500+ devious saboteurs and bombasts who sit with their over-privileged yet woefully ignorant backsides firmly attached to the green benches.

My proposal is a very simple one: to ensure that every Remainer MP who voted for the Referendum (that’s 544 of them) be sent the maximum number of curt, non-violent letters by their constituents informing them that they will lose the General Election votes of those SPA victims and Leave voters in the constituency who justifiably feel that their representatives are not representing their interests.

If you take the number of Leave and SPA victim voters by the average UK constituency, abstension alone would be more than enough to unseat almost every Remain MP in the Commons.

But tribalist voters would worry that ‘The Other Lot’ would thus reap the benefit and sweep to power.

This is the biggest single mental block to tactical voting.

The answer is to not just abstain, but vote for one Unity candidate in each constituency: a candidate under one umbrella offering a solemn promise to restore female State pension Rights and effect an immediate clean break with the EU.

Given some of the egos involved, I recognise that – come the next General Election – this is going to be a big Ask.

But if you want to put these gargoyles back in their box and start restoring Britain’s free speech democracy, then a whole new level of Solidarnosc is the only way.

There are many commonalities between Leave voters and SPA Reform victims. The attitudinal/age evidence is there to suggest that probably 80-90% of Leavers support the WASPI/2020 cause; equally, the demographic make-up of the Great SPA Embezzled suggests a very clear majority of them support Brexit.

Cooperation between, and joint action by, these two is by far the best chance we have  – in the coming days and over the next few months – to punish treason in the long term interests of our nation. It would represent the beginning of the end of the sclerotic Big Party interests that, in cooperation with an arrogant civil service and globalist business, enjoy a duopoly of dysfunctional power in Britain. Above all, it would break the habit of tribalist voting that plays into the hands of the Establishment.

I urge SPA and Brexit activists to get together constituency by constituency and start the process today. Emails are not enough: they can be ignored and expunged. Letters have bulk, and phone calls jam switchboards.

The message for MPs should be clear: honour your promises, vote for either straightforward free trade deal or No Deal leave this Friday, commit to SPA justice NOW, or come the next general election, you will be an ex-parrot.